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about a man sucking the life from his girl

Submitted: March 10, 2009

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Submitted: March 10, 2009



Vampuric By: Melinda Galle

Love, it’s a give and take respect,
It’s supposed to be a beautiful attraction,
But you, you plunged your teeth in,
Sucking me down,
Swallowing my life, my emotions,
I feel the pain as you pierce my heart,
Your love is so vampuric.

With your lips soft, cold and blue,
Your touch sends chills through my spine,
I’m sicken by your charming, entrancing charisma,
Why do you haunt me down in my dreams,
My emotions are being slain and I wanna feel,
You change your form with every inch given,
Your love is so vampuric.

Your human reactions are fading in the mirror,
By you condemning your mortal state,
You sit in your darkness waiting for light,
Begging for a holy cross to burn a way out,
Heavenly family, help me get out,
From a love that’s so vampuric!

© Copyright 2018 Melinda Gale. All rights reserved.

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