Worst Day

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A girl going through... the worst possible thing... Rape.

Submitted: September 28, 2014

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Submitted: September 28, 2014




Andrea was at a party at her boyfriend James house; she went there every other day to party. She was sitting on the couch on James’ lap after just doing a few lines of cocaine, and looking around at everyone. She could see other girls in skimpy outfits and high heels flinging from guy to guy. It irritated her, because she wanted to dress cute too, not skimpy like the other girls, but better than the hoodie and jeans. She knew she could not though, because James would not allow it. James was an abusive and controlling guy, which made Andrea fears him so she did anything he said and followed his “rules”. It did not even matter how much she hated his “rules” she did not want to get beat up. It happened before, James even choked her out once, and she was resuscitated.

“James I gotta go to the bathroom, can I go please!” She said. “Go, you have 5 minutes.” James rolled his eyes and nodded letting his hand up from the grip he had on her hip.

Andrea got up and walked up the stairs staring at all the other people drunk, she was only buzzed. Though she stumbled up the steps from the high she was on. Once she got to the top of the stairs she saw one of James friends Todd and he smiled. Andrea hated him, and the fact he always hit on her when she was so much younger, Todd was 26 and Andrea was only 13. She walked to the right and into the bathroom, and used it then washed her hands. Then she opened the door, and once she did Todd was standing right in front of her she wanted to tell him to leave her alone, but could not because suddenly his hand was over her mouth and he put a sock in her mouth. She could not breathe, and he picked her up and threw her on the bed in the next room. “mm.. James won’t miss you baby, imma take my time.” He said to her and she instantly started crying, and trying to fight him off. Andrea tried to scream and kick him off but she couldn’t. She just kept praying James would be upstairs to look for her soon because it was more than five minutes. Todd got up and slammed the door shut and locked it once he realized that Andrea would keep fighting until she got free. When he got up she did as well and tried to escape but failed, and Todd caught her and threw her back on the bed. He did not care though, he wanted to finish what he started and he ripped off her shirt tearing it and throwing it on the floor, then pulled her pants down. Andrea could already feel that he was going to win this fight. Suddenly she felt the worst pain in her life, as he pushed himself into her. She was a virgin. He kept his hand over her mouth, but Andrea did not want to give up. Though she was crying and could not barley breathe, she kept trying to fight him off of her. Suddenly she heard James yelling her name and she screamed as loud as she could even with the sock in her mouth and Todd’s hand over it, James heard. He tried to open the bedroom door, but it was locked he ran down the hallway to his brothers room and got him, then they both kicked down the door. Todd jumped off of Andrea and she jumped off the bed as fast as she could and spit the sock out of her mouth then spit in Todd’s face. “YOUR SCUM!!” she yelled. James shook his head “did you just rape my girl Todd! You’re a dead man!” he yelled and looked at Andrea “Go to Masons room! I’ll be there in a minute.” He said and Andrea nodded and pulled her underwear and pants back on, and didn’t have a shirt cause hers was torn, she put on her bra and told James she needed shirt. He took off his shirt and handed it to Andrea, kissing her head “Go, outta the room now babe. He’s a dead man.” Andrea nodded and ran to Mason’s room like James had told her to and just sat on his bed crying her eyes out. Mason ran down stairs and turned the music off and made people leave, except a few of their close friends. James threw Todd his pants, “put those on” he said. Todd did, thinking James was going to let him go home. Once his pants were on James punched him in the face so hard he hit the ground. He got on top of him sitting on his chest and kept punching him right in the face over and over, with no intent to stop. Todd pleaded for him to stop and kept apologizing, but that did not matter to James. Mason came back upstairs right as James finally hit him so hard he broke his nose. Mason and the four friends he made stay all started to beat him up as well, until he was out cold on the floor. There was blood spatter all over the room, and Todd ended with a broken arm, nose, and jaw, on top of being out cold on the floor. James shook his head “Someone maybe should call and ambo.. I don’t give a fuck if he dies on this floor, but I need to go check on my girl.” He said and walked out. James ran to Andrea and sat next to her holding her and trying to calm her down. She leaned into his chest and just kept crying “Im sorry” she said and for once she actually felt loved when he responded.

“You’re sorry?” he asked “Don’t be sorry that guy raped you! You did nothing wrong” he said and pulled her lightly up to face him with his thumb on her chin “please don’t say sorry, like I’m mad at you beautiful, I’m not! I’m mad at him and disgusted, and I’m the one who is sorry for not coming to the rescue in time” he said with a sigh. Andrea shook her head “You don’t have to be sorry either, you had no way of knowing it’s okay and thank you for saving me” she replied. James nodded “I don’t need thanks for that either babe, I love you more than anything or one, and I will protect you until I die” he said. Andrea smiled she never heard him talk to her this way, never said I love you or anything. “I love you too…” she said and laid her head back into his chest. She was calming down some but was still terrified.

Mason called the ambulance and explained what really happened, no one got in trouble except for Todd, who went to the hospital and was taken care of and is now in jail. 

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