A girl loving someone she can never have.

Can I be scared of love...
Can I be brave enough to feel it again..
Iv'e been hurt so much that I never thought I would ever feel it again.
I dont remember what it feels like..

Am I afraid of too soon..
But isnt too late worse..

what if i say it and its not true but at the time it feels like it..
What if I get hurt?
What if I hurt them?
What about if Im wrong about how i feel..

How can I stop these thoughts?
How can I love you knowing you arent mine..
How can I love you right if your not in my arms at night..
How can I know if its right when it feels wrong..

I just wanna cry and scream and shout and hit things..
I want you here..with me.. now.. forever..
Be with me..
hold me touch me kiss me sweep the hair from my face
like you have many times before..

Wheres your touch.. wheres your warmth.. your smile..
why is it gone... why cant i hold you...
why cant i be with you forever..
why am I on the outside looking in..

why am I here and why are you there..

why do i miss you so..

Submitted: January 12, 2010

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wow, nice poem. i really can feel the confusion of the girl here and also her sadness of thinking the fact that the guy she loves is the one that she can never have. awww. nice poem, anyway. keep it up.

your friend,
`geraldine ^^

Tue, January 12th, 2010 5:35pm


Thank you geraldine and thank you for reading much appreciated :D

Tue, January 12th, 2010 9:58am

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