Breathe Me - Sia

Never hurts;

Is the girl who doesn't feel.

Never screams;

Is the girl that can deal.

Never loves;

Is the girl who thinks it's not real.

Never opens;

Is the girl who was stabbed to tears.

And everyone is decieved by her laughs,

they don't know what haunts her at night.

And everyone thinks her pains in the past,

when really it's the thing she fights.

Her friends think she's strong;

but she never tells them whats wrong.

So she hides it behind her eyes,

All the memories of his lies.

Pushed into the shadows - that eat away her soul.

But there's us.

His shadows haunt his fears,

his heart stabbed the same.

Her judgment of his exterior makes her interior walls strain.

She tries to let go,

but he tells her no.

Thats not enough - but it's just us.

The rain numbs her thoughts ,

the clouds shield his skin.

There hearts both distrot - but neither gives in.

When the love is lost,

What's left?

There's us.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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