Tales From North Shire Farm: Retired Defendant Of Benny

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TALES FROM NORTH SHIRE FARM: RETIRED DEFENDANT OF BENNY:Benny's father won't let even a fly touch him without a fight.see what happens when he encounters Mr. Chuck.

Retired defendant of Benny

Once upon a time on North shire farm, there lived a man called Mr. Mococo. He had a son called Benny. He loved Benny so much that, he vowed never to lay his hands on him or let anyone lay his hands on him without a fight. He defended his son so much that, the people of North shire farm nicknamed him “defendant of Benny.”


Now, Benny was a very naughty boy and often went into trouble with people. One day, he was walking with his friends when he spotted a juicy apple on Mr. Chuck’s apple tree. He told his friends about it and they warned him that Mr. Chuck was not a very tolerant man and so he shouldn’t meddle with him.


But, Benny turned a deaf ear on their warning and told them that, his father will defend him should anything happen. His friends went to their houses since they didn’t want to get into trouble with Mr. Chuck.


Unfortunately for Benny, Mr. Chuck caught him when he was plucking the juicy apple. He took the apple from him and smacked him warning him never to steal apples from his tree ever again.


Benny cried home and told his father what happened. He got angry and told Benny to take him to the house of Mr. Chuck. Benny took him there.


“Where is he?” asked Mr. Mococo.

 “There he is under the apple tree.” Benny replied pointing to Mr. Chuck who was sitting under his apple tree using a gun to burst his pimples.


Mr. Mococo became frightened when he saw this. He turned to Benny and said “you saw him like that, a monster of a man and you got into trouble with him. Let’s go home this is not the type of matters I deal with.”


Benny was surprised. He looked his father straight in the eye and said “I thought you were ‘defendant of Benny’.”

His father looked him straight in the eye too and said “I use to be ‘defendant of Benny.’ but from today, I’m RDB.”


“What does RDB means? Benny asked his father.

Mr. Mococo replied in a high pitch voice “it means ‘Retired Defendant of Benny’.”


What will you do if you see the person you intend to pick a fight with bursting his pimples with a gun? The solution is easy. Ask Mr. Mococo and he will surely give you one great answer “retire

Submitted: June 27, 2013

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