Charlie Simpson

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A non fiction summary about singer/songwriter Charlie Simpson

Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012



Charlie Simpson is an English singer/ songwriter. He was born on the 7th of June 1985 in Suffolk. Charlie attended Uppingham School and Framlingham College. Charlie has two brothers Will and Ed Simpson.

Charlie Simpson first found fame back in 2001 with a band called Busted. Charlie found out about auditions from a magazine. Charlie sailed through the auditions until it came too the last two people. Charlie was up against a guy called Tom Fletcher. In the end Charlie and Tom Fletcher both got to be in Busted along with Matt Willis and James Bourne. Then a day later Tom got dropped out of Busted. Tom Fletcher soon became the lead singer of his own band McFly.

Busted was made up with Charlie Simpson (one with the eyebrows) Matt Willis (always sticking his tongue out) and James Bourne (jumps a lot). Charlie played lead guitar and occasional drums. They all done vocals.

Busted's first album was called "Busted". It was released in 2002 and reached No.2 in the U.K album chart. Busted's first single was "What I go to School For". This single reached No.3 in the U.K single's chart. Their second single "Year 300" was inspired by James Bournes love of the film "Back to the Future". It came No.2 in the charts. Thier third single from this album was "You Said No" which reached No.1 in the chart's. Busted was the act in the history of the U.K single's chart to have three singles to reach No.3 then No.2 then No.1.

Busted's second album was called "A Present for Everyone" which was released in 2003 just before christmas. "A Present for Everyone" reached No.2 in the U.K albums chart. It's first single " Crashed the Wedding" reached No.1 in the singles chart. Their second single from "A Present for Everyone" was "Who's David". It also reached No.1 in the charts. The third single "Air Hostess" came to No.2 in the charts. Another single was "She Wants to be Me" which didn't chart due to problems.

Busted then released a 2 A-Side "Thunderbirds" and "3am" in summer 2004. They got to No.1 together. This was to be the fourth and final No.1 Busted was to get.

Busted then released a Live album called "A Ticket for Everyone" also in 2004. It reached No.11 in the albums chart. It was the last album Busted recorded.
Busted had become famous very quickly and had picked up two Brit awards, in two years.

But even with all this fame Charlie felt his dream was unfulfilled, as Charlie had grown up listening to rock music that was what he wanted to do. His choice in music was very different to what Busted was producing. He had then met Alex Westaway and that is when Fightstar started. Fightstar consisted of the members Charlie Simpson, Alex Westaway, Dan Haigh and Omar Abidi.

For a whole year Charlie Simpson was living a double life. By day he was doing media and Busted recording but by night he would attend secret rehearsals sessions for Fightstar. During 2004 Charlie and Alex Westaway wrote Fightstar’s first debut “I liked you better when you were dead”. This was a more rock side than what Charlie had experienced with Busted. This debut was recorded down in London with Matt Williams. During this time people had found out about Fightstar and started to wonder what was going to happen with Charlie’s future.

Charlie finally announced that he was leaving Busted in January 2005. This resulted in Busted breaking up as they said that they would not replace anyone. Charlie Simpson said that he was going pursue his career with Fightstar. People didn’t think much of Fightstar when they first came out due to Charlie’s pop image. At the start of Fightstar Charlie was usually referred to as Kid from Busted. Then they received positive comments after their Debut single.

Charlie Simpson then funded to put together a compilation album called The Suffolk Explosion with his own record label Sandwich Leg Records. This featured many unsigned bands from Charlie’s home town Suffolk.

Then Fightstar went on to write their first debut album Grand Unification with producer Colin Richardson. Grand Unification was released on the 13th of March 2006. These album recieved positive reviews. Fightstar then got nominations for the Kerrang awards for Best British Newcomer and Best British Band.

Fightstar then left Island Records due to disagreement and signed an Independent Record Label called Institute Records. On this record label Fightstar went on to produce their next album “One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours” in 2007. This album reached No.27 in the UK Album Chart. This was before they released their B – side album called Alternate Endings in 2008. Fightstar then co-produced their third album “Be Human” in 2009 which reached No.20 in the UK Album Chart. “Be Human” was the highest album Fightstar had got in the UK Album Chart.

Then in 2010 the members of Fightstar decided to go their separate ways. Charlie started working on solo acoustic work.

In 2010 Charlie Simpson started writing his Debut Album with producer Danton Supple. Fans then received an EP called “When We Were Lions” on Christmas day 2010. The full length album was finished in February 2011 but was not yet released. The first single from the album was “Down Down Down” and was released on the 16th of May 2011. It got to No.65 in the U.K singles chart. His second single "Parachutes" was released on the 5th of August and reached No.44 in the charts. Then the album "Young Pilgrim" was released on the 15th of August. "Young Pilgrim" went straight to No.6 in the U.K album chart. The third single was "Cemetery". It was released on the 31st of October but sadly never charted. The last single from this album was "Farmer and his gun" and was released in early 2012. It also never charted.
Charlie Simpson is said to be producing a follow up album to "Young Pilgrim" in early 2013.

On the 24th of November 2012 Charlie Simpson completed a Guinness world record. He got the world record for the Worlds Coolest Gig. Charlie played in minus 30 degrees for fifteen minutes in Oymyakon, Siberia, Russia. Oymyakon is the world’s coldest town in which humans live in. Charlie played an acoustic set from his album “Young Pilgrim”. As he was playing an acoustic set he was not able to wear gloves during it. Many from the village came to watch the show as not many people play live there.

Overall Charlie Simpson has been on the music scene for 12 years. Altogether he has won 2 Brit Awards. He has released 9 albums throughout his career. There is still a lot to come from Charlie Simpson.

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