Terrible Two

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2 twins making thier first two days of high school a memory

Submitted: July 14, 2010

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Submitted: July 14, 2010



Terrible Twins First Two Days

"Hurry up Frankie and Bob get down here now" shouts Lily thier mum. Frankie and Bob race down the stairs for thier breakfast. "Eat up fast or you will both be late for your first day of high school", says Lily trying to calm down. Don't worry mum calm down"demands Bob. Frankie and Bob both put on thier shoes and head out the door to catch the bus. They get on the bus and sit next to eachother. "Gosh I am so nervous but so exited to", says Frankie. They get off the bus at the school and walk inside together. They don't know anyone here yet so stick together. Soon the bell goes andthey headto thier first class. Frankie pulls out her time table out from her bag and goes to see what they have. "Allright", sighs Frankie "First we have Maths then we have Art so letsfind our way there". They go round all the hallways looking in all the windows into allthe classrooms to find the maths room. After 5 minutes Bob finally finds the math room. Frankie and Bob go into find an unhappy teacherwaiting for them.

"Frankie, Bob where have youtwo been", Screeches Miss McDonald the maths teacher. "Well we were looking for the maths room we have checked everywhereand we do not know any ofthe class", stummered Frankie. "Well I can't belive you both", sighs Miss McDonald " But I have to give you both detention for the end of school today". Miss McDonald Sits down her face red writing a detention slip for them both while Frankie and Bob slop downon thier seats.

The day goes slowly then finally the last bell rings. All the class exept from Frankie and Bob rush out the door to go home. Frankie and Bob walk over to the detention room. "Frankie I have an idea", demands Bob. " What is it", replies Frankie "To get revenge on Miss McDonald", Says Bob. " I know what to do so leave it to me",demands Frankie. The bellsoon rings and Frankie and Bob hurry out the detention room to catch the nextbus. " So what is your plan", asks Bob. "Water ballons ", replies Frankie. They then get off the bus and run in the house and up the stairs to Frankies room. The pull out a box from under Franfies bed and take out the water ballons. "But howarewe going to get MissMcDonald wetbut not get caught", asksBob. "Don't worry just follow my lead ", repliesFrankie. They walk downstairs with the water ballons full of waterin thier hands. " "Mum we are going out to play", shouts Frankie.Ohbut they were not.They both head out the door and run to the bus stop and get the bus to the school. They get to the school and walk to the front enterance. "It's locked how are we sopposed to get in now"? asked Bob. " Hey don't worry ", replied Frankie "I took the key from the detention room". She took the key out her pocket and opened the door. They both tiptoed up to the maths room and went in."Right ready to hang up the water ballons and put the bucket of water on topof the door ", demandedBob. So they hung up the water ballons and put the bucket of ice cold water on top of the door and ran as fast as they could to the bus stop.

The Next Morning

Frankie and Bob woke up feeling really exited for the surprise. They got dressed ate breakfast and ran out the door to get the bus. They got to school just before the bell went. They head up to the math room and line up outside the door. Frankie and Bob were giggling . Miss McDonald comes to the door. She opens the door and the bucket ofice cold water over her head. The whole class started to laugh at Miss McDonald. Miss McDonald walked into the classroom followed by the class. As soon as she sat down on herseat tons of water ballons came crashing down on her making her soaked. Miss MacDonald started screaming and left. By now thewhole classwas laughing thier heads off. Then suddenly the headmisstress comes in and calls Frankie andBob out.

"Frankie Bob do you know anything about Miss McDonald getting soaked" screamed theHeadmisstress. "no not at all", replied Frankie. "Well i think you do so come with me and watch the cctv camara", said the Headmisstress. The 3 of them walked off to the headmisstress office and watch the video. " So you two did soakMiss McDonald and becauseyou two did and lied to me",sighed the Headmisstress"You will have to be expelled".

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