The Secret Whisperer

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There is a voice in her but she doesn't know who it is. Has it driven her to the edge?

Submitted: December 17, 2012

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Submitted: December 17, 2012



I leaned over the cliff and looked at the water beneath me crashing against the cliff. I could hear his voice telling me to jump, jump into the water to be with him forever. I didn’t want to do what he tells me but I feel myself being hypnotised by his voice. Now was his last time to talk to me. He said if I jumped I would see him. I could find my way. I could feel the cliff edge start to give way so I stepped back. Then his voice found my mind. “Step forward don’t you want to find me”. But it was too late the cliff edge crumbled. I knew what he would do next.

He got angry. He always gets angry when he misses an opportunity. I felt a cold shudder down my spine. That was him. I was spun round. I knew where he was even though he never showed himself to me. Then the beating began. It always hurt but never left a mark. I would never complain because if I did it would get worse. Then I started to cry. He had never seen tears come out of my eyes before. He saw one and wiped it away. But then I was spun around again facing the water below. The water was rough crashing against the cliff making the top rock. I could feel the ground below me loosen. I wanted to move but his sweet comforting words kept me where I was. Then the cliff broke and I started to fall. But then I stopped and just hanged. I had that cold shiver that I usually get when he touches me. He was holding onto me, saving me. He was talking to me again saying he wouldn’t let go. I didn’t understand I thought he wanted me to fall and die.

I dangled from the cliff. I tried not to look down but I couldn’t help it. I saw the water crashing. It looked especially fierce when it was my death. I tried to fit my feet into little gaps of the cliff but all they would do is slip. He was all I had. He could either be my saviour or my murderer. As I dangled from the cliff I could feel his grip getting tighter. Did he actually want to save me? Next thing I felt was a pull. I was raised up a little. It happened again. Soon enough I was hauled up onto the ground. I could hear him talking to me comorting me. For once I was not scared of this voice in me. I lay on the ground by the edge of the cliff. I felt him beside me sat down with his arm round me. Maybe this spirit voice person wasn’t who I thought he was. I stood up and got away from the cliff edge. I stared at the cliff thinking about what had happened. The person that had wanted me killed, saved me. “Turn around” he spoke in my mind. I turned round and I saw nothing, then this nothing soon turned into a figure, after the figure became a person. It was him.

He had blonde hair. His skin was pale, paler than I had seen any other skin. He wore a white top and blak jeans. He wore black and white nike trainers, they looked brand new. His lips were red, I had never seen redder lips but what stood out the most were his eyes. He had bright blue eyes they were the only colourful part of him. I couldn’t help but stare at him. He was not what I thought he would look like. His nails were yellow and were starting to rot off. As I looked down at his hands I saw the blade of a knife. I was taken aback. He lifted his occupied hand at me, blade inches away from my face. It was an old blade. It looked like it was starting to rust but as I looked at it more I could tell that it was in fact not rust but dried blood. I was not his first kill.

He then lifted the knife and thrusted it into my chest. At first there was no pain but when he forced the knife out of me the pain came. I saw the blood seep through onto my top and I also felt it run down my stomach and onto my jeans. I stumbled back a little, I was losing balance. My heart was starting to hurt. He just stood there, he didn’t help. I felt the pain even more than at first. I wanted it over. So with the last of my might I walked over to the edge of the cliff and I jumped.

I woke up. All around me was white. I didn’t know where I was. My chest started to hurt. I looked down my top and I saw a scar where my heart was supposed to be. I tried to stand up but I fell back over. I felt like a mess. Then I felt a hand on my back. I turned to see who it was. It was him. He helped me up. “Who are you, where am I, why are you here?” I asked. “Trust me everything from now on will be fine”. He replied. That was the first time I had heard him actually speak. I smiled, I trusted him. He took my hand and we walked off into the whiteness. The seceret wisperer was a seceret no more.

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