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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
the life of a woman is always betrayed by men. never trust a traitor that not only betray to other people but betray to his own family.

Submitted: November 09, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018



He just not only betray towards me,

He betray his own family,

He force me, insult me, black mail me,

What he get at the end?


Is that call love?

I never know my own relative can do that,

What can i expect from another guy?

Is so true all  guys are bad,

I just want to see whatever the world say is true about every guy,

But yes is so true,

All guys are similar,

All they want is their own benefit,luxury and power,


Never respect any woman even the woman their relative itself,

All the way i have no words, im totally blank and silent,

Because the worlds say true,

The victim is me,

My own family, dont trust me,

What can i do?


I ask him to go oversea for his own goodness,

I ask him to go since he apply for the army job but he never get it and he wants money and sick to leave in his own house, 

I suggest him to go Saudi, at least 2 years contract job, he earn money and can do something,

I believe i do promise him but that was before my parents and his parents know it, i do say him that i love him that was before my parents and his parents know it,

All the way i keep on saying to him "cannot", my parents dont allow it, your parents disagree about it,

But the fact, people trust his words, 


Worlds says true everything woman is wrong,

Never says men are wrong and take advantages against woman goodness,

My life destroy but what he gain after destroying it,

My dignity is gone,

But yes this is the fact that i will never trust any men in my entire life because my own relatives can do it to me,


I promise all the way for his goodness,

I say this is your first career, you work first 2 to 5 years, dont after me, 

Im too old, you are young, you can be something,

Why are you after me?

He never ever listen me,


My goodness he record and make it to badness,

What can i expect more?

Day by day he argue me, keep on scolding me, blackmailing me, 

My sleepness is gone,

Neither he let me sleep neither he let me to work,

Neither he let me to eat,


All the way he keep on forcing me,

Scolding me,

But always men are right,

Im not going to go that country anymore,

Thats my promise.



© Copyright 2020 Shazzie. All rights reserved.

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