i wish this never happen in my life

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its true people say never accept any job without proper employer and proper job scope.

Submitted: December 22, 2016

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Submitted: December 22, 2016



I wish if this never happen in my life,

I wish my previous boss never make mistakes to his employees,

I wish if he listen us, things never get harder,

I wish my art I could share it,

But it's true nothing can be shared,


My art is nothing and unvaluable for he,

His expectation is higher than my thoughts,

Whenever I do, he never appreciate on it,

But whenever I never does it, he ask for it,

I wish he know's what he is searching,


I wish there were a guidance for me,

I ask for help but I get an insultation,

Neither they can help me nor I can help them,

Im so in a mess with a mess people,


Always hope for happiness but end up to get hurt and pain,

If this were destine for me, 

Why do I need to go for it and end up of get nothing.

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