The hidden thesis which is with the girl hunting by the hunter but couldn't be traced until today.

What is the hidden written thesis to be unlock?
What is the estimated time of the unlocked plan that were made by the hunter that is still hunting after the girl with a long and grey color hair?

It's destined for her and the cruel society,
It's the fact that she solve the puzzle of the crossword, 
Given time is lesser for her but not lesser for an outstanding girl.
In an underworld, nothing seems clean,
Everything seems messy and dark,

The dark that darken the on lamp, 
A decorated lamp hanged on the top of the roof,
The only roof that were designed by a creative decorator, 
A decorator, decorates everything but what can't be decorated but can be designed by a special designer,

The impersonator always masquerade,
How long does the masquerade last?
An impersonator with a glass mask,
Couldn't be traced,
Couldn't be identified,

What are the mask that can be wear but couldn't be removed?
The cold and tense face,
But couldn't be warm as how it suppose to be,
Neglected by the humans,
But not overlooked by a doctor,

What it could be in the thesis?
Hidden thesis,
Hidden puzzle of the crossword,
The hidden decorator of the roof or an impersonator with its masquerade.

Submitted: August 12, 2015

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