A Friend Once Said

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Sometimes a situation between friends :/

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



I don't want to make that jump yet. I know I'm not ready for the next step. But how I feel is irrelevant. Because according to you I'm heaven sent.

Its hard to put into words exactly how I feel. Several Thoughts and emotions yeah..they're a big deal. But From me to you, the truth needs to be told. Not wanting to say too much, it will leave your heart cold.

What's happening now, I really can't do this. Can we go back to before, you know, have a laugh, take the piss? Its all getting too serious now, I have to say before its too late. But its like the walls are closing in, I fear there is no escape.

I'm sorry, so sorry.. But it will never be enough. This voice that was once soft, Is now horribly rough.

Hard, impenetrable is what this barrier must be. Take all safety precations, Protect yourself from me. For you deserve better, Than to live in regret. Save yourself now because my destiny is set.

Its too late for me now, but you can still be free. Get out there, open your eyes and then you will see. There's far more in the world, than what's just on your doorstep. So get up, stand up or you'll never know what's next.

I'll still keep that promise, the one we both had made. We'll Still be friends forever, So you needn't be so afraid. I'll help you, I'll guide you, everystep of the way. But in your heart, as a friend, is where I can afford to stay.

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