Idea 101

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Basically, couldn't sleep because I had a lot on my mind. Thought i'd try and put it into words. First time I've put anything I've written on a site like this, sooo yeah :)

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



When you fall in love with an idea, It takes over you.. inside. You Feel it rush through the body, From the depths within your mind.

But what if it is, just simply that? An idea you had inside? Is the path meant to be so hazy set? Or Is there meant to be a guide?

You should only go on instinct, A feeling held true within. But how do you actually know It wasn't really all on whim?

The time, the place, The moment was right! But to think about it now You feel full of spite..

Confused, lost So torn up inside! How would you feel, truly If they took you for a ride?

What is there to do now, The magic is leaving..gone. The idea has faded, Its all feeling so wrong.

You search high and low for a way To make everything good. For it all to be under control, Back to the way things should.

But there's no way back now, not without hurt. You'll leave someone cut up, face down in the dirt.

You try to erase the fears, erase all the doubts. But you can't shake the feeling, Theres always someone without.

I? Me? I've caused all this? That idea in my head, I knew I shoulda called it quits.

I wish it was so easy, All that nervous front. If anything at all, I'm the fucking cunt.

I screw so much shit up Say nothing, cos I do. And fucking hell, what do you know? I've gone and screwed you up too!

So cheers to me, no c'mon your applause! After my apologies are done, I'm walking straight out those doors.

Until the next time, Adios, adieu! I'm leaving you now.. One member down of our little crew

No more ideas, None thought, none said. The finger pulled the trigger Bang bang..she's dead.

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