Breaking Free - Butterfly Child

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This is one of the few free verse poems I have written. That being said it is also one of the longer poems. It has two titles because there are almost two stories being written, or merged inside this piece. I hope you enjoy :) Comments appreciated.

Submitted: October 16, 2009

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Submitted: October 16, 2009




Breaking Free (Butterfly's Song)

by SheaRyhai © 2009

A child's smile, so happy I can hear the laughter.

Laughter so gentle, like butterflies fluttering through the air.

Air so still it feels like I'm lying in warm gentle water.

The wind pulls at me guiding me down a forgotten memory.

Tears so painful, like fire burning down my cheeks in sorrow.

Loneliness like a hallow pit of darkness with no way out.

Darkness like a wasteland where I roam restless and searching.

Searching through the tears for a reason, a dream, a butterfly.

Frail creatures, so small, yet so beautifully free.

They were ugly once, clumsy, and uninteresting at best.

Then they hid away, locked out of sight, no longer feeling.

Am I locked in this cocoon forever? Can I ever break free?

Delicate little heart beating as a young mind learns.

Caution! Once broken the pieces will never be the same.

Fear locks me up back in this cocoon of quiet comfort.

I see the light flicker in the dimness of my mind.

Memory a painful joy, innocence a mocking echo.

Never can I go back. Impossible it seems to move forward.

The walls are frail, but I cling to them desperate.

Hide me from the sun, the warmth, the dream, from hurtful eyes.

Foolish, ugly Caterpillar. No one wants you.

Sleep, sleep. When you wake cry and sleep some more.

It hurts this change, I can not guide it course.

'Strange' is what has never been felt before.

Hate I don't feel. Unsure why, am I broken?

Love, like the sun light, the warm embrace of sky.

I know despair, I breath it out when I wake

and drink it back in when I fall asleep.

Sleep like a drug, time passes and loses meaning.

What's next? This page won't turn. I must be broken.

Four walls, no door. Locked in with pain, a friend.

Friends? Companions? The dark, this loneliness.

Suffocating feeling. Break Me! I can't feel.. I am forgetting even that.

Walls closing, I can't breath.... I need air.

Sun light, harsh, but welcoming beckons me.

The air, so still, I seem to rise effortlessly through it.

My body, so light, wings fluttering softly.

Free like the laughter of the child watching me fly away.

© Copyright 2019 Shea Ryhai. All rights reserved.

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