Murder Me Again

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This poem is written in memory of my friend Arte, and to all those who have died due to the decisions of thousands to drive while intoxicated. You may not have killed anyone yet, but if you drive while drunk and feel no remorse for it,you are equal to a murder in my eyes anyway. Take responsibility for yourself before you get someone else killed..

Submitted: November 11, 2009

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Submitted: November 11, 2009




Murder Me Again

by Shea Ryhai © 2009

RIP Arte

died in a drunk driving accident 2009


Laughter beckons beneath the lies,

hands grasp but hold no touch.

Born in a world who only despised,

where hopeful dreams ask to much.


Don't look back, hallowed past

holds no secrets you should hear.

Stay on track, dare to contrast?

In your heart the truth beats clear.


Greet with caution the deceivers face,

who claims happiness can be bought.

Learn to win and fail with grace,

self preservation is best self taught.


Bend don't break, reserve your hate

revenge is a gun with one bullet left.

In fear you shake, to face your fate

sometimes it's better to forget.


Taught to respect and grieve the dead,

while spreading pain to those alive.

Hypnotic solution goes to your head,

and a stranger takes you for a drive.


Ten minutes fame, a world to blame

and yet another grave to fill.

Pass on the shame, death's just a game

your lack of remorse makes me ill.


Tear drop cools this burning glass,

separation brings some numb relief.

Face etched to hold an empty mask,

looking at thousands of heartless thieves.


World perfection, self rejection

money calls a bloody hand.

Your intoxication, my frustration

a murderer goes free again.

© Copyright 2017 Shea Ryhai. All rights reserved.

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