George Orwell's 1984 & Totalitarian Governments.

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Comparing totalitarian governments and Orwell's 1984. Using evidence from the novel and our US government. Incorporating outside conflicts in North Korea and validating found data.

Submitted: January 19, 2014

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Submitted: January 19, 2014



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Comparison of “The Party” in 1984 and other totalitarian governments.

To begin lets first define what totalitarianism is or what a totalitarian governments are. The word totalitarianism simply means, total control. When a leader has total control over a country or a people we call that a totalitarian government. In the novel 1984 by Gorge Orwell we see totalitarianism everywhere. The big image representing totalitarianism is Big Brother. Winston, the main character hates Big Brother and the party and throughout most of the novel his main goal is to rebel against Big Brothers will. Using this context, most of us can relate to other totalitarian governments around the world in the past and even now.

Totalitarian governments are not always as bad as they seem. Many people who are under totalitarian governments do not complain they just see it as something thats natural in their daily lives. Some Americans do not believe how one can live under total control, maybe because we have too much freedom? North Korea for example is a totalitarian government and they are ruled by one leader who’s name is Kim Jong-Un. The people of North Korea seem to express so much love toward a person its scary because he doesn't even know their first name. “Despite Kim Jong Un's triumphant calls for prosperity and reports of progress from diplomats in Pyongyang, everyday North Koreans still say that every day is a struggle.” How can the people of North Korea claim that they love this man and everything in North Korea is dandy when clearly others say its a struggle says Adam Clark from Is it out of fear that

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they show to the public that things are alright?


“How can you understand a people if you cannot trust either what they do or what they say? This is the most disturbing of North Korea’s enigmas: In a place where everything is monitored, nothing can be believed. But lies become reality not only in totalitarian societies, but also—quite differently—on the pages of a work of fiction.” says Ruth Franklin for New Republic. The people of North Korea seem to be brainwashed. Everything is so traditional but what ever is done or said has people wondering. How can people live in a totalitarian government and expect there to be no conflict among themselves. Everything is closely spectated , in a land like this there is bound to be some sort of confusion. The leadership has a terrible affect on the lives of the innocent ones. There are many who want to rebel but out of fear they choose not to.


“Executions are usually carried out in secret, but there are public executions to serve as an example to others. A video tape of the execution of two men in March 2005 shows about 1,500 persons scattered around a rock ravine watching the two men being tied to white posts and shot from the rear by three soldiers, each of whom fired three times. Before the executions, a North Korea official with a megaphone read the charges aloud and denounced them for being “traitors of the fatherland.” posted on This quote shows us what happens to people when they rebel against the leaders of totalitarian governments. It is clear that the people of North Korea who seem to show constant love for their leader on the inside they long for rebellion.


George Orwell uses the idea of totalitarianism well throughout 1984. We can see the similarities here in North Korea and in 1984. When people were almost too good for “The Party” they would be vaporized. In North Korea the term would be bluntly described as execution. Both the people of Oceania and North Korea are oppressed and robbed of their free

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will. Though some may show on the outside that they abide by the totalitarian ruler, its the only thing they can do to avoid death. We as Americans luckily have the freedom to do anything because our government is run by many people although we may elect one president there are lots of avenues to go about before any law or bill is passed. Its different when you have one ruler, its whatever they say goes. Also, people may express their love just to stand by their country but no one is every really happy when there is only one ruler.

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