Ravens in the Wood ( chaper one)

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This is a rough draft of the first chapter for "Ravens in the wood" it is a odd story about a young girl who is somehow taken into a strange world ( kind of Alice in wonderlandish) where she meets interesting characters who scare, intrigue, and teach her more about herself then she ever knew. Will she find happiness? And will she ever see her father again? (( this summery is subject to change depending on where the story takes me. also i chaged the "i"s to she because it flowed better that way ))

Submitted: June 20, 2010

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Submitted: June 20, 2010



Ravens in the Wood

Chaper one

The Weed Sea

shepushed the glass away and shook my head. " im not allowed to take things from strangers" then she swallowed the dry lump inher throat.

" who says? Your mother?"she nodded and he looked around " is she here?" his voice was soft as velvet full of deep and ungelateing tones.

shelooked as well. All aroundher grass swayed in the breeze. she gasped andgazed out. For miles, as far as the eye could see , nothing but green. It looked like an ocean. The grass rippled and swayed with the wind like waves on the sea. The horizon was a flat sharp line dividing emerald from sapphire. Gnats danced in swarms above the sliver breakers of the grass whilebumble bees dipped and dived under it surfaces. the whole feild seemd to be alive breathiing and moveing. from her point of view she knew she must have been sitting on a hill. she looked at her feet andsaw that she was on a flat toped piece of hard rock that sloped down and vanished into the grass. There didn't appear to be any other hills around, nothing but the ripping green tide. He cleared his throat andshe looked back at him sharply jumping a little. Somehowshe had stared to daydream again.

" no I spose not"she said shifting inher seatseat " its awful hot out and and... I amvery thirsty"

he smiled and pushed the glass back over the table to her. As she reached for itshe noticed the look of the wood. It was sunbleanched gray and cracking, like it had been sitting in the direct sun for years. in places it was warped and bubbiling.

the drink was thick as honey, it tasted like cherry and smoke.her nostrills quivered at the pungent sweet smell and her drythroat tightened a little with the sudden chill. For a secondshe regretted drinking it butshe had finished it beforeshe had time to consider putting it down. All the while he smiled ather his hands folded neatly on the table.

she thought for a little while how should she discribe him if ever she needed too.it was hard becausein all respects he was impossible. His eyes where spherical and pitch black, like a rats eyes. The sungleamed off them but could not pierce the color. His face was catlike , long whiskers stuck out from his soft cheeks like brush bristles. His ears where long rabbit ears that stood perky on the very top of his head.when he smiled small pointed teeth shimmered in the light. His "fur" was short and gray. It had a sunbleached look just like the table . Perhaps he too had been sitting out in the sun too long.after really lookig at him, her head clearing from the daze she had been in she realized that under normal circumstancesshe would have run from something such as this.she would not have looked at it twice let alone take a drink from it but, these were not normal circumstances.she was infact stuck on asmall rock isladin themiddle of a grass ocean with a mosnter.she smiled to herself a little thinking " itsalways best to be polite to monsters, even more so when you are trapped with one"He tilted his head when he noticedher staringstarting and blinked.

" you must be hungry.. Here eat" he handedher a small white cake. His hands were human like, covered in fur . His claws where white and short but sharp as a cats. He continued to watchher asshe ate then spoke up. " tell me more about your mother"....

***** she sat in her room holding an old frame cracked and yellowing . Her face stung and throbbed, already welts had begun to swell up. It felt good to cry. The tears pooling in the divets of the welts and cooling them. A tear splashed against the glass and ran down his face too, but he was smiling. She looked at the small little read headed girl he was holding . Now there was something nice to hold onto . A snapshot of life within a ageing wooden frame, forever glorified behind the glass. " that's where I want to be " she whispered wiping the better side of her face. ****

"what is your name?" he asked . She jumped again havening gotten lost in her thoughts.

" oh um..." Shocked by his subject change she stuttered a little " I-I-its Reedee"

his soft pink nose wrinkled up in disgust " awful name that."

she scoffed " oh you think so? What YOUR name then?"

" Thomas " he smiled bowing his head a little.

Now she blinked " that is an interesting ...name...." She trailed off again looking out over the grass. Her voice was hushed and dreamy as she spoke " Thomas..... Where are we?"

he stood fast smiling as if he had been waiting for her to ask that question " ah yes!!! We are in the Weed sea.... Beautiful and treturouse!!!

(( to be continued))

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