My #imagine story

My #imagine story

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



You meet Justin Bieber for the first time.. You automaticly hit it off & everything is great. Then Selena arives & you feel like your losing him.
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You meet Justin Bieber for the first time.. You automaticly hit it off & everything is great. Then Selena arives & you feel like your losing him.

Chapter1 (v.1) - My #imagine story

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You meet Justin Bieber for the first time.. You automaticly hit it off & everything is great. Then Selena arives & you feel like your losing him.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 05, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 05, 2011



"Wake up, Lindsay!" Meredith, your nanny yelled. 

"I'm awake! Calm down!' You screech back.

You're Lindsey Braun. Scooter Braun's daughter.Scooter is Justin Bieber's manager. You hardly ever see your dad. He is always working. You've actually never seen Justin Bieber in your life, but truth be told, you can't help but to be a belieber.

Today is the worst day of the month for you. You get to see your dad for about 8 hours, then he takes off again. Sometimes you wish he wouldn't come back so you wouldn't have to deal with the pain of him leaving again. Today is different. It's August 15th. Your birthday. You're finally 15  & you're hoping that maybe your dad will take you with him this time.

*knocking on the door*

"I'll Get It!" You tell across the house.

*opens the door*

"Hi, you must be Lindsay. I'm Justin Bieber. You're dad's still in the car, I wanted to meet you. I've heard some great things about you"

"Oh...Hi," you are totally embaressed. You didn't look very nice. Hair up, old jeans, tank top. You weren't expecting this. "I'm not that great.."

"Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. I'll be the judge of that," He winked.

You had JUST met Justin Bieber, & you're already falling for him. 'this is crazy,' you thought to yourself.

"You can sit down..." You giggled.

"Haha. Okay"

Just when things were about to get awkward, Scooter comes in.

"I see you two have met well!" He said with a grin on his face. "I knew you guys would get along."

This is the first time you've seen your dad stress free & actually happy. You want to know why, but you don't dare ask...That could ruin the mood. Normally when he comes to see you, you go fishing, or hiking. Things you don't enjoy, & normally, you don't laugh & have a good time with him. You normally just sit in silence. Maybe things were going to change for once. Change for the better.

"You two wanna come with me & grab some grub? We can go wherever you want, Lindsay." Scooter said, still smiling.

"Alright. Um. How about Chili's?" You said, with your tummy growling. It was a little after 1 & you woke up about an hour ago.

"Yum! I love eating there! Normally I have to go to the dumb super fancy resaurants, where they give you half a piece of steak & charge you a million bucks for it. There, they serve better food for a better price!" Justin said.

"Chili's it is then!" Scooter got up, "I'm going to go get freshened up. I'll be back in a jiffy."

You & Justin giggled. "Jifffy?" You said when your dad left. "Who says that?"

"That's Scooter for ya!" Justin said, still laughing. "Hey, wanna know something?"

"Sure!" You said, thinking it was going to be a joke.

"You're really pretty..."

You couldn't say anything.. Not many boys had ever liked you like that.

"Oh.. I'm... Sorry.. " He said, tensing up, "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. It's just, I don't really meet any girls as pretty as you & not get chased after or yelled at."

"Yelled at?"

"Yah... I get screamed 'I LOVE YOUUUUUU!' every second of everyday. I want one fan just to be like....Normal...You know?"

"Sure. & You didn't make me uncomfortable. It's just...Not everyday I get called pretty by a boy I've been trying to get the attention of...for like. Ever"

"What do you mean?"

"Haha. I've been trying to get you to follow me on twitter...It's harder then I thought!"

Before he could answer, Scooter came down & it was time to get going.

When you get to Chili's, Justin opens the car door for you, winking. He's so dreamy. You wondered how he thought of you. You couldn't help but ask him to sit by you.

"Sure thing, shawty" He said, pulling a chair out for you.

What a gentleman.

Before you order, Patty, Justin's mom shows up.

"What are you doing here, mom?"

"Scooter & I have something important to tell you." She said, looking at her son. "We are going on another tour, but this time. We are only going to Europe."

Justin looked distraught, "When..?"

"We leave the day after tomorrow."

You were about to cry. You had JUST met Justin & you were getting feelings for him. How could Patty do this to you?

"Oh, You must be Lindsay," Patty said, looking at you. "I'm Patty."

"Hi," You said, forcing a smile, "Nice to meet you."

"Mom," Justin said, voice cracking sounding like he was trying to hold back tears, "Can't Lindsay come with us? I'm sure it'd be lots of fun & I don't think we'd cause too much chaos. I never have any other kids with me & like-"

Patty cut him off. "Justin. You're 17. You're not a kid."

"She's 15..Happy birthday by the way, shawty." Justin said, "& anyway. Please mom! PLEASE."

"If it's okay with Scooter. I guess."

"It's fine with me." Scooter said, smiling at you, "I was actually going to have her come with us, That's why I wanted to take you two out to dinner."

Justin grabbed your hand, & your heart skipped a beat. This was the best day of your life.

When you got home, Justin waved goodbye. You had gotten his number & were hoping he'd text you all night, or maybe even call you. When you got into your room, you jumped on your bed & hugged a pillow. You were in heaven & you hadn't even died yet.

Justin never texted you, so you fell asleep. At 4:03AM He texted you saying "We're going 2 Rome first. Ru excited??"  Of course you were. You couldnt wait.

When you woke up, Justin was in your room, playing on your iPad. You had a panic attack. You knew how you looked in the mornings & you couldn't let him see you like that, so you pretended to still be asleep.

"Give it up, Shawty. I know you are awake, But, by the way. You look so peaceful when you sleep.

You giggled, "Oh shush."

"I'm not kidding! I could of eaten you up, that's how adorable & peaceful you looked."

You got up & were looking in the closet for something to wear. Justin came up behind you, wrapping his arms around you.

"Wanna go do something? You could give me a tour of your great big house..." He said.

"Sure, let me take a shower first.!"

"Nooooo, You can take one later, PLEASE." He was doing the puppy face. How can you resist?


He kissed your cheek. "Thank you, shawty, This means a lot."

When you get to te first room out of 53, he tackles you.When you finally get him off of you, he smiles, "You're not as strong as I thought you were."

"Hey! Don't be hatin'!" You punch him as hard as you can

"I barely felt that.." He winked at you.Then he picked you up & walked out of the room. "Now which way?"

"Put me down Justin."

"Fine." He kissed the top of your head.

When you finally got done showing him the house. You were pooped. It was 4 stories with a basement. You plopped on your bed with your back facing up.

He spanked you,

"ooooohhhhh, Thanks kinky." You said, stinking your tongue out at him.

"yes, I know. Keep it in your pants, Lindsay, we don't wanna scare the neighbors."

"shut up' You giggled. "Hey, wanna help me pack?"


Finally you were done! it was 10:30., You spent the WHOLE day witth him.

"I need to go, Shawty." He kissed your hand. "Sit with me on the airplane? You can have window seat?"

"hehe, okay."

He gave you a goodnight kiss on the cheek.

An hour later you got on twitter. He had finally followed you, & he tweeted about your day with you.

"Had an amazing day, with an amazing girl. All you beliebers out there. I think you'd all approve of her"

You went to bed.

The next morning, you were a tad behind. When Justin, Patty, & Scooter came to get you, you were still asleep.

"Shawty! Wake up babe. Get ready we are suppose to be gone by now!"

"OMG! My alarm didnt go off!"

"Just go babe. We done want to be late!"

Off you went. Hopped in the shower, got dressed left your hair down & wet & put on a tad bit of makeup.

"I'm ready.Where's my suitcase?"

"Already put it up, sweetthangggggggg."

At the airport, you were frightned you had never ridden an airplane & they looked so intimidating. He grabbed yourr hand. "Lets go. I'll be right by you, every step of the way."

On the airplane, you were still holding his hand. You were at the firstclass side & it was beautiful. You couldn't stay awake you were soooo tired. You feel asleep on Justin's shoulder. He was playing with your hair while you slept.

"Scooter, Your daughter is beautiful."

"Thanks. She gets her loooks from me." 

"Haha! Well. Thats the truth!"

When you woke up the pllane was just about to land.

"Hey you, shawty. Good dreams?"

"Yes. The best."

"Good, now Your room is across the hall from my room. kk?"


Justin helped you get your bags he plopped them in your room, and he went to his. You still felt tired so you went to go take a shower. you had only your shirt  & undies on, whenyou were putting on makeup , then Justin decided to come in.

"Hey babe." He still hadnt noticed you werent wearing pants.

You gasped. "Get out! Get out!"

He saw you werent wearing pants. "Fuck! Im sorry!!!"


You were soooo shocked. He saw you. Pantless! You hurry and get done & dressed, you go to Justin's room.

"Hey..." You say, blushing.

"Hey listen. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to walk in on you. like that. I had no idea. Im really sorry, shawty."

"It's okay. I was more embaressed then anything."

"Don't be. You have a nice bum." He said, winking.

"Haha. Thank you!"

"Well, Wanna order pizza? Just me and you? "

"Sure thing!"

"Okay. & my concert is tomorrow!"


After you two eat dinner you go to your room. But you hear talking. You loook out your peep hole. & you see Justin & his exgirlfriend Selena talking.

"why are you here? You broke up with me 4 months ago. Then decide you want me back?" "No, Justin thats not it. I miss you!! I just.  I thought we could go back to the way things were..." "No. Thats not going to happen. I can't stand you sometimes. I'm not all the way over you. You broke my heart. & It's not going to happen again..." "Will you at least go to dinner with me? Just to catch up?" "fine. In three days though. I have plans." "Oh..Alright."

You couldn't believe what you were hearing! He actually ACCEPTED the date? How dare he! He is yours  now! Player much!?

The next morning, you get ready for the day. You don't know what's planned but you'regoing to try to talk to Justin about last night.

"Hey you, shawtyyyyyy."


"what's wrong??"

"nothing. "

"Selena. Just tell me!"

"...I believe my name is Lindsay..."

By this point. You'd wish you wouldn't of even came. You have 3 more months of this, & you are already hating this. You walk out of his room. Tears & all. After you lock yourself in your room you cry uncontrolably, Why had you been so foolish? What made you think that HE actually like you. You thought dreams did come true. But, as usual. You were wrong.

Crying for an  hour still didn't help it stop. Justin had called you, texted you & tried to get into your room many times, but you didnt answer.. He knew you were crying. By 5 oclock, he yelled through the door. "Lindsay! Please forgive me! I'm so sorry! I really didnt mean too... I have to go now.. My concert is at six... Please come. It'd mean the world to me. I know your mad & I understand why. but Please at least think about it."

At 5:30. You had stopped crying. You decided you wanted to go to the concert. You got ready & headed down to the lobby. Justin was there..

"Hi" He said in his tender voice.

"thought you had to go to your concert.?"

"It starts at 7.I knew you'd want to go thought. They told me you wouldn't but I knew you would!!"


"Listen I didn't mean to call you Selena..It just happened. I'm sorry."

"How long were you going to wait to tell me you had a date with her the day after tomorrow?"


"yah, I heard you two talking. She talks really loud. Were you even going to tell me? I thought we were getting somewhere? I thought that JUST maybe, we had something. But lying to me & not telling me things doesnt make me feel any better. Listen. I'll go to this concert. & I'll act like I'm 'WITH' You if you want. But I'm not happy."

"I'm sorry/."

"I thought maybe you were different..."

At the concert, He opens the door for you and helps you out of the car. He holds your hand & you still feel your heart skip a beat. You cant help it. He lets you be the 'one less lonely girl' & it was amazing.  After it was over, you're still mad at him but not as much.

"What do you want meto do? Break the date? I can do that. It'll be okay."

"You dont have to." You say, hoping he will though.

"I will. I'd much rather be with you anyway... I like you... A lot.."

"I like you too.."

*On the phone.*

"I don't think we should go on that date.""But why? Justin, I can make it up to you... I can."  "No, I don't want you too. I have a really nice lady with me right now. & she'd never do annything to hurt me."  "Thats not even fair..."  "Get over it Selena."

*hang up.*

You give Justin a kiss & he blushes. "thank you..."

"Shawty. don't ssy thank you. I shouldnt of agreed in the first place."

"I shouldn't of made a big deal out of it. I'm sorry."

He kisses you. "dont be. Its my fault."

The next months. You two do EVERYTHING.You go to the UK, France, Italy & so many more places. He takes you out to the finest resaurants every place you go. Before long, EVERYONE on twitter is asking if you two are together for real. Justin hasnt confirmed it & you are really wondering too. You kiss, hug, cuddle & do everything a boyfriend & a girlfriend do.

"tomorrow is the last concert..."

"I know. I'm going to miss it here, Justin."

"Me too. Great memories..."

He kisses you, more passionately than normal. "Lindsay. I've thought since the third date we were official...I just was too afriad to ask if you thought that too... I can never keep my eyes off of you. You're so beautiful. & have a stunning personality. I love you... & Im sorry if you don-"

You cut him off before he hurt himself. "I love you too... & I dont care what others think.  You've helped me realize... That Dreams Do Come True.."


The End :)

© Copyright 2017 SheighBieber. All rights reserved.


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