a letter for you babe

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a letter for the man whom i love the most. the man who made my life happy and worth living for. and also for the man who can never be mine. the man whom i need to let go. for him --fLiP.


i dont know how and where to start ..
its 10:41 babe tulog kapa kc ur drunk :(
remember our talk lastnight? remember when i said its our D-day/G-day/L-day today?? D fo due, G for goodbye and L for last :( babe balu mu bang i mean those and it really hurts .. remember sabi ku i wanted to make this whole day special kc its our lastday? u make fun of it cos u thought when i said lastday kc mikit kau tom. :) remember itang cnabi ku na nung one day u'll wake up and im gone as in totally gone, no trace no nothing, what will u do? i ask if amiss muku and if ma.sad ka diba? sabi mu "WA" then sabi ku if on that day u feel hurt and sad, remember, mas sad and more hurt ku kc when i decided to let you go thats when i chose not to be happy .. diba while we're talking this morning you know that im crying, kc everything is so perfect yet nothing seems right .. it hurts so much that even breathing is damn hard :c i've had a hard time thinking on what needs to be done with the situation. babe balu mu ng milyari kaku in my previous relationship. i told you several times na i was half dead during that time and everything is screwed up.i was just breathing but im totally dead in and out. then here i am being on this kind of situation, knowing that if i push through, someone can be exactly like me a year ago :c i will make her suffer, before i cursed the girl who took him away from me, to death! then now i was the one who needs to be curse because i'm the one taking you away from her :c babe ng kasakit, i can't even think whats right and whats not. pero i asked God to give me a sign and help me on what i should do, for the whole week i waited and mebigla ku kc itang inyad kung sign milyari ya, and the feeling is insane, i wanted to cry pero still i was thankful that it made me realized a lot of things. itang sign a dintang babe is the sign na inyad ku if i have to let you go. pero sabi ku kang God dinan naku until today since tom mikit kaung amira it would be a good chance diba .. kaya nga sabi ku keka nandin etamu mipapate diba, sabi ku just this day give me your time, sabi ku buri dakang lambingan sobra diba. and buri dakang pkisabyan mahabang time. kaso nga minum ka so now tulog ka, thats when i decided to write this. kc this time i was so sad and hurt, pero ala ka, so im trying to put it in writing, buri kung isulat ngan ing buri kung sabyan keka and ing egana2ng afefeel ku babe :( remember sabi ku i wanted to tell her nung makananu ya ka lucky for having you, despite of me coming into your life you never denied her. sobrang lucky ya kc she have you and you love her. lucky ya kc sobrang bait mu, sobrang caring and understanding. i wanted to tell her to take care of you kc dakal girls na pweding mgpasaya pa lalu keka if she ignores you. minsan nga aiisip ku sana aku namu itang pekilala na nitang siping mung bale keka e, hehe. minsan aisip ku din sana taga apalit nakumu or sana AMA naku mgstudy, para sana aku namu .. aku namu 5 years ago :) kaso reality is not fair, and reality does not care :c if ever theres a time that u feel like missing me, look up and think that we're under the same sky, we both miss each other but theres nothing that we can do. i know it hurts but time heals. sana datang ing time na makapantun kung kagaya mu, but i hope that time he's single :) sana datang din ing time na maging ok tamu pareu, itang we can be friends. babe diba sabi ku keka dati, na alwa man ikatang mikatuluyan and etamu man atupad ing dreams tamu together, still, i will be forever inlove with you. il be loving you forever and be with you forever. diba nga kahit atin tanang own family we're still be here for each other? oh babe! basa ne keyboard laptop ku haha! imba. sakit nala eyes ku :c mako ku pamo bukas diba tas mamaga ku mata hehe. realtalk .. babe thank you ne, for everything, u really made my life happy and i told you diba ika ing mekasawup kaku to completely move on. thank you babe. i feel so happy everyday na atchu ka, i may not hold you close i still feel you everytime we talk, itang feeling na kakaiba, na even your so far ramdam ku itang sobrang happiness of having you. kaluguran daka babe sobra! dakal ku amiss pag mewala ka, eku balu how long will it take until i get over you. i dont know how many days will i cry for missing you, and how many times will i long for you :c pero babe ing buri kumu maging happy ka. bring back the times when ur so inlove with amira. isipan mu that u never love me, na test kumu kekayung 2 :) pero sana khit makanta emu kakalingwan that i have love you, with all my heart .. emu isipan na im doing this kc atn nakung alwa or what kc its not true! nung balu mumu pakananu kasakit kaku ini babe .. im sacrificing my own happiness and even my own life (ikaw life ko e) para maging istu ngan ing mali .. i know pwede kung pgsisihan na pekawalan daka pero ing eku pgsisihan itang liguran daka kc meging sobrang happy ku, even if its just a fantasy of me having you, ala e reality sucks and hurts so much! pero promise in next life it must be me and you na ne babe, on that day paglaban danaka come what may .. and babe i have a poem for you, sana aburi me .. i'LL end it here, babe sorry if i had to let you go .. sana aintinjan mu .. soon, im sure u'LL be thankfull for this .. i just want you to be happy .. babe .. i love you! God knows i really do and i mean it .. i will miss you sobra .. sana u would understand why i need to do this .. lasst namu babe .. pikit ka .. hehe .. kikiss kita :*> i love you babe .. so much!
Have I ever told you
that if I sit really still and silent,
sometimes. I like to think
I can hear your heart beating
in time with mine?
Have I ever told you
that when I watch you speak to me
through lines and cords,
and bytes and ram,
I imagine
your voice,
whispering into my ear?
Have I ever told you
that I wait out each day
in anticipation,
only an hour or two,
just a second in space and time,
to feel close to you?
Have I ever told you
that there has been times,
when I ached for you,
ached for you so badly,
that the emotions overwhelmed me..
and so I sat and cried?
Have I ever told you
that sometimes,
I will reach out,
touching your name
on this cold screen before me,
I could reach in
and pull you to me?
Have I ever told you
that after the first time I heard
the sound of your voice,
thousands of miles away,
I sat up all night,
turning the conversation over and over
in my mind.
Have I ever told you
that I would give everything up,
just for one night
to be able to lay near you,
to feel your chest rise and fall
with each breath you take,
just to know that you are real?
Have I ever told you
that I dream of you often,
I dream of you reaching out
and touching my hand,
simply to let me know
that you are there,
and everything is okay?
Have I ever told you,
have I still yet to tell you . . . 
that I love you?

Submitted: May 11, 2013

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