eternal LIFE

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come back to revenge...

Submitted: September 06, 2015

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Submitted: September 06, 2015




 I was walking in the street at night.after a bad struggle with parent walking alone could make me calm.

As I walked suddenly heard a voice it was not clear I couldn' t understand that scream was a human or animal or other things. I didn' t pay attention to that and wanted continue walking, but I could not. My body became numb, peter peter I miss you , she said.

That was a girl, but how did she know my name and why did she miss me , who are you?, I asked. I heard her walking sound. Waoo I was taken a back. She was my wife my dead wife. I couldn 't believe . she had been killed in a car accident , but not a real accident. An accident was made by me to kill her.

She wasn' t a normal woman. Too rich she was. She was so powerful. Whatever she wanted she could get. And she was out of my league.

She laughed and said :, poor peter I don't let you live you have to come white me,. Oh she didn't have legs she was not a human.

I ran away and came back home.the Tv was on, some eternal creatures are found that they are some creatures like vampires or geniis. Should a person talk to them he will die in 24 hours, the host in the tv show said.

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