Nothing To Tell

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Bet's mother adopts a girl who is a ghost. No one except Bet knows it.Will that ghost kill Bet? Read it further to know.

Submitted: October 19, 2012

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Submitted: October 19, 2012






‘Mom, Mom! I am going to play. My friends are shortly arriving. I can hear them.’ said Bet.

‘Ok Son. Take care.’ said his mother, in a sweet voice, as always.

Bet banged out of the great in a tremendous speed. She smiled towards him.

Bet was really a good boy, one of thousands. He approved to his parents always. He had a great heart, a rare quality. His mom was proud of her son. He was happy with his father’s little earning and with his ‘home-sweet-home’. This is what he calls his home which is small and looks sweet. It is well maintained.

At every parents-teachers meeting, his parents felt proud. Everyone praised Bet, who was good in both studies and as well as games.

Though he was a small boy of 5 years, but almost all the students knew him. Why not if has defeated a fifth standard boy in a competition?

Every time in parents-teachers meeting, every mother was jealous of Bet’s mother. Everyone gazed them and said-

‘Look, Look! Bet’s mother is going.’

Even in market, someone if met with Bet’s mother, first topic was ‘Bet’. They started-

‘How good your son is!’

He was a cute boy too. Anyone who met him would have said-

‘Hello sweetie! How are you doing?’ and then, touching his cheeks with their first finger and thumps.

 This was the worst thing for Bet, only this. He didn’t like the moment when someone touches his cheeks. He feels pain but though, there is a smile on his face.

Bet’s mother always wanted a girl child but she was happy with Bet. She was very proud of her son. There is nothing much to speak about her. She is a simple lady, not like other ladies who are always busy in make-up. This makes her different from others.

Bet’s father was a hard-working man who worked day and night for earning and his family. He enjoyed very little with his friends, usually in occasions.

Isn’t it a unique family? It is a great and rare family and everyone would have loved such kind of family.


As always, Bet again went to play with his friends. His usual time of play was 5-6 o’clock, sometimes maybe little early and maybe little late.

While he was outside, something was going in the house. After the household chores, his mother went to his father’s room.

His father was at home as it was Sunday. She went inside and conversation starts-

‘Listen’ said his mother.

‘Yes tell. I am listening’ said his father busy in reading newspaper.

‘Face here. It’s important matter.’ And then grabs his hand.

He faces towards her and then says-

‘Yes. Tell’ keeps the newspaper on the table.

‘I was thinking to adopt a child, a girl child.’

Father at once sits on the table like if he was in meeting.

‘Are you serious?’


‘Ok then. Should we go to the orphanage right now?’

‘Yes. Why not? Before Bet arrives.’

‘And if Bet found that we have adopt a child. What will he think?’

‘Don’t worry. He is very small these things.’

He didn’t questioned her further because he was too in a mood to adopt a girl-child but he was unable to tell about it to her.

His father took the car out of the garage. They both got inside it and left for the nearest orphanage that was situated within the walking distance.

 Shortly, not even taking two minutes, they arrived at that place. It was situated in a pleasant place. It had noise-absorbing curtains, AC-rooms, good workers and very sweet small babies.

They arrived inside with a smile on their place. At once, few workers gathered there, greeted them with smile on their face too. They asked workers for the manager. They directed them to an AC room. There was the manager sitting on the seat doing something on his laptop that was placed on the desk.

As they reached inside, the manager waved his hands showing the seat. They both sat there. Workers went outside the room as it was restricted for any of the workers to sit in that room. Manager said-

‘So, how can I help you?’

Father replied, ‘We need to adopt a child.’

‘Ok then. Boy or girl?’

‘Girl child.’

‘Come with me. I will show you.’

Manager lifted upwards and at once, opened the door. He took them to a room. It was like if they have reached any kind of heaven. Babies, from dark to fair were looking very and very cute.

Manager, while walking said, ‘You can choose anyone.’

‘Ok. Ok’ said father.

‘Hey. This one.’ Shouted Bet’s mother in excitement.

They all moved to that little baby, as fair as a paper and as soft as silk. She was really looking cute. Taking her in her arms, they then moved to the manager’s room. Talked a little, took money neither in less amount nor in large amount. They were happy.

They took her to their house. She never cried. Her mother was unable to look anywhere else. She kept on gazing that little creature. How cute was she looking! Large eyes. Her mother promised that though they have two kids now, but she will look after them equally.

Mother smiled a little and a smile she got in return. She was 1 year old, 4 years younger than Bet. She asked-

‘What will be her name?’

‘I don’t know. I can’t tell. You should decide’

‘Ok then. Let me think.’

She thought a little and then said, ‘Lisa. What do you think?’

‘Good name. So, from today we will call her Lisa.’

Then, she spoke, ‘So your name is Lisa. Liked it?’

She said in a childish language as she was a small child,’Eeaa’ trying to spell ‘Lisa’. Then, she smiled.

Home arrived. The small creature was asleep.

Soon, Bet arrived, sweating.

‘Mom! I have arrived home.’

Both, mother and father came outside together. Bet said-

‘Is today anything special?’

‘Yes’ replied his mother

‘What? What?’

‘There is a surprise for you. Come to the bedroom.’

He ran there but he was unable to find anything.

He then came back-

‘Making me fool?’

‘No my son. See. There she is.’

They all arrived in the bedroom. She was there, lying and sleeping.

Bet said, ‘Who is She?’

‘She is your younger sister.’


She went there and touched her cheeks. ‘How soft they are!’

He forgot that the first time he went in the room there was no one. But suddenly a small girl appears sleeping on the bed when he arrives later.

He played with her. She was smiling like an angel. She was really looking very cute. He said to her, ‘Lisa, I am your big brother. Say me, BIG BROTHER.’

She said, ‘Ig bauder.’

Within a week, she got a large amount of toys. She played with one, threw it and then the other comes in her hand. She became busy in playing with her toys.



One day, after about two months, when Bet returned to home, he knocked the door. As usual, his mother opened the door. He quickly went to the bedroom where Lisa was playing with his toys.

She was facing opposite of the door so she didn’t saw Bet coming towards him. He thought to scare her.

He went quietly and then shouted, ‘Bhooooo!’ Nothing happened to Lisa. She turned towards Bet. Bet was able to see some kind of anger on her face.

 No. It can’t be of a human. No, Never. Something different was in Lisa. He became frightened but sat quietly.

Lisa gave a smile to him and then began to cry, from the top of her lungs. Her mother came rushing to see that what has happened.

She saw Lisa crying and Bet sitting beside her. She thought that Bet has done something wrong with her.

Her mother began to scold Bet. She didn’t wanted to listen to Bet. As Bet spoke something, she said, ‘I don’t want to listen to you.’

He thought that there is something different in Lisa. Day by day, something mysterious began to happen in the house.

Fights between his mother and father became common. For many days, his father would not be in home but will be spending his nights with his friends.

Mother kept crying in the home. No proper food was given to Bet. Lisa kept smiling whole day. It was a different smile, not one of the human being.

Bet became upset. He paid no heed in his studies. His grades became poorer and poorer but Lisa kept smiling.

 After two months of the arrival of Lisa, everything was changed. No one smiled in the home except Lisa.

Bet saw different types of things in Lisa. Sometimes, blood on her clothes and sometimes on her toys ,her eyes were becoming larger and larger. She was looking scary than before. Scars began to cover his body. Sometimes, he would see her walking on two legs.

Soon, his father lost his job because he was not going to office. He said to family that he was going to office but actually, he went out of station with his friends.

Sometimes, he said that he going for business trips but actually he was roaming all around the country with his friends. There was very less money left now.

Bet knew that it is because of the presence of Lisa in the house.

He sometimes tried to tell about it to his mother and father. But what was the reward? A tight slap!

His mother left the home leaving her two children. Their father mostly lived outside of the house. Only Lisa and Bet stayed in the house.

 He was frightened of living with his sister all alone.

One evening, they both were alone. Bet was sitting idle while Lisa was playing with her toys. She faced towards Bet and Bet faced Lisa. Lisa said something! Yes! Really! Lisa said in a clear voice-‘ Bet. Why are you sad?’

My goodness! Anyone can be frightened at this moment. It is natural. When Bet gave no answer but sat quietly, she became angry. She looked Bet with his red giant eyes. Bet began to move backward but Lisa kept moving. The end of room came.

Luckily, he found a knife on the floor. She caught Bet’s neck. She grabbed it tightly. Bet without thinking anymore, took the knife and pierced it in her body. It was bleeding and was bleeding a lot but Lisa kept smiling. She felt on the floor but still her eyes were opened, eyelids were not closing. Her round large eyes were watching Bet. Her smile didn’t went away. Bet rushed to leave the home and run as fast as he can. He tried to open the door, it didn’t open. He became scared.

 What will happen next? Will I die? Will Lisa kill me? These types of questions were moving around Bet’s mind.

 He turned his face to reach the telephone. He went straight to the drawing room where it was kept. As he reached near it, he saw a giant face in front of him. What will I do?  He thought to himself.

His legs got freeze. He was unable to move. He tried very hard but it was impossible. While he was trying, that giant face spoke in a very heavy tone, ‘Do you want to use this phone?’

Bet was unable to speak even a single word. He was very scared.

That giant face turned into a giant body. It was female, wearing sari of white color. She was looking scary. Her hairs were flying in the air. She took the wire of telephone, and broke it into two. Nothing was left. Bet was going to die. She came closer but Bet was unable to move. She had pointed nails that can easily penetrate his soft body.

Suddenly, they both heard the opening of door. Bet’s mother and father arrived together saying sorry to each other.

Why did this happen? This was because Lisa was killed.But what was the reward for Bet? Will he die? Was this the reward?

They entered the bedroom where Lisa was lying. Blood was coming out of her body. Her mouth was filled with blood. They both sat down beside Lisa crying.

But suddenly, her father stood up. Though he was crying, he shouted, ‘Bet! Bet! Where are you?’

Bet was unable to speak even a single word. He was crying but no sound was coming. That giant structure Speeded her work.

She said, ‘I am your Lisa’s mother.’ And one of her nails went to his neck. She scratched it a little, and then very hard. She was killing him bitterly. No sound was coming from his mouth.

She scratched his neck until he shouted. And then as he shouted, ‘Aaa!’, she penetrated her nail in his neck. Blood came out but she didn’t stopped.

For her, it was not looking awkward. Her heart was not paining. She kept on bitterly killing that small boy but her heart didn’t pained.

His father came inside the drawing room. He saw the sight and stood on his own spot, unable to move anymore. His son was lying but that giant structure kept on killing him bitterly.

Suddenly she vanished. His father rushed to his son. He took his head on the lap. He was able to say only a single sentence, only a single sentence and it was, ‘Dad. Lisa is a ghost.’

His eyes closed forever. He will sleep forever and will never wake up. His father was crying. He had lost everything. He said to the body, ‘I wanted to see you as a man, my son.’

He grabbed Bet’s head. Soon, his mother came inside. She cried bitterly. Then, they saw a note kept on the table-

‘I know it was not your son’s fault but he has killed my daughter. Yes, my daughter, Lisa was my daughter. I admit that she was a ghost. But only a mother can understand the pain of losing a child. When I gave birth to Lisa, my mother in law saw her and got angry. She didn’t wanted to see a child, a girl child.  And as I came to home, she took a knife and pierced it into me. Blood was coming out. It was paining but I wanted to say only a single sentence. I didn’t got a chance. I wanted to say, ‘Take care of my child.’ They sent my child to orphanage. Why my daughter turned into a ghost? Because she wanted to take revenge from my mother in law. Your son didn’t allowed her to experience more life. She wanted to kill your child because she didn’t liked him. To save himself, he killed my daughter. I admit that it was not your son’s fault.’

Bet’s parent’s heart was tearing. Soon, the day came when the body had to be burned. His father burned it. And the same thought was moving around both the minds. It was-‘I would have agreed with Bet that Lisa was a ghost.’

They didn’t believed in ghosts. But they had to believe at that moment.

Will they ever forget that they had a son? Will they ever forget that they had adopted a ghost?

And what do you think that what was happening in the heaven? Were Bet and Lisa playing together?

That brilliant son was killed. He was unable to get the fame that he deserved. He too didn’t got a experience of his life. And I wish that he would have a better life in heaven.

There was nothing to tell anymore.










© Copyright 2017 Shekhar Srivastava. All rights reserved.

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