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What happens when many dead bodies are found hollow? Who kills them? A man-eater? This is a story based on this. Read the story and find what happens next!

Submitted: November 03, 2012

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Submitted: November 03, 2012




Mr. Hog was running fast to the forensic lab where the body was lying flat on a raised bed. Around it, were kept many chemicals. There stood a man wearing spectacles. He said, in a little humorous way ‘Welcome boss! How are you doing?’

‘I am fine. What about the dead body that we had found yesterday.’ Mr. Hog replied in a serious manner disturbing the man.

‘It is a sudden kind of mystery.’ replied Mr. Brown.

‘Why? What happened? Is there something wrong?’ circled Mr. Hog in questions.

‘You should have understood previously when you went to the crime scene.’ Mr. Brown replied in a disturbing way.

‘What? Can you make me understand?’ replied Mr. Hog in a little bit anger.

‘Had you seen few footprints there?’

‘Yes. They were strange. They had only 3 fingers and one toe. The smallest finger was absent.' He controlled his anger.

‘Exactly, that is what I mean to say. He is not a normal person. He is something else.’

‘What nonsense is this? Do you have any kind of common sense? Maybe, he has lost his finger in any kind of accident or something else.’

‘Yes sir. I have it. And after every experiment I have said this to you. He has not lost his finger but he was born with such kind of legs. I am not any kind of fool.’ It made Mr. Hog angry.

‘Describe me clearly. What kind of experiment.’

‘You have not told me about that footprint. I have come to know about this from Flax. He also told me that there was a small hair near that footprint. See here it is.’ He took out a small piece of hair from experimental bowl. ‘This is not a hair of any kind of human being. You should have understood about it previously.’

‘And how can you say it?’

‘This hair is very dirty as compared to a normal human being. Even if you will not bath for a year, you will not get such hairs. Secondly, silicon is present in this hair in a large quantity. Silicon increases with the increasing intelligence but this hair have too much, about 20 times more than the silicon present in Albert Einstein’s hair!’

‘What rubbish talks!’

‘No sir. These are not childish or any kind of rubbish talks. You should believe it.’

‘But I will not believe it. What can you do?’

‘I can do nothing! I can do nothing except showing you another clue to provethat this is not a human being. This body doesn’t contain blood, not even in a small amount. This means that the murderer has taken out the blood.’

‘Maybe, firstly, he would have killed him, then took off all the blood in a container and will sell it to get money.’

‘Yes sir. You would be right. I was thinking this too but not till now. I have found the saliva on his neck where there is a hole. This means that someone has sucked the blood.’

‘Ok. Now I can believe in your talks.’

‘Thanks sir for believing.’

Naturally, the next day of the murder, the newspaper brought it in front of everyone with the headline saying, ‘Is it a vampire who has killed him?’

Within the next ten days, the number of murders increased, from one to above thirty within the city. People came out of their houses with different marches. They held banners in their hands written, ‘We need security!’

From the local newspaper, this news travelled to the television. Whole country was seeing it. Commissioners felt pressured. They were getting orders from above to solve the case as fast as it was possible.

Not getting any other option, they tried to shake hands with the neighboring countries. Soon, two great detectives were called from Germany.

They were brilliant and well famed in Germany. Almost everyone in Germany, even little kids knew about them. One was a little younger than the other.

If they got any work, they would get in it from their whole heart and mind. They were good-looking and brave too.

On Sunday morning 9’o clock, they had their flight to Italy. They were wearing a black suit and black spectacles with a briefcase in hands which was containing professional instruments.

The flight took off and within hours, it landed in Italy. They were not surprised or excited that they have reached foreign. They had already travelled whole Europe, either for business or for spending their vacations.

It was a little cold there as it was winter. Someone was appointed to receive them at the airport and they were informed. As they went outside of the airport, there stood a man holding a banner written, ‘Mr. Fred and Mr. Albert’.

They understood that someone was there to receive them. At the first sight, that police constable recognized them. He shouted not knowing that they have seen him-‘Mr. Albert, Mr. Fred!’

They reached at that place. He said-

‘Hello sirs. May I take your luggage?’

‘No. We can carry it with us.’ replied Fred, younger than Albert.

‘Sir, we have parked the car there. It is a little bit longer.’

‘Ok then. Let’s go.’

Within few minutes, they reached there.

There was a police officer sitting on the driver seat. They went nearer to it and found that he was sleeping.

Fred thought to have a prank on it.

From somewhere he found a piece of leaf, or paper or anything like that. He rubbed it near his nose. And then, a large sneeze took place. Everyone laughed. And within few seconds, he woke up from his dream. Fred said-

‘What happened? Did you have a night shift yesterday?’

He smiled but from the outer surface. From the heart, he felt ashamed.

They sat in the car. His senior showed his angry face making the driver look down.

Windows closed. The driver switched on the air conditioner. Turned the key, and the car started leaving a smoke.

Albert slowly coming towards the topic asked,

‘So, what has happened?’

That police constable who was sitting on the front seat replied,

‘Sir, you should ask that what has not happened.’

‘Is there anything serious?’ said Fred getting involved in the conversation.

‘Sir, 33 deaths have happened within 14 days.’

‘Do you have any more information?’

‘Out of thirty three, thirty three have no blood in their bodies. Two of them have been killed last night. They have just broken bones. And these all things have happened in the city. Some saliva is also found on their bodies. Everybody has a hole on their neck and that is the place where the saliva is found. Everyone is thinking that someone has sucked the blood from that hole. Almost everyone has come on the road giving us a lot of pressure. They are asking for providing security.’

‘It has happened in city? Very strange it is.’

‘Not only in city sir, but few bodies are found in their own houses.’

They went quite. It was looking tough. At the meantime, the driver was yawning and driving.

As Fred caught his glimpse, his senior pushed him little forward. He came in motion with a jerk.

Airport was much more far away from the city. It took around one hour to reach the police station.

They entered the police station which was well maintained. It had nice furniture.

There he found the commissioner sitting on the table like if he was waiting for them.

Everyone greeted each other-

‘Hello both of you.’ said commissioner in a happy tone.

‘Hello sir.’ replied Albert.

‘We are getting pressured. We had no other option except calling you here. Sorry for the disturbance. I have kept all my soul and mind in you. Now you only can help us.’

‘Yes. We will help you for sure.’

Commissioner called a police inspector standing at the door by waving his hands. He came and stood in an attention position. The commissioner said,

‘Take them to their hotel.’

He agreed and both of them went behind him. He led them to the same car from which they had arrived.

There was the same driver and in the same position, sleeping. He was woken up by the second inspector.

The car left smoke making that police officer cough there.

He came back to the police station coughing. He went to the commissioner’s room.

‘Sir, don’t you think that your driver, Mr. Harry is behaving differently. He sleeps continuously. He is not behaving obediently sir like a police officer should do.’

‘Yes. You are right. Once he was my best driver but slowly he is coming down and down.’

Suddenly another police officer enters the room. He was the same one who had gone to the airport to receive Fred and Albert. He said,

‘Yes sir. He is saying right. When we had gone to the airport, at that time also he was sleeping. Fred sir was laughing. He is changing, sir.’

The hotel was not too far. They reached within few minutes. They reached there. It was a four star hotel, looking nice.

Two rooms were already booked.

There was no loss of money for them but the government was paying for it. They went to the separate rooms. Their rooms were on 2nd floor. They were pretty large rooms.

They were tired. They were going to take their meals with some snacks. They ate full stomach and then again returned to their room.

The restaurant was situated below the ground.

As they returned to their rooms, they saw something like paper kept on the bed other than their suitcase and airbag. Fred saw it. He took it in his hand and read,

‘I am warning you. Return back to Germany or else you will be unable to go back.’

It was lying on Albert’s bed too. They at once came out of the room to discuss and settle this matter.

They later discussed that they will not return to Germany before solving this mystery.

There were also some drops of blood on both letter and their beds. The letter was written of blood. It seemed like that.

They came into the deep thought that when and from where had he arrived in their room. They didn’t take tension. They went to sleep on their comfortable bed.

When Fred’s eyes opened he found that it was 4 o’clock. He went to wake up Albert who was still sleeping. He woke up too.

They then went to the police station as a meeting was to be held. They were late.

‘Sorry for delay.’ Albert said to the commissioner who was sitting comfortably on his soft chair.

‘No. Nothing matters to me. Settle down. We shall have a meeting now.’ He replied.

Later, he rang a bell that was kept on his table. It was a sign to call the nearest officer.

Within minutes, any officer arrived there.

He said, ‘Listen, go and call other officers.’

Five to six officers were called in whom commissioner completely believed. It also included that sleeping driver.

‘So, beginning with the meeting, I want to know about it more.’ said Fred at once.

‘But I have already told about it to you.’ Said an officer who had went to receive them from the airport.

But to satisfy both of them, commissioner again told the story to them. Additional information was given to them which the officer didn’t provide.

It was that they just had 3 fingers and 1 toe instead of 4 fingers.

They discussed and then, came to the point that people who are on the road can mix up the matter. They may make the matter large and violence can take place.

To avoid this, they decided to provide security to the people firstly rather than just searching the culprit.

Some of the police force was called from the other cities of the country. 1 week passed but nothing happened. No murder took place. Later, everyone thought that they are safe.

Taking the benefit of this, many officers too begin to steal their duties. They began to stretch themselves in the night and even relax in the morning and in day time.

Suddenly, after a fortnight a strange thing happened. That was murder! And murder of police officers! The people again came down on the road with the banners, ‘Albert and Fred are fools. They are unable to solve this case.’

This made them feel ashamed and speeded their work. They themselves began to patrol in night secretly after disguising themselves. Even the CCTV cameras were put on the street.

The driver was only one, the sleeping driver. No murder took place. Everyone satisfied but still they were in search of that man-eater man.

While patrolling, one night Fred saw a very strange thing. He saw the hands of driver scratched very badly.

He asked the reason but he didn’t reply. He thought that something was wrong.

Later, Albert and Fred began to follow him. They also found that most of the time, he eats flesh rather than eating other green vegetables.

There was something mysterious about this person. There was something odd in his personality.

Whenever he was left alone, at least one murder took place.

They didn’t tell anything about it to anyone because they thought that they must be sure and should catch him red- handed.

The very next night, they again left him alone and then, secretly began to follow him. He was running down to the streets hurriedly. He then entered in a house. Don’t know how, but he broke the lock of the door silently without any noise. He was perfect at that. They then slowly went inside the unknown house. He saw him standing and facing against them. As he heard the footsteps he turned around. His mouth was filled with blood. But still he was sucking the blood of the body.

How bad he was looking. He was a man- eater. He knew that someone has seen him but though he was sucking the blood.

They thought that it is not right to hold him right now but should call others. Fred went outside to call someone while Albert stayed there.

Within few minutes, he arrived with many officers, at least ten were there.

They grabbed him and pressed him. He was struggling to go away from there. He moved his legs, he moved his hands but nothing happened. Drops of blood were touching the ground continuously.

His mouth had become red. He was shouting like a hungry lion, asking for more food.

Within the next ten minutes, everyone including the commissioner had arrived and they were standing at the door of the house.

Commissioner said that he should not be taken anywhere else but should be kept in this same house for some time.

That body was lying on the ground. He had done no crime but though he received pain.

That hungry man-eater was made unconscious. He was put on chair. A large and big rope was surrounding him when he opened his eyes. There were 4 policemen holding him too.

He woke up and the first sentence he said was, ‘Where am I?’

‘You are a man-eater.’ replied the commissioner.

He looked at him astonished like if saying to himself, ‘Am I a man-eater?’

Slowly to everyone’s amazement, that sleeping driver turned into James, the policeman who received Albert and Fred from the airport.

Yes, James was the real criminal. He has killed those 39 persons in one month.

But there were two questions that were not yet answered. First one was that, Where should they keep that man eating James.

And then the answer of this question arrived himself by James. He said,

‘Kill me at once and right now. I would be happy. I you won’t, I will automatically die at 12’ o clock.

30 minutes had to be passed to end the life of James. There was no police officer ready to shoot him, that man-eater.

James said, ‘I know that I am the man- eater. I have a power to disguise but I get once in life. I woke up at every 1000 years. This is the 1000th year. I thought to disguise myself in that driver.’ He faced Fred and said, ‘That sleeping driver. I found that he has eaten a poisonous mushroom which makes him sleepy most of the time. So, I thought to do this. This will make you think that the driver kills in night and sleeps in day.’

Someone said, no one knew who, ‘But where is he?’

The reply came from James’ mouth, ‘You will know soon.’

Soon, the time came. The time came for his life to end.

He got dead himself. His soul burned. It got transferred into air. There was nothing left to say that there was a man eater.

Soon, the crowd ended. Everyone went to their houses as it was midnight.

Albert, Fred and the commissioner went to the police station. Albert and Fred had a flight that noon.

All the three went with the car to the police station. The driver was not the same. He was not that sleeping driver.

Fred asked in excitement, ‘Where is that sleeping driver?’ This was the second question

No one answered. No one knew where he was. They went silently. And within minutes, they reached the police station.

They went inside. There was something lying behind the table.

They went closer and closer. Oh! He was the sleeping driver. He was fully covered with blood. No one knew that why had they came to the police station, not even they themselves.

It may be possible that God himself had made them step here to see that sleeping driver. That sleeping driver had slept for whole of his life.

Then, Albert and Fred went to their hotels.

Before going there, commissioner had told them two words. They were, ‘Thank you.’

It was 1. They had a flight at 12 in the morning.

They reached there, and slept. The next day they woke up as usual.

That morning was different for them. It seemed to them that the sun is shining more brightly than ever.

They got ready in their black suits and left the hotel. The flight safely landed in Germany.

Albert had said to Fred, ‘This was the most deadly case that I have ever solved.’

Fred replied, ‘for me too.’

And really, it was. It was a deadly case.

© Copyright 2018 Shekhar Srivastava. All rights reserved.

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