Becoming Whole

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How can I set my heart free to help people knowing I will be broken many, many times along the journey?

Submitted: August 10, 2010

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Submitted: August 10, 2010






In my heart there lies a well

A vast receptacle of every story

That has ever been told.

Within my body there exists a hero--

Though her voice is very nearly buried

Beneath layers and layers of forced normalcy.

The sun’s rays blaze against my closed eyelids.

My sins have burned to ash on Kali’s pyre.

Sainthood is yet a long way off.

Beneath my feet is a burial ground

Containing the bodies of all who have lived and died pointlessly.

They hover over our shoulders as we take to the streets

To protest yet another cause doomed to failure.

Our throats are torn with righteous screams

As righteous tears pour from our eyes.

Our unspoken hope is that one day these very same tears

Might create a wave powerful enough

To make people stand up and care.

Until then, loneliness is our only prayer.


I believe we cannot wait forever.

This is just another cause doomed to be struck down.

The flames of the dying fires of our spirits

Leap and jump in my pupils.

In my mind’s ear I can hear birdsongs.

The newly freed eagle’s wings part the veils

To a world beyond our comprehension.

I stand by yet another empty cage

Wondering how anything I do

Could ever be enough.

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Becoming Whole

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