Diets Are Dumb

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There are practical reasons why dieting never works. No food plan can possibly substitute for the emotional support and nourishment our current difficulties are trying to distract us from noticing. Until we find more effective ways to actually meet these needs, survival will demand we continue to ignore their existence. We will in other words continue to have problems with "weight"--when what we are truly having problems with is our heart.

Submitted: August 10, 2010

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Submitted: August 10, 2010



Y'all health nut "diet experts" are idiots. Everyone keeps writing all of these articles that say they have something new to say about how to lose weight, but they never do. The point is, no one who is afraid of what losing weight might mean is ever going to do it. Those of us who are overweight are overweight because something about it appeals to us. Instead of getting to the root of our issues, we obsess about whether we fit into a size six or a size fourteen or anywhere between because talking about weight is an acceptable topic for women in this country.

Most of us women are not encouraged to talk about whether we are happy except in terms of whether we have what we want in life, i.e. thinness. Our sense of satisfaction or contentment is supposed to come from whether we believe we will be able to STAY thin, or so we have been told.

We live in a capitalist country. It doesn't matter how we feel, it matters what we have. Thus, when we talk about feelings, what we are really talking about is how close we are to having everything we want.

As women, we are told that being "good" means prioritizing men's needs over our own. We are also told there are limited resources in the world, and we are reassured again and again of this with various worldwide images of starvation and environmental degradation. Thus, being a good person if one is a woman implies that one is attempting to be as thin as possible in order to leave more resources for the men around us.

This is what is called a "scarcity" perspective on the world. The resources of the world are being consumed at a ridiculously fast clip by the attempts of a small number of people to own the world. We all play along, agreeing there could not possibly enough food in this world or even this country to feed every starving person. Meanwhile, so many of us FEEL as though we are starving for so much of the time that we intuitively believe this fallacy. Most of us are nutritionally deprived of some vitamin or component used to catalyze protein production, or else we eat salad all the time when our bodies are craving fat. We take our feelings that there is not enough food in the world as reality, instead of recognizing that we have the choice not to do this to ourselves.

How many women do you know who starve themselves, then go out and buy pounds of food that they will throw up later? How many other people remain at around 600 pounds because that is easier than learning how to date at forty? How many other women remain at 100 pounds because they cannot face their anger at the stepfathers who molested them or the babysitters who raped them or the teachers who hit on them? We do not have eating disorders because we are stupid or because we don't know that we are hurting ourselves. We are as aware of this as the U.S. government is that prioritizing business interests is destroying their home as fast as ours. We are all well aware of the destruction we are causing.

When will we quit pretending knowing substitutes for action?

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