Slow Destruction of Your Self

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My best friend's boyfriend beats her up. I watch silently, burdened with knowing I can do nothing to prevent her from running directly back to him.

Submitted: August 10, 2010

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Submitted: August 10, 2010



I’m not angry that you’ve found someone (again).

But every time he reappears

Sporting the same old smile

and dried-up words of wisdom

You draw away from me-

From the collective ‘us’-

And become a separate and distinctive ‘you’

Sharp-edged and hard

With eyes like ripped-up butterfly’s wings.

My hands are cut up when I try to touch you

Though I do not cease reaching.

I carry the burden of your emotions

So that your step may be lighter.

I remain the dark twin

Formed from the shadows of your mind

So that you may leave them unacknowledged.

I suffer when you suffer.

All I am saying is

That you might be expected

To have a little more sympathy.

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