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So this is about an Angel that is sent from Heaven to help Aaron and Lucifer and all of them. She's also Lucifer's soulmate.

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012




I gaze down at the world I’ve lost my soul to with nothing but pain and sadness, the fury and betrayal having passed long ago. I sit on this hill of golden grass that I have come to think of as my own, the same place I have sat since his sentencing, his fall. My beloved Morningstar, alone and cursed with hell raging inside him. This is what causes my pain. My brother, my love. As the humans you are reading this now you are repulsed by what I have said, but you misunderstand. So few of you truly understand the Lords world. So few understand that we are all brethren, brothers and sisters, the sons and daughters of His Holy Creation. But then, so few of my own do as well. They think of the humans as animals, as pitiful recreations of us, but they are wrong. I can see the appeal the Heavenly Father does with the fragile beings of humanity. So much passion, love, so much more then we are in so many ways. So few of the Heavenly Host can love as you do, feel as you do, but I can. Sometimes I think of it as a blessing, others a curse. I know our Father has a reason for doing this, for assigning me this divine mission. I’ve watched so many angels fall to the corruption of jealously and misunderstanding, just like my beloved.

So many, I feel as if I died a little more as the numbers of the Fallen grew. They don’t understand the pain and suffering Lucifer feels every moment of every day, the pain, sadness and shame of what he’s done plaguing his every movement on the earth. I do, I have felt what he did when he rebelled. I’ve felt the anger, the jealousy of thinking one is less loved with every mortal he has taken to his bed, every woman who has claimed his affection, for he was my morning at the beginning of every day and my northern star every time the light faded, he still is. Sometimes I fear he has forgotten me, and that is what hurts the most. Every day I watch him and his wanderings, and every day, though my heart breaks it also stays strong, for I see myself in every woman he lays with. The spiritual Arianna, her dedication to the Lord uncharacteristic  for a human, The warrior Maria, her hatred for fighting but the understanding of why it must be done, the smart Lianne, coming up with the most unusual yet effective solutions to every problem, the quiet, thoughtful Alanna who could calm his anguish with a soft word, there are many more I could list from his time on earth, each with different qualities I myself have, some of the qualities repeating depending on what part of me he yearned for most. These relationships, no, these phases, never lasted long by our standards. He has grown restless and hopeless with every one of them, knowing they are not whom he wishes to have in his arms. I know this because I know my Lucifer better than anyone, sometimes I wonder if my understanding of him exceeds even the Creator himself, though I never let my thoughts linger there, to out due our Father in anything is inconceivable. Still, I see it in his face every time he leaves.

There has been but one woman who has lasted longer than a few years, and that was Taylor, the mother of Lucifers son, the Redeemer. He had loved her more than any in the past and she and I have been the most similar, but still, he could not rest with her. He knew he must go on, just like every other one. I do not hold my pain against him, for I know he is struggling with his own demons, and I love him too much it seems. I pray that the power the Redeemer brings extends to my beloved. I have spent many millennium awaiting his embrace. I have considered only once asking my Father, but decided against it. Not because I fear he would not answer but because I fear of the answer itself. I push away the despair of being away from him by believing that he will be allowed to return. For what will I do without him? I cannot spend an eternity alone, That would be too much, I would rather take my sword of Heavenly fire and end my existence than be without him for it. I love my Heavenly Father very much but Lucifer…he goes beyond my love for my Creator, not more, no, but it is different. Lucifer Morningstar is part of me and when he’s away I feel like only half of what I am. It pains me greatly, I could not, would not, survive without him

. I suppose you are wondering why, if I love him so much, I am here and not among the Fallen and I suppose it is a relevant question. You see, though the Morningstar and many began to question our Heavenly Fathers love I did not. Never have I ever been convinced that He does not love me and my siblings. I tried to stop Lucifer, tried to get him to see reason but he would not hear of it, I think that is a fatal flaw all of His creations have, we are so very stubborn. I begged him to stop the madness he was creating. I knew what would happen. I told him that he could not win and I now believe that beating the Heavenly Host had never been his intention. I believe all he wanted was the Creators attention, wanted reassurance for something he never should have questioned. Very foolish and childish but what is done is done and this does not change my role in the War. I have always been a peaceful angel, I wouldn’t fight, not even beside my beloved. It was too much to ask of me and he knew that, which is why I think he never asked. No, my part in the War was not one of fighting it was one of healing. There were five of us who abstained from the fighting. We went back and forth between the two armies, healing as many as we could, we had no desire to see any of our brethren destroyed, for our love for all of them was so, so strong. Our Father has always told myself, as well as the others, that he has never created such loving creatures as us. That is why I sit here on this hill right now and am not beside Lucifer on earth, however much I wish I could be with him I would not change what I did. I sighed softly.

“My daughter, what troubles you this day?” I closed my eyes as the feeling of His voice washed over me, through my veins, the power of it like the softest blanket, comforting me. He wasn’t actually there, He was speaking through the connection in my mind that I had been given when He gave me my mission.

“Father I apologize, I did not mean to allow my discontent to last.” I whispered softly.

“Do not apologize my child, I’ve felt this building within you since the Morningstar has reunited with the Redeemer. I merely ask after the cause.”

“My Father, I just…this ache inside me grows every day I am away from him.” My tone was ashamed. “I know you have a plan Father, I know this is all a part of a greater thing but…” I dropped my head sorrowfully. “I apologize once again Father, my unappreciation is disgraceful.”

“Hush child, I know of your feeling, and I understand your wishes. I also know the certainty of your dedication to me and Heaven, and the greater good.” He paused. “I believe it is time to assign you the rest of your mission.” My head snapped up but my eyes remained closed as I listened.

“The rest of my mission?” I breathed. “But watching over The Fallen is my mission-“

“Child, that was your mission but now I know what danger may befall him…It is time for you to go to earth, my daughter, and fulfill the next part of your mission. Watching the Fallen, of  which there is only one left, The Redeemer has completed the first part of his divine service, the second is now in progress, with the Morningstar at his side, however, additional help is necessary.” His voice was serious and broke no argument. “Go to earth and help the Nepillim defeat the evils that plague my world. Go! And return home to me.” Then His holy presence was gone and I was alone on my hill, filled with purpose and a fiery desire and happiness at seeing my beloved again. “Lucifer.” I breathed as my golden wings folded around me and I descended Heaven for the first and last time.

When I opened my eyes I stood in a small room, it appeared to me to be a hotel. I did not choose this place but let my Father send me where I needed to be. Now I gazed around the place and walked to the mirror in the small single room place. I looked much like I had in Heaven, tall, golden blonde hair with ringlets to halfway down my back, clear ice blue-grey eyes, pale skin and deep red lips that constantly appeared to have lip stick on it. I felt…contained in this body, restricted. I frowned slightly at the unusual feeling. I rolled my head and watched as my wings slowly slipped beneath my mortal incasing. How strange .I thought then shrugged. I looked at the dresser and pulled it open, finding clothes. I would have preferred to stay in my robes but knew that was wrong, I would stand out here so as I watched them disappear I pulled out a pair of black jeans, black turtle neck and stepped back to look over myself. Not to terrible. I thought in satisfaction, pulling on some socks and black leather boots before leaving the room vacant. As I stepped out into the mortal world I closed my eyes as a wall of sound slammed into me, gasping slightly. It is so peaceful in Heaven, you see, nothing like the sounds here. I opened my eyes after a few moments and tilted my head. Where am I? I wondered as I headed down the street. I took everything around me in calmly, as if this had not been my first time on this world. After a few minutes I saw someone walking the other way on the same sidewalk.

“Excuse me,” I asked politely, the young man looked at me, eyes widening.

“Yes?” he answered tentatively. I smiled in amusement.

“I’m not sure where I am, can you tell me?” I asked. He nodded. “Well, you’re in Maine darlin’. Is there somewhere in particular you want to go?” I nodded.

“Yes, Saint Athanasius School and Orphanage.” He gave me an odd look.

“You’re in the right place darlin’ but that place’s been abandoned for years, why would you be lookin’ for that?” I sighed quietly.

“I know it is.” I replied dismissively. “I just need to know where it is.” I told him with a hard look.

“Uhm, ok, well, then it’s over on Callen St. It’s a bit hard to get there by foot darlin’-“

“Thank you.” I replied and kept walking. I wasn’t concerned about that. I could use my wings to get to Callen St then walk from there. I would have just used my wings to get to the church but there was much angelic magik around it that prevented unwanted visitors. Though the Nepilim could travel easily in and out I think the magiks were specifically designed to keep angels out. I couldn’t blame them but I worried for the Nepilim they were using for the magiks, Lorelei. I sighed as I turned down an ally and called my wings, disappearing and reappearing at Callen St. I tilted my head slightly, sensing the magic that seemed to make my conscious mind go elsewhere. I almost did until my subconscious put Lucifer at the front of my mind. I shook off the magik, being an expert in angelic magik myself it was not hard to throw off the simple spell. I headed down the street casually, not attracting anyone’s attention as I headed toward the far end, knowing it would take me through and around the corner where I would be within direct contact with the boundaries of the spell. I walked briskly, not wanting to put off what I knew was to come. My excitement grew as I neared my destination, I could feel him in the air. Lucifer is so very powerful. I turned the corner and it was nothing but silent. I approached with more caution and felt it the moment I passed through the magical barrier. I paused briefly, knowing there must be some kind of alarm to announce my arrival. I sensed but a moment before the Redeemer dropped from the sky in front of me. His massive wings the color of the darkest night splayed behind him, the markings of the Morningstar’s armies on his exposed skin and I knew all over. To my left was the Redeemers girlfriend, another Nephilim, Vilma, her wings spread as well, and to my right Lorelei. I could feel the magik she held in her hands, the other two with flaming swords. The dog, Gabriel, was not around it seemed. I looked into the eyes of the Redeemer, the eyes of my beloved.

“You look so much like him.” I murmured. I saw him tense more, ready for a fight.

“Who?” he snarled. I shook my head.

“Do I look dangerous?” I asked the boy. Vilma snorted.

“We know what you are.” She replied, her tone more controlled but I could tell she was ready to attack if the boy was threatened.

“I would assume as much.” I replied.

“I’ve never met a female before.” Lorelei spoke. I smiled slightly.

“You would not have.” I answered. “You see, the females were the first of the Fallen the Powers destroyed.” My tone was matter of fact and solemn. “I’ve lost many sisters, but then, most of them fought for our Father in the Great War, not so easily swayed by jealousy.”

“Huh.” Was all she said.

“Where did you come from?” Snapped the boy, the mention of the war agitated him, he knew I was here for Lucifer.

I looked at him. “Heaven, of course.” I replied. “I am not here to cause trouble, I was sent here to help.” He seemed surprised.

“Why?” I motioned with one hand at Lorelei.

“Angel Magik is a very serious thing boy, surely the Morningstar has told you this? Every time you use it, especially what she is using it for, it kills a little bit more of her, it takes her life force for payment. She is not well child.” He looked uncertain and I saw his gaze flick to Lorelei in hopes of denial.

“What do you know about it?” she asked sharply. I turned my head to look at her.

“Everything.” I murmured. “I am an expert in the craft. Our Heavenly Father has sent me here to fulfill the second half of my mission, to help you divest this world of evil. That is my reason for being here. I can help you sister.”

“Why are you doing that?” the Redeemer snapped. I looked at him again.

“Doing what, brother?”

“That.” He motioned at me with his unarmed hand. “Referring to us as brother and sister, like we’re equals.” I sighed.

“My dear boy, very few understand what I do, from both sides. I am very close to Our Father and I know with absolute certainty that we are brothers and sisters. Not all of us angels are bad, have you not learned that?” his eyes narrowed.

“Why do you keep referencing him?” he demanded, on guard again.

“The Morningstar?” I asked, with a smile so filled with pain and sorrow he had to look away. “Because I know he is here, and because he and I were very close before his…misunderstanding.” He looked up at me.

“Oh yeah?” I nodded. “We’ll see about that.” He motioned at Lorelei. “Surely you understand.” He said as suddenly golden magik manacles were placed on me.

“Of course.” I replied with only a hint of the displeasure I felt. He shrugged and we started walking. Soon we reached the courtyard between the few buildings. My head was down and I sank to my knees, kneeling when I felt the pressure of the girls hands on my shoulders.

Aaron, who is that? I don’t know her scent, it’s very strange.” It was Gabriel, the dog altered by the Redeemers magik.

“We don’t know Gabe. Go get my dad, won’t you?” I heard the dog nod and take off. I also heard the numerous other Nephilim gathering and I sighed unnoticeably as I studied the ground. A scene. I hate this sort of thing. And why must the first time I see my beloved be as if I am a prisoner? Not long after I heard him approaching, could feel him.

“What is it Aaron? Who is this?” his tone was uncertain.

“She says she knows-“ I looked up at my beloved.

“Lucifer.” I breathed and I felt as time stopped. His eyes widened slightly in shock, and I could see the pain.

“Seraphina.” He breathed. He looked sharply at Aaron. “Release her!” he demanded, his rage at seeing me treated like a criminal obvious. My shackles were removed instantly and Aaron looked cowed, though he didn’t know why. I rose to my feet and stepped toward him just as he began striding toward me. “Seraphina, what are you doing here?” he asked as I fell into his arms, feeling whole for the first time in a Millennium.

“Oh Lucifer.” I wanted to cry but angels didn’t cry. “Oh Lucifer,” my anguish clear in my voice. “I am here because He sent me on a mission. I am here to help.” I clutched him tightly and he didn’t seem any more inclined to let me go. “Oh how I have missed you.” I whispered to him.

“I’m sorry Seraphina, I am so, so sorry.” He said back as he held me, his chin resting atop my head while my face was buried against his neck, breathing him in. “I should have listened to you, I should never have done what I did. I never wished to cause you pain my beautiful, beautiful love. I am so sorry. I would take it all back if I could.” His anguish and guilt obvious. It hurt to hear how much pain he was in. I looked up into his eyes.

“Lucifer Morningstar.” I said sternly. He met my gaze. “I know darling. Do not apologize to me, I am not the greatest victim of your actions, from me you need not seek forgiveness, for you already have it. You always have. I know why you did what you did, now I even understand it but that does not change what is done. Nothing will. You have transgressed greatly and I know you need not me to tell you this. I also know how you feel about it and I know what you have done in your efforts to right things. The Redeemer is the best thing you could have given, and you did, he has done so much good, but there is yet much to do, and our Father decided I was needed to accomplish it.”

“It is a great and wondrous mercy that He has sent you to me after so long. I feared you hated me, had forgotten me. I knew I deserved it but I was so afraid.”

“Never Lucifer. You are my light at daybreak and nightfall, you are the only thing that gives me a reason to continue, all I have done I have done to have you return to me, and finally, finally He has allowed me this.” I spoke honestly and lovingly. We were suddenly reminded by the presence of others when someone cleared their throat. Lucifer and I both looked over. Everyone gathered had their heads respectfully lowered and it appeared that the Redeemer had been the one to break the silence.

“So I guess she was telling the truth when she said you two were close.” He said awkwardly. Lucifer laughed in disbelief.

“Is that what she told you?” he looked at me.

“Well, I was not sure he was ready for more than that Lucifer. He cannot comprehend what we are, Redeemer or not.”

“You’re, like, soul mates or something?” someone from the crowd spoke up. I looked over at her. I smiled.

“Something like that.” I agreed, gazing at Lucifer.

“Except only humans and Nephilim have souls.” Lucifer replied. “Angels…angels were created in pairs, we were created that way so we’d never be alone, so that we’d never think we were better than all else because the other angel is your other half, without that angel you are empty, unwhole, broken. In a way we are the same creature, each vital to the other.” He looked down. “Many were separated because of the War, the females of our race have a special connection to the Creator, they are meant to be our anchor but sometimes their wisdom is not enough.” He sounded so ashamed. “Very few of them fought on my side, and the only reason they did was because their men did.” He grimaced.

“Many of us,” I said quietly. “Fought against the Morningstar and died at the hand or took the life of our pairs. Once alone many saw no reason to continue and chose to end their existence then to spend it alone. Others were so betrayed by their Fallen that they chose the same fate, for they did not feel worthy to continue, felt as they let our Heavenly Father down. It was a very sad time, and there are very few of us pairs actually left.”  I sighed softly. “And others still chose to end because their pairs were destroyed by the Powers.” I said in disgust. “The Powers had no right to do what they did and will be judged accordingly.”

“How you must have felt,” Vilma spoke up. “When Lucifer was being tortured by Verchiel…” I snarled angrily.

“ I was very angry.” I agreed. “Very frustrated. I wanted to come to his aid so terribly but I could not, it was my mission at the time to watch, not act. Believe me Vilma, I’ve never been filled with more rage then at that time. I am not proud of the thoughts I was having, I am a peace loving angel, but at that time you would not have known it.”

The Redeemer spoke next. “You fought for God, then. You fought against him?” I looked at the boy coolly.

“Never. I could not fight against Lucifer if I tried. As I said, I am a peace loving angel. My role had simply been to play healer to those who needed me on that battle field, my sole mission was to prevent as much destruction as possible, still I was unable to save them all.” I sighed. “I had hoped to prevent any, I had tried so hard to get Lucifer to listen to me, alas, he did not. It was a costly mistake on his part and I have paid dearly for his actions.” I could feel the anguish radiating off of him. “But, If I could go back and have a different partner I would not. I would do everything just the same as I have. I would not trade Lucifer for anything, I will not give up on him and I will not sacrifice him. He is everything to me and always will be, even if I have to face eternal damnation by the end of this I will never leave his side.” I spoke boldly and confidently, realizing now that I was back by his side that I could not leave him again. I could see the respect the Nephilim had for me plainly and I looked up at my beloved and saw the torn look in his eyes. “And he will not argue with me because for once he will listen.” I heard some snickers and smiled slightly, receiving a guilty one in response.

“Is it just an angel thing?” another girl asked. I looked at her.

“No. Humans are the same, the thing is with humans it takes a great deal of selflessness to find that inside themselves, to care more for another being then for your own life is a very hard concept for many of you.” I smiled at Vilma and Aaron. “But for others it is not so hard, like Vilma and the Redeemer.”

“Aaron.” He said. I raised an eyebrow in question. “My name is Aaron, and I would rather you call me that.” I smiled again.

“As you wish.”

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