Strange, Love and Lies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Well, this one kind of stands on it's own.
It's about a couple that loves and hates in equal parts, and can't be together because society and familial duty keeps them apart.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




I don’t know what it is about you that gets to me

I’ve always been cool, calm and collected

And yet under my skin you get and stay

It’s really rather strange

The flame within me only you ignite

That seems to burn and boil me from the inside

The pain is so strong and sweet

And in your eyes I see it too

The spark of hate, the heat of passion

The unquenchable desire

That fuels our fire.

Its unfathomable how an enmity as proud as ours

Has fallen so far, so hard

The animal inside only rests

With the loss of clothes, the flush of skin

The rustle of sheets

And a touch that promises deceit

The only thing that’s ever true

Is how much I love to hate you

And how much you love to hate me too.

We’ve played this game for many years

Our dance never seems to fail

You’ve got her and I’ve got him

Who both know just where we’ve been

We know they know but we don’t care

Because we see each other everywhere.

We’d be together if we could

But the thing about duty is that we never would

You are perfect, strong and kind

I am flawed, weak and cold

But you make me feel like I never thought I could

And I know I give you something she never would

She could never please you in the ways I do

And he would never touch me like you.

You see, he cares too much, he sees me as that broken little girl

But you don’t see me that way, you see me as what I am

A woman trapped in her own head

He sees me as a fragile flower

You see me as someone to free and overpower

He cannot understand me the way you do, nor can she you

Every time we say goodbye we know it’s merely a matter of time

Before once again we fall from grace

In that heated, dark embrace.

They will follow us without fail

And we will continue as we always have

It’s a dizzying circle of love and lies

And one that has the best disguise.

The world will see us as we wish

An age old rivalry that will go down in the history texts

One can only wonder how they’d feel

And picture their faces when they realized

What they’ve thought wasn’t real. 

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