An Untold Love......

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My love story

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



It was about midnight when I got that first text

You were put up to a prank by my ex

But instead of me thinking you were a creep, we became friends

I helped you with a girl

You helped me with a guy

We started talking about our lives

And eventually withdrew our deepest secrets

I learned you live in Columbus, Ohio

Your father, dead

Your mother, a mysterious figure

Your sister, a teen mom

Your niece, adorable

That friendship grew into a unique bond

Confessing even more when we fell in love

You became everything to me

I started thinking about how I could meet you

Be with you

Love you

We pissed each other off

Wished we had never talked

But deep in our hearts

We both knew

Our lives had been changed

We cared more about each other than our own selves

Our story should be a thousand pages long

But no matter how many pages it takes to write it

No matter how many different ways I tell it

Nothing can ever compare to actually living it

No words can describe how I feel

Without ever meeting you, my heart was stolen

And then broken

When you made me say goodbye

Our story is more detailed than that

And when I tell it I won't leave anything out

Everyone deseves to know the man whom I adore

And whom I plan to marry

Part of our story has come to an end

But the next part is just beginning

So be ready

Because, this time, there will be no goodbye.

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