Whats Done Behind Closed Doors Part one

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My story is about Vampire-Wolves ooohh mysterious

Submitted: February 25, 2009

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Submitted: February 25, 2009



What's done behind closed doors part one

Narrator: Once there was a wolf...but he wasn't just a wolf, he was also a vampire and he had a hard time keeping his temptation of blood down. His name is Steven. There is only a few other's out in the world like Steven. Besides his parents, Alina and Edgar, there is only 5 other's like him, and those others are his sister, Carmen, and the other Vampire wolves that he grew up with. Patricia and Fredrick, and Gabriella and Gabriel, their twin daughter and son. Steven, his sister, Carmen, went to the same school. Gabriella and Gabriel went to a school in boston until one day...

Edgar:"What the hell happened?"

Fredrick:"Well this is what happened...Okay, Gabriel was at a extremly big party and there was a lot of people there. And so alot of people means alot of temptation so i asked Gabriella to go with him just to be safe. He bit a boy who was deeply intoxicated, he didn't kill him just nibbled him parse."

Edgar:"Oh my god what are you going to do?"

Fredrick:"We have to move because there is way too many suspicions around here and neither of them are able to go to parties until there forty."

Edgar:"Well why dont you come and look for a house in our neighborhood there are a few houses for lease and some for sale!"

Fredrick:"You know we might just have to do that"

Edgar:"Well it was nice talking to you Fredrick but I must be going Patrica is calling me"

Fredrick:"Alright have a good rest of the night goodbye"

Edgar:"Goodnight and goodbye"

Steven:"Hey dad, you up?"

Edgar:"Yes what do you need??"

Steven:"I was wondering if Icould take your car to visit Chris?"

Edgar:"IF you take your sister and you are back by ten it's a school night."

Steven:"I have to bring Carmen?"


Steven:"Alright alright fine I will bring her gosh"

Edgar:"Remember be back by ten"

Steven:"Come on Leisle, we are going to Chris'

Carmen:"Uhhhhhhh, I dont want to go"

Steven:"Your going I cant go without you Dad says so now come on"

Carmen:"No steven he always tries to hit on me and he's perverted no Im no going"

Steven:"Yes you are I will tell him to back off"

Carmen"Uhhh fine but I refuse to sit next to him"

Steven:"Alright lets go"

Narrator:On their way to Stevens best friends house, Steven and Carmen ran into Gabriel and Gabriella. In the way to have more Vampire-wolves Gabriella and Steven and Leisle and Gabriell must get married and have kids. They see each other at the store. who knows what will unravel..this should be interesting.

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