What's Done Behind Closed Doors Part Three

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Part 3

Submitted: March 02, 2009

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Submitted: March 02, 2009



What's Done Behind Closed Doors Part Three

Narrator:Well we left Steven Carmen Gabriella and Gabriel at Chris' house and Chris was actually falling in love with Gabriella but as it turns out Steven and Gabriella have always secretly loved each other. What will happen if Gabriella chooses Chris, is Chris sending Gabriella mix signals? Is Gabriella going to come in between Steven and Chris' Friendship? WILL GABRIEL LOSE CONTROL????? Keep reading to find out!!!!!!

Chris:"Well now that we all met, lets get a little more comfortable!"

Steven:"Chris why are you so close to Gabriella?"

Chris:"What do you mean?"

Narrator:Chris was gazing into Gabriella's eyes, he had such a grip on her eyes that she shut them quickly and lookeed away.

Steven:"Never mind."

Carmen:"Um' Gabriella can I talk to you please?"

Gabriella:"Yea sure"

Carmen:"Chris we are going to talk in your room okay"

Chris:"Ooohhh, Kinky"

Carmen:"Shut up you perve"

Chris:"Yea sure what ever, but if you get kinky, call me up there"

Carmen:"Shut the hell up Chris"

Narrator:And with thise powerful words she slapped the shit out of him....ooohhh, thats going to leave a mark.

Chris:"Fiesty...thats how i like them.

Carmen:"Uuuuhhh, come on Gabriella.

Narrator:"As Carmen and Gabriella were walking down the stair, Carmen glanced down at Steven and his eyes were staring angrily at Chris.

Carmen:"Gabriella, dont let hom get to yo-...Gabriella? Gabriella, what the hell are you doing? DAMN! You already under his spell"

Gabriella:"What ever are you talking about?"

Narrator:She spoke as if she was floating on a cloud.

Carmen:"I hate to say this because my brother does not deserve my help since he has been an ass hole but he is my brother and I hate Chris, thats it I need to stop talking to myself."

Narrator:Carmen went half way down the stairs and she saw Gabriel and Steven Feasting on Chris....No im joking i swear!!!

Carmen:"Steven! Come here now!!!"

Steven:"What do you want?"

Carmen:"Get your mangy ass up here now!!"

Steven:"Fine fine god damn!"

Carmen:"Hurry up"

Steven:"What do you want???"

Carmen:"Look at Gabriella! You have to do something drastic, kiss her!"

Narrator:Steven Looked blankly at her. Will he kiss her, read Part 4!

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