What's Done Behind Closed Door's Part Two

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Steven and Carmen run into Gabriel and Gabriella and they end up going to Chris' house all together!!!! What will happen????

Submitted: February 26, 2009

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Submitted: February 26, 2009



What's Done Behind Closed Door's Part Two

Narrator:As we left off Steven and Carmen see Gabrielle and Gabriel at a convienence store on there way to Chris' house. Keep reading to see what happens!


Gabriella:"Carmen? Ah Carmen!!!"

Carmen:"Oh how are you???? I havn't seen you in forever I missed you so much!!!"

Gabriella:"I know!!! I'm doing okay look at you...you look fantastic!!!"

Carmen:"Me? Look at you!!!"

Steven:"Alright Alright can we break up this family reunion? Hey Gabriel how are you, man?"

Gabriel:"I'm good how about you?"


Gabriella"So where are you guys headed?"

Steven:"We are going to my friend Chris' house...Do you guys want to come?"

Gabriel:"Will there be alot of people there and will there be alcohol?"

Steven:"Not very many people and there is definitly no dinking because Chris' mom and dad are there"

Gabriel:"Well i guess if it's okay with Chris and his parents and we ask our parents then it should be fun"

Steven:"Okay you guys go call your parents and i will call Chris"


Narrator:One phone call later.....

Gabriel:"They said yeah"

Steven:"Alright you guys just follow me in your car"

Gabriella:"Carmen, can I talk to you for a second"

Carmen:"Yeah sure...whats up?"

Gabriella:"Well since we are already going to Chris' we need to keep a close eye Gabriel because he bit someone at party and I dont want to havehim bite another person again so yeah dont let him get close to anyone but us"

Carmen:"Ok I will do and I just want to let you know that Chris is a big pervert so if he grabsyour ass tell and I will bitch slap him for you"

Gabriella:"Okay...thanks for letting me know i guess"

Carmen:"No problem"

Narrator:Well Steven, Carmen, Gabriella, and Gabriel are on their ways to Chris' house.They have arrived to Chris' house and they are at the door.

Chris:"Hey Steve-o whats up and...hello Carmen, and who is your beautiful friend?"

Carmen:"Shut up Chris, this is Gabriella"

Chris:"Hey baby whats up how you doin'?"

Gabriella:"Hello, it's nice to meet you"

Chris:"Wait...what? Aren't you gonna tell me to shut up or slap me or anything?"

Gabriella:"No why would I do that? You didn't do anything wrong"

Chris:"Wow dude Steve-o she's amazing, god I think I'm in love"

Steven:"Yea right, very funny dude"


Steven:"Come on man let's go inside"

Narrator:Well, what will happen? Will someone crack out the booze or the drugs?? Will Gabriel be able to keep himself from doing anything he might regret????Find out in Part Three!!!!

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