A walking soul

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This is a story about a girl that is so depressed she don't care what she does to her body. She cuts and after cutting for so long her body can't handle the pain and suffering any more,I walked into the bathroom when she created suicide as I saw her starting to hang her-self in the mirror I stopped to make sure it was her, it was, then I walked around the corner to stop her by that time she was blue faced and dead, she had blood dripping from both rest and I couldn't believe my best friend "gone" and I stood there to watching threw the mirrors in shock.

Submitted: October 30, 2007

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Submitted: October 30, 2007



A walking Soul Walking into the school, into the hallway, I see her! Whitney a short red head that I know if I don't hide she will see me and tackle me to the floor. Whitney looked at me not a smile or even a frown, I new she was thinking about hurting her self again, she starred into my eyes like help me before I go crazy, and I ignored it. Walking down the hall with Lexi. Maureen came up behind me and asked how my day was going? I told her I didn't know, but that I had a feeling that something was going to be VERY wrong! next hour in History Whitney was not in class Lexi told me she went to the bathroom and she has been in there for a long time, I walked in and had a bad feeling in my gut, I looked into the mirror there she was hanging from the bathroom door, blue faced...I tried to get her down, I cut the rope and she feel to the floor, still not breathing....I looked down and my hands where covered in blood I looked at her rest, cut marks all over...I started crying, yelling at my self I knew this was going to happen and I waited to long. All the sudden Lexi and Maureen walked in, looked down me on the floor holding our best friend covered in blood...We started to cry asking our selves why she did this?

Why did she want to take her life? Maureen went to get help...Lexi, shelby and Maureen standing there watching the police officers take her away, we couldn't say our last words to her, I looked into the office the principle on the phone with her mom, I could hear here mom from here yelling at him for how he could let that happen. Later on in the day the three of us had to come in and be questioned, I had to tell them that I was there right after she did it, I was the one that cut her down, the officer said I was arrested and I had to right to remain quite if I said anything it would be held against me!

They watched me get into the police car, because I cut her down, trying to save my best friend...this is where it got me! locked up. May 29th 2007 Junior year They let me out to go to her funeral, I looked into her coffin her pale skin, glasses and beautiful red hair will no longer I see, The police officer pushed me to move on as he had me hand cuffed, I wanted to pull back and head but him so I could just reach down and give her a kiss on the cheek but there was a line of people waiting. I threw a note in there that I wrote while I was setting in my jail house thinking of all the good and bad times we had together and all the times we stuck together, How we never grew apart like everyone said we would, Next think Lexi and Maureen walk in give her pictures of all of us and the memories of her and her friends...They looked and me Maureen gave her a kiss Lexi gave her one then looked at me crying and she said this is from Shelby, Gave her one of the four head and said we love you and we will miss your personality! but most of all we will miss you Whitney Jane York, we all said at one time me being across the room, "we love you" The next week everyone at school was talking about what happened, Lexi and Maureen didn't say anything for a long time...They thought they should keep everything to them selves, they thought it would pass but in there heart they still lost a best friend, and Shelby got out to graduate with her friends now all the wish was that Whitney could have been there, But I (Shelby) had a feeling she was setting right next to me, trying to tickle my arm pitt like always...Her picture was on the wall when they called her name up to get her diploma they new she wouldn't come so we made a speech saying what a great friend and person she was, But I had the feeling she was right there, whispering in my ear why are they acting as I'm not here? Her chair said York and her hat setting in the seat but she wasn't there, even know I new she was. Is it me? Am I crazy? after all I have been though I can't be imagining this, They call up Shelby Wood I walk up to the stand I am handed my depolma and I see a flash, Its Whitney's face she said she was proud of me, and that she got my kiss and my note she said she would never forget any of us and all the times we had together, she then said she had to go she was being called by god!

I was shocked of what I just saw, I kept thinking to my self that wasn't her that was just me...Then I went back to set down and Lexi and Maureen said they saw the same thing and that we were not crazy! we walked out of the school and threw our hats up in the air. After throwing ours up Lexi me and Maureen took a corner and threw it up, it never came down....We saw her come back and she said thanks for everything, and that she loved us but it was time for her to go. We said our good bye's and never seen her again!

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