Bleeding Soul

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This is a love poem that got my bloody tears on it.

Submitted: January 08, 2008

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Submitted: January 08, 2008



In your arm's I felt so connected,

Hand in hand we stand, looking into each others eyes,

we say we love each other,

I know I mean it,

for me love is a emotional thing....

but for you, is something to set and watch disapear into the dark

where my bloody tears fall onto the paper, Which I have nothing else to do

but to think of you, and our memorable times, our love for each other will have to be forgoten,

we did something wrong and now you are long gone, you are dead to my friends and family, but to me

you are still here and Im still rapped in your arm's

Something I never stop thinking about is you and your way of saying I love you,

something we talk about, but never get to say it in person any more.

because of one mistake, there was two roads you could take and you took the one less traveled by,

somewhere Im not allowed to be, you say just leave your family and your friends, I can't they are my life,

you are my life, he says to live with him, I can't Im only 17 I want to spend as much time with my mom before she dies...Not kill her sooner.

I know you want to be with me and same here, but you have to wait, as I cry my bloody tear writing about you on this paper I'll be waiting for that day to come.

when you save me and take me into your arms and just hold me once more.

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