What if you where still here?

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This is a story about a girl named Mili, she lives with her Father Kenny and her brother Ty...A few years ago her mother died and now Mili has won her dream to become a rock star, she write a lovely song called I miss you....

Submitted: November 08, 2007

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Submitted: November 08, 2007



As I woke up, my brother Ty yelling its time to leave, this day was the day it all came true... After our mother died we moved. We all had everything new, new town, friends, house and most of all school. Ty and I walk into the school all eyes are on us, some kids are whispering look they are new kids. I walk into my first class, English....I seen at least one hundred kids setting in the huge room all staring at me. Mr.Stult's intro-dusted me to the kids, I set in the front row looking at my paper thinking where would I be if my mom was still here? knowing that, that's what my dad and brother where thinking right now! I started writing another song about her, for some reason I named it "Missing your smile"

On the lines I wrote I miss you I miss your smile And I still shed a tear every once in a while Your still here, some how My dad may let you go But I need you to know I miss you I miss you I miss your smile I miss you and loving arms I miss you You will not be forgotten

Next thing I know I feel someone tapping my shoulder, I look back and it was a beautiful guy, he said "Hello, My name is Andy Yarick" I can't help but to see you write songs also!" Yeah, I write when I'm sad, Andy ask's why are you sad, I mean you are going to Jayhawk Linn High school! then he cracked a smile, I said my mother just died everything is new for me and my family. Andy said I'm very sorry, My mother died when I was born I never knew her! I said I'm very sorry...I'm sure you have some sad songs about her! He said "many, but I know that she would have been a great mother if she was still here." I asked don't you sometimes wonder what would have happened if she was still here? All the time! Andy looked at me in the eyes and smiled he said can I read your song? Sure I said, please don't make fun of it, I just did write it out of the blue. Okay! he said with a smile, This is good! it's like all the songs I'v wrote, many of my songs about my mother and how I never knew her!

The bell rang, Andy asked me what class I had next...I said Math with Mr. Indacott, Andy asked if he could walk me to my next class, I smiled and looked at the ground then said, yes.

Going home, My brother, Ty asked how my first day was I said it was great with a big smile...He asked with a smile what happened! I said it was for me to no and for him to never find out! He smiled and said whatever, I asked how his was and he said, its for me to know and you to never find out! he smiled and said not much happened! I went to school met some new people and came home thats about it! Walking into the door of our new home, our dad is gone looking for a new job! I keep on thinking to my self I can't wait until tomorrow to have English again! Maybe he will let me read some of his songs! Maybe I will give him my cell number...Maybe he will walk me to class again,

I started to play my guitar and singing the song I wrote in English with a smile.

The next day, I showed up at school, I watched him pull into the parking lot, in his big white truck that is so loud that when he drove by I couldn't hear myself think to my self about how hot and sweet he was!

As I walk into English class he saved me a set right next to him, he said while Mr. Stult's is going on and on about stupid english we could wright a song together! on a blank piece of paper he wrote

are you ready? your sunny eyes make my day the best one I'v had for a long time, you loving face makes me want to cry because I know you want more then me right now, but in the futrure that may all change... and when it does we will set on the ocean sand watching our little girl run into the water then we will grow to be old together and we will watch our baby girl grow up, we will look back on these times that we had together. Nothing will stop me from loving you. I sat there stunned I added

We will grow old together nothing will get in our way when were grown and one of us leaves we will still have each other Nothing can pull us apart nothing can keep us apart because I know you love me the way your eyes sets on mine the way you smile at me just the way you talk to me babe I have nothing to say but I love you and that will never change.

they smiled at each other and held hands 6 years later Mili's father and brother with the rest of the family showed up at Mili's and Andy's house for Christma's dinner while enjoying there new born baby Christella Lynn Yarick.

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