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An Adult child's plea to her mother.

Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012








Mom? Can you hear me? Do you know me? Do you care?


Mom? Are you proud? Am I like you? Are you there?


I miss you, I had babies, you would love them, I know you would.


Did I do it right?


Some are grown now; did I do it like I should?


I was a singer, did you see me? Did I look like you up on that stage?


I got old now and I don't look like that today, Oh, mom I am so very sorry that you never got to age.


Cancer took Kelly and Nonnie too, are they in Heaven? Are they sitting there with you?


Oh mom I love them and I miss you all so much..I never wrote this note to you.. I know that I lost touch… I know I was hiding, from the pain from the unknown


But Mom can you see me? Can you see me can you see how much I've grown?


Mom can you hear me? Or am I sitting here crying all alone?


Mom can you believe it? I have 6 more children to call my very own!


I know it seems crazy but I want to be the best that I can be.


Knowing sickness has tried to beat me down; it has yet to conquer me!


You are my inspiration, never quitting, sitting or laying still until the end.


I yearn to be the strength that you lay before me, to not falter, to not bend.


Oh mom can you hear me? Am I anything like you? Were you really a Rockette? Mom, was that the truth?


You fought like no other, the smartest woman I know.


I try to stand tall, and be smart, Mom, does it show?


Do you see my eldest, wow she is a star, bless her mom


Can you see her, from where you are?


I don't want to lose her she is the only one with our tainted blood


Can the angel of death pass by her, do you have connections up above?


Mom, she was born just a year after you died, her daddy died 13yrs later is he by your side?


It's been tough without you here; there is so much I want you to see…


But most of all dear mommy,


I want you proud of me.


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The image is my Nonnie, sisters Cathi and Kelly and my Mommy. I miss them all so much. Bless you!

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