I have tried to help you *nasty drunk*

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This is close to the heart and very personal. It's about the frustrations of life and the bad times in life that are beyond your control no matter how hard you try to help. This went on over years before it came to me giving up.. I tried everything.

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



I come in home and it's about nine,They you are sat with your wine, I ask how long you've been on the booze, you slur and out of your pores the stale ale stench does ooze. I shake my head and look and the empty bottle, another one resting on the mantle, You stare at me one eye half closed, while the wine controls your speech like a poisonous toad. You say ' how dare you shake your head at me, Look at you your nothing can't you see Your a loser Shelley, you have no life, i doubt youll ever become a wife, your losing family you have no friends, you disappearing to your room has become a trend. Your sister..she is with me on this, we're going out tomoro on the piss. Your not invited you'll just drag us down.. Walking around like a sad faced clown.' I inhale deeply whilst I try to control, the anger inside that's cutting a hole, Right through my heart while I stand and stare, wondering how I ended up left with this stupid mare, I try to think straight and give a witty response but anger has taken over it all comes out at once 'Listen I don't know who you think you are, but I'm telling you this time you've gone too far, I don't go out because I'm trying to show, that you can have a good time without alcohol you know, I go straight to my room because I don't want to see the pitiful drunk mess that's sat before me. I don't drink in the house so u can't say 'I wont stop with drink because you do it anyway!' I have plenty of friends but I don't invite them to this place, I don't want them to see you and how u put this sad look on my face!! I have a career and my life is good, It would be better if I didn't live here understood? And yes my lazy cant be arsed to work sister, is the flavour of the month of cours ill 'miss her' Of course she's the best she loves a good knees up, get yourselves out see how much wine u can sup! Your an alcoholic I wish you'd face facts, go and get help and then I'd have your back, but you won't, your viscous nasty and vile, why can't u just give the AA a dial, Seriously I've done all that I can do, you need to help yourself before i can help you, So this is my notice I'm moving out, I'm sick of it all we do is scream n shout, My heart is in bits I can't watch, you killing yourself with each litre of hock, So goodbye take care and just so you know, I do love you even though it isn't shown. As for the help I hope you get some, And just so you know, ill miss you mum.

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