You mean the same as the others..

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About my little step sister who is eleven. Although she isn't blood I wrote this for her birthday to let her know she means just as much as my other sisters.. Regardless.

Alton towers what a place, Was worth the trip to see your face Smiling laughing some Moans too :) Moaned about walking til our faces were blue The rides the arcade how much did I spend?! Tried n tried for that bear drove me round the bend!! The ghosts and the Ghouls follow us round, tears were shed but u made me proud!! The photos the memories are always kept, so we look back an never forget.. The good times, awesome times.. Sad times too. All the things.. were gonna do.. My sister my bro my family my friend I'll remember these days til the very end treasured and kept right here in my heart, I've got ya back Beth I had from the start. A third sister I've got that I can tell happy birthday Beth, My Love always

Shell xx

Submitted: October 03, 2012

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