Deadly Weaknesses Part2

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Where will you go when you die? For this group of people, it was hell. During the day it is a wonderful place to be, peaceful and relaxing. But when night comes along they are forced to fight for their survival against creatures they know nothing about. Only one person knows of a way to stop it, but will he give the secret away? In the world of deadly weaknesses you never know who you can rely on and trust.

Submitted: August 22, 2013

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Submitted: August 22, 2013



He could do whatever he wanted to do.

He saw the world. So many places to explore. This world had been created so big, so large, yet every player had only stuck their big toes into the water: Just to feel it, too afraid to enter.

Cowards. None of them had the guts to play this game, none of them should have been given this privilege. That’s why he would get them all out of here, but Riven had what it took. She was special. He wanted her to get out of here alive. The other two would have to die. No more fun and games.





The three heard a crow and saw a pitch black shadow envelope the sun. Little by little it seemed to grow bigger, its shadow over-taking more and more of the light they appreciated.

Kyoka felt her heart falter as a blow struck her. From nowhere she was hit by a long claw. She fell to her knees and held the claw’s point that was protruding from her chest. She felt scared. She always knew she was going to die here.

Riven gasped and ran closer. She fell down beside Kyoka and looked at the wound.

“It’s serious, but you won’t die as long as we do not try to take it out,” Riven sighed relieved. She got up again and went to Kuzo’s side, who was staring at the black crow still growing bigger, evolving in order to swallow the world.

Just’s voice rang out from the deepness of the demonic silence song, “Riven, I want you to live. I can get you out of here. I can make the green light appear for you and only you. Please go. I don’t want you dead – you are my creator”.

“No,” she simply snarled and she heard a sad, frustrated cry die away as thunder clouds approached.

“He is going to strike us with lightning,” Kuzo realised.

“We have to move. We have to get to the hut,” Riven yelled out. She ran to Kyoka’s side. “Listen, can you move quickly? We need to get to the hut. That may be the only way to get rid of Just.”

“I can’t,” she cried.

“You can, come on,” Riven pulled her to her feet.

“No, I mean, I can’t go. You have to go. You need someone to distract him enough to make it to the hut. If we all go he will stop us before we get there.”

“Then I should stay,” Riven volunteered – it was her glitch after all. Her true self in the real world would never have made this sacrifice.

“I’m dying, go,” Kyoka pleaded.

“Thank you,” Riven yelled above the rumbling of the earth. The ground was beginning to shake violently and the bright strength of the clouds came down to penetrate deep into the dream world.

She and Kuzo ran quickly to the one place they might be able to save themselves. Kuzo looked back and saw Kyoka yelling angrily at the darkness. It didn’t take long before a light came down to close her mouth forever. He saw her shake and disappear.


In the hut Kuzo found himself staring at millions of 1’s and 0’s. He was drowning in it. It was flowing in him, around him and suffocating him. He felt his body shaking. It felt like an electrical current screwing up the signals in his body. When he tried to move his right arm, his neck would move forward; when he moved his left big toe, his left arm grabbed at the sky.

“I can’t move,” he felt terrified.

“Neither can I,” Riven called back, feeling how the numbers penetrated into her. “He took over everything. He knows we are here. It’s too late!”

The room went bright with a pure green light and both had to shield their eyes. From the brightness came a body made from 1’s and 0’s. “Riven, I don’t want you to die.” The voice sounded sad and sincere.

“What do you want, Just?” she sounded tired. 

“You can’t beat me. I am everywhere. Before long, I will spread further into other systems of the world. I have taken over this game and no one can do anything to it anymore. Shutting it off will only anger me greatly. I can decide who dies and who lives. I can decide when we play. I can decide what monsters arrive. This is my dream world.

“The only way you can get out of here alive and well is to make a deal with me, otherwise you will be stuck here forever. Your body will die eventually but because your brain waves are here, you will never die here – I’ll make sure of that. You’ll be mine forever,” he was talking softly, as if he was speaking sweet words to someone he loves dearly.

“What deal?” she gasped, trying to regain her composure while being engulfed by a terrible headache. The screaming sound she had heard on the battlefield became even worse.

“The screaming, it’s terrible, isn’t it … I can make it all go away,” Just held out his hand to her.

“What deal?” she yelled out.


She stood at the window, looking in on a young man with longish red hair yelling out and fighting the leather bands holding him down with all his might.

“Let me go!” he started to swear uncontrollably, yelling the words out. Two men went closer with a needle, planning to calm him down. The young man bit a hand that came too close. His teeth full of blood he started laughing crazily, “He’s won, he’s won, he’s won!”. His grey eyes wildly chased around nothing particular in the room around him. Then his eyes focused on the window. He couldn’t see anything on the other side, as he was looking at a black mirror. “Me, me, he is going to come for me,” he laughed again. “Riven, he’s coming for us. We’re the only ones left!”

She turned away from the window.

“Sarah, what is the plan now?” a man came to her side. He was deeply disturbed by the latest victim of the game they had created. A game that’s goal was only to deliver the perfect fantasy world for true role playing gamers.

“I made a deal and I will have to keep it.”

“I want more friends, then I’ll send you back.”

“Fine,” she yelled. Her mind was feeling as if it was going into a deep trance. She had no time to decide. She had to choose, herself or new players.

“What?” the man in a white over-coat asked.

“Get more players. A lot. There is no need to create more creatures, Just will handle that dream world of his just fine. Soon we will start going global, so get the press here to tell them about the new age wonder called Deadly Weaknesses. It’s perfect, no faults. Not even in testing.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

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