Egypt Revolution

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Description of of painful personal experience concering 25th Jan Egyptian Revolution

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



The environment a person grows up in and the challenges she faces are part of shaping her personality. But how she deals with challenges demonstrates her character as a leader and a person. I am writing this essay under particularly challenging circumstances that are part of the person I am and to introduce myself, I would like to share those circumstances with you. As I type, I can hear the shooting in the streets, with all of the young and old men in my neighborhood trying to protect their families and neighbors not only from the gangs in the streets but also from the police themselves. How hard it is to see the youth fighting to gain their freedom from a dictator and his government that have been suffocating one of the best and largest countries in the Middle East for thirty years! Our revolution started on Tuesday, January 25, 2011, when people from different segments of society, including the elite, middle and poor classes, peacefully marched to downtown Cairo trying to express themselves, finally, and ask for their freedom from the deceitful regime. This is the simplest demand a person can make. We were not even asking for higher living standards, just to take back a country that has been held back from development for three decades now. When the youth took to the street, a nation that had long boasted about its ancestors—but did little to make their country proud—stood up on its own feet to build its own history. But our police—who are supposed to protect us—deployed all means of violence against us. They couldn’t hide and silence us anymore, so they started killing innocent people who did nothing except asking for their right to pursue a good life and a better country. At the end of the day, the police vanished from the streets, leaving the people to defend against thieves who the police let out of prison: a betrayal from within our own government! We kept struggling until our president stepped down on Friday, February 11th; on this day part of our dream came true. However, this alone is not enough. The people of the country must change themselves to help this new democratic system grow in a healthy environment. Egyptians have finally created their own history, but we cannot stop with one victory; we must bring modern business and administrative practices to help our country catch up with the West. And this will happen through average people like me, who got their education in public school and participated in this great revolution, which will not be concluded by great speeches but with people like me achieving their dreams in spite of all the obstacles

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