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Short cut for happiness

Submitted: May 25, 2013

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Submitted: May 25, 2013



The meaning of happiness doesn’t mean doing the right thing always, but instead doing what makes content and alive. However, you can still do the right thing and be happy with reaching a compromise within yourself using multiple resources to reach this state of mind.
Words are usually easier when you write them but in real life, it is much harder to reach this route that is why you have to fight and never regret you did that instead feel powerful and strong that you have the ability and many other people around you wants to reach it, yet, they are not able to take this step and remove the barriers of customs and traditions. Believe me regression is the most worst feeling you would experience in your entire life, for that reason wake up and do something that really makes you happy even if you took the right decision and you are not happy with it and you feel that your life is slipping down your feet. Start NOW, it is never too late.
For all women and men out there, I have been there and I am not writing thing while I am in the shape of comfort but I am like you all, looking for content and happiness that I miss so much when I wake up at the morning and I keep asking myself over and over again, why I did that to myself, did I think that would bring me the inner peace, well, no it didn’t bring me anything except feeling like drowning without anyone to help me and then I realized that the only one that can help me with what I am in is only myself cause this is the only person who knows exactly what I am in and not anyone else.
Happiness is not in doing something extraordinary that no one can do, but it is in searching for what you enjoy most in your life and start doing it despite all the obstacles that you might face because at the end this is the right thing to do and not anything else that your parents, friends, community, husband, boyfriend,.etc. thinks, it is all about you and just you, Just be selfish for one time.

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