Love Advice to Myself

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So i saw this buzzfeed video called "love advice to my younger self" and that got me really thinking. I decided to write love advice to my 16 year old self and yeah. I have never been in an actual relationship but i have been a victim of a catfish situation and i let it progress for a little over a year. I invested a lot of my time into this "relationship" because i had this fantasy of one day meeting him and blah blah blah. Of course, eventually i found out and things ended. People might think i am stupid for believing the catfish and whatnot and to be totally honest, i completely agree. I was stupid and naive but i was also incredibly lonely and the catfish decided to take advantage of this vulnerabilty. Sadly, i let him because of the extreme loneliness. He helped me get over depression and urged me to become a better person so he wasnt all that bad. I think thats why it is so hard for me to let him go, he was there during the toughest year of my life. It's difficult for some to let go of the person who got you through depression. And its not even him, exactly.. It's the idea of him, the fantasy.. Which is all that much harder. Anyway, i am done with this very weird summary blurb, sorry. But i needed to let it out somewhere and why not here where no one knows me.

P.S. the watercolor cover is not mine. i dont know whose it is.

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



I wish you knew

that taking off your clothes 

won't make men see you 

any further than what is skin deep 

that allowing them to admire parts of you that you hate 

is not some kind of connection 

only you two share


your self-worth should not be in the hands 

of those who don't care about you 

and when a person tells you something is wrong with you 

don't come up with ways 

to make them love you instead 


don't waste time 

trying to convince people 

who don't want to stick around, 

to stick around 

it's a shitty feeling 

realizing that you fed them the lies

that is making you want to hurt yourself 


it is perfectly okay to feel lonely 

loneliness doesn't mean 

that you will be alone forever 

and not being in a relationship 

doesn't mean you're not worthy 

of someone else's love 


i wish you knew 

how important it was 

to truly love yourself first 

because then you wouldn't have let some coward 

manipulate you and take pieces of you 

that he hoped could replace the emptiness inside his heart 


i just really, really wish 

you find a way to see 

how beautiful you actually are 

without having to ask someone 

if that is really true 


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