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This is the prologue/review for a novel that i started about a year ago, i'm still in the process of finishing it. The novel is titled "Falling Stars". The main character is a boy that at the beginning of the story is known as Jeremiah Vanderslash, your usual kind of kid. He is fifteen years old and attends a private school, Baleside Private.

This whole novel is based on Jeremiah who lives in a city on the border of his country. During a walk to school the one day he spots a plane from another country, and it all begins there.
His city is attacked and over time the state he resides in is overthrown by an old terroristic group that now has control over it's own country.

The best story i could relate this to that is real is that of Hitler when he raided GermanY. Read on, this is just the prologue for it,I have yet to type out the hand-written part of the story or to finish the novel, as of now it is five-hundred and fifty-two pages. I am working on a few more novels then i will work on this one.

Here's the prologue, enjoy.

Submitted: July 28, 2009

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Submitted: July 28, 2009



Prologue/The beginning

Greetings, My name is Jeramiah Vanderslash, Friends just simply call me Jeremy short for my first name. I grew up in the city of Conan, located in the State of Branside. You can find the small state of Branside just within the flourishing borders of my country, Albigash. Albigash is a medium sized country with a small government and within its borders prosperous cities, happy residents and a flourishing economy can be seen from miles and miles away. The city of Conan resides just within miles of my country’s border. The city of Conan is a slightly small city and quiet as well for the most part. Though Conan is both a lively and energetic city, it is also one of the most virtually crimeless cities found within my country and the very state of Branside.

I have a somewhat secluded family which consists merely of my mother, my two sisters and myself. My father left when I was no more than a couple of months old, just up and simply disappeared never to be heard from again. My mother’s name is none other than Abigale Hazleton, Hazleton being her Maiden name. I get my last name, Vanderslash from my father, known none other than Bale Jeremiah Vanderslash. My mother is an energetic and very outgoing individual. She is in her late thirties with brunette colored hair, green eyes and has a light complexion to her skin. She stands at five foot five inches, several inches shorter than me and has an average build. My mother and I have always had a pretty close relationship.

Especially seeing as how she’s been the only one stricken with the responsibility of raising my two sisters and I since the day we I was born and my father swiftly walked out on us without another word said. Oh yes, my two sisters, how could I forget. My two sisters are known as Alex Hazleton and Fernie Hazleton. My older sister, Alex, short for Alexander, Is five foot seven inches tall with light blonde hair, blue eyes and a light skin complexion, nearly containing pale skin. I always joke around with her, calling her the Pale nazi from time and time again.

Alex is two years older than me, her age being seventeen. She has a very slender build, most guys my age find her attractive, something that I find both disgusting and humiliating, seeing as how she’s my older blood related sister. She has a spontaneous personality and a bright smile at that. She’s one of those people who are always right and must have their way. My way or the highway kind of person. I suppose that you could say she has the personality of a strong, assertive leader. She’s both stingy and intelligent. Above all, she’s a caring and decent person, no matter how selfish she may be at times. My other sibling is my younger sister, Fernie Hazleton.

She’s the same age as I, being at the age of fifteen years old. She stands at five foot five inches with brown medium length hair, Hazle brown eyes and a light tan skin complexion. She’s lively and energetic, just as Alex and our mother are. She has a quiet smile and a mellow toned voice. She loves to things most of all, singing and spending time with her family. She has a sweet and innocent smile, followed by a beautiful personality. She’s generally both shy and quiet until she gets to know someone, Which can either happen very quickly, or never happen at all. She’s picky with whom she gets close to.

She worries about me constantly and monitors my behavior like a mother does her own child, but for the most part we get along quite well. She also loves animal and is always bringing in stray ones right from off the old alleyways and worn down streets around our neighborhood. That’s the extent of my family, give or take my father, with whom I don’t even consider apart of the family, seeing as how I not only have never met the man, but haven’t heard a peep from him since I was a baby, not necessarily a tight bond between the two of us.

I don’t even know if the man’s still alive or not and never really give it much thought nor concern, not too worried about it. After all, the man’s a stranger to my world, someone I wouldn’t recognize even if he stood just before me and screamed at the top of his lungs, I still would have no clue with whom the man was.

The last item that my mother even has left of him is a picture where he’s holding me, it was taken just minutes after I was born. His name is Bale Jeremiah Vanderslash, as I said earlier. My name had been conceived from his middle name, Bale “Jeremiah” Vanderslash, thus making me Jeremiah Bale Vanderslash, Kind of confusing to understand, but that’s not important right now.

From what I can gather by looking at the picture he was five foot ten inches with short black hair, green eyes and a light skin complexion, almost exactly like me. Like I said before, I don’t know very much about him. In fact, I recall one day when for some reason I was starting to feel curious about exactly who my father is or was. So, I looked at my mother the one day and I asked her what he was like. She quickly glanced at me with a confused look planted fresh upon her face and then merely replied, “ If you want to know anything about your father just take a simple look in the mirror, you’re definitely his son, N-O doubt about that” and then proceeded onto tending the dirty dishes in the old worn down steel sink.  At first I was utterly puzzled, seeing as how I was merely ten years old at the time.

After a moment of thought I could only conclude that she meant him and I were very much alike, so I decided to try to figure out exactly what it was she was talking about and I took a deep and concentrated look into the mirror found just inside my bedroom. I stared deeply into the mirror and focused as much of my concentration as I could possess and proceeded onto imaging my father within the mirror as I stared at myself. What exactly was the resemblance between the two of us? No matter how hard I tried or how long I just simply stood and stared into the mirror I did not see my father. No, I saw no one other than myself. Standing at five foot seven inches, with short black hair, green eyes and as pale as a baby’s skin with a slender build.

As far as my personality goes, I don’t really know exactly how to pinpoint it. The main things that I can say for a fact that make up my personality is that I am a very quiet and lad back person, somewhat secluded as they say. I often tend to keep to myself and my own room and house without even meaning to, as if it’s an act of instinct or something. I don’t tend to get that close to people either and I’ve never even had a girlfriend or a real “Best Friend”. I guess you could say that I’ve always just kind of been a loner, not a real people person actually. My main hobbies are reading and writing, my favorite novels having to do with horror, action and fantasy genre’s.

When I’m not in school, or with the few friends I actually have, I’m usually in my room reading a thick novel or writing a short-story of my own.  I’m a normal kid with a normal family,l who lives in a normal city, in a normal country that goes to a normal school. You get the picture, the main highlight of my life being, well…NORMAL! Everything about my life was both ordinary and unexciting, at least until the day of August twenty-fifth in the year of 2010, here’s my story.

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