Without you; By cody shepard

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A poem of lost love, a relationship gone bad and a heart shattered. Written in 2007

Submitted: July 28, 2009

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Submitted: July 28, 2009




 Without You

Everything has fallen through since i lost you
My life has turned black as night
my mornings as awful as a terrorists might.
Every ounce of my body aches.
Pains in my chest increase with the days that past.
The temptation to fall down a hole of darkness is slowly starting to take it's grasp on me.
The will to move on is starting to fade
sine we've been apart, i've been so confuzed.
i once thought i new who i was, and exactly who i was becoming
Now i don't even know who i am, so how can i figure out who i'm becoming.
I kept wandering , and thinking to myself.
What is so different about her, than all the others?
The thing that's different is, alll those other girls, were a small bump in the road of my life.
But u, you are one with my life.
I realized that i love you so much because unlike ne one before, i felt as if u were a complete part of me, and my life
Now that you're gone
There's a hole in my heart, and my life feels like it's on pause, like i can do nothing to change it .
But yet it's passing by quickly.
Over and over again
I tell myself, give up, and walk away, u did it before u can do it again
but what i've relized is
I knew the past girls, weren't the one
And with you
I know with every part of who i am, even after what has happened,
that you are the one
and i forgive u for the negative things that has happened between us, unlike all the others.
So my only wish
If anyone's listeneing, or paying attention to the cries of my heart
and the cries of my soul
is that my baby returns to me
to make me whole.........

p.s. if the person this poem is about is reading this, i want you to know.
i forgive, love, and miss you.
and i always will
you know who u are
so i don't have to say who this poems about, or who this is regarded to......

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