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onother lost chance for love and happyness

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012




He was driving his car (twenty five years old car), listening to an old romantic song that increased his feeling of his heart emptiness, he was not in a hurry, there was still time until his friends would come (much time in fact), he always gets there early and waits, in waiting his emptiness grows, and the joy of the evenings corrupts.

As he was driving he has seen a woman standing by the road, waving to cars, from a distance he has seen that she had a long thin waist, he thought: how nice if I put my arms around that waist in a dance. he offered her a lift, the romantic song was still on. The woman had beautiful eyes and lips too, he thought how nice if these eyes were full of my love and these lips smiled to me through that dance, but she sat quietly and seemed away and not interested. So the view of that dance started to fade away. The song was over, he wanted to hear it again but he didn't dare to reach his hand to the cassette player, and he thought: what is the point?

There was silence for a while, and then she asked: are you going down town? (She was smiling; her smile is just as charming as he thought it would be.) He said: I'll take you there.

- Thanks.

- do you like to hear that song again?

- Yes, sure.

The song played again, and she seemed to like it, she took a look or two at him, so his heart began to grow hopes again, he was searching for something to say to start a conversation, when the car's engine rumbled and stopped.

He didn't know what is going on, the car wouldn't start again, and he just kept saying I'm sorry, they got down, he was very embarrassed, he said: I'm sorry, maybe you should find another car, I'm sorry. She offered him some money, he refused it, he thought: I'm sorry. There was a gas station near by (this is a good luck), he pushed the car there, the station worker asked: is it out of petrol? He said: I'm not sure; its petrol level indicator doesn't work.

 His eyes searched for her, she was standing by the road waving to cars, he thought: maybe the car starts and I catch up with her.

"It was empty" said the worker. Then he tried three times until the engine started, he drove back into the road, looking at the place where she was standing, but she wasn't there, he looked around but he didn't find her anywhere. He thought: she is gone.







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