Dead Rats and Priests

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Memoirs of a 1970s secondary school teacher

Table of Contents

First Periods

  First Periods   I stood in the doorway of Lab 6 with my red pen and register poised for action. It was 10.25 am o... Read Chapter

Feeding Time

Feeding Time   Leahy was an enigma in so far as he’d been teaching for the past ten years and had been head of economics a... Read Chapter

5V and Fidget

5V and Fidget   As I took the last stair and rounded onto the top landing the boy who was patently standing as lookout annou... Read Chapter

Blood on the Buses

Blood on the Buses I had not yet got to within spitting distance of the main crowd – which proved fortunate given the sport of some... Read Chapter

Thumper, a dead sheep, and Mickey Flint

Thumper, a dead sheep, and Mickey Flint I spent the weekend contemplating whether or not I should quit and eventually decided it was ... Read Chapter

Hard Times

Not sure exactly what number chapter this will be - and it's not yet complete anyway.
Read Chapter

Father Donnelly's Garden Party

Again, I don't actually know what number chapter this will be, although I do know it'll come quite near the end. It has a major chunk missing in the middle - and doesn't yet have an end!
Read Chapter