sometimes talking isn't the right thing to do

I strain as I try to find the words
To tell you the kind of things,
That could turn your world upside down
In just one simple moment,
Things that I live with, day in, day out,
And I picture it, I see your face,
The discust, the anguish you emit,
Shows what I was initially scared of.
You'll never look at me the same again ,
And then I'll lose you, and you know too much,
So much that I can't allow you to leave,
I lock the doors, keep you here,
As you scream, shout and punch,
*your wasting your time, theres no exit*
"I can't let you go, you'll ruin me"
This already ruined life, as you look at me,
"I couldn't do that to you, ever"
But we both know that this isn't true,
And so we're stuck, stuck in this prediciment.
Who's life deserves to be ruined,
Then I realise, and I make the choice.
I let you go, and ruin my life before you have the chance.

Submitted: March 22, 2010

© Copyright 2023 sherimariex. All rights reserved.

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I can relate to the situation in this poem, it's really good- great job (:

Mon, March 22nd, 2010 7:47pm


thankyou :) x

Mon, March 22nd, 2010 12:50pm

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