blood temptation

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Saoirse comes from a family with a lost secret. Dominic is part of a group of four Damned Angels neither wanted by heaven or hell who are seeking away to unbind their wings and get revenge for years they've spent cursed on the earth....Just the beginning of the 1st chapter..not sure yet if ill continue it.....

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



I watched as he made his way towards the desk.

“Good morning” he said casually, to nobody in particular.

His words caught me by surprise. They washed over me like a wave of water. I found myself lost in a room with just my lecturer and me.

I watched as he traced the outline of his jaw. The movement slow in my mind.

So gentle. So familiar.

He scanned the class as a murmur of “good mornings” echoed back towards him. His eyes squinted as he smiled in amusement. His green eyes squinted as he smiled in amusement. I took into account how quickly I noticed this minute detail. It wasn’t like me to pay that much attention to anybody let alone my lecturer’s eyes. When he spoke his words sent shivers through my spine.

“My name’s Dominic Ellard.” He spoke matter-of-factly. “If you need to see me in relation to classes or any other related concerns you may ask in the office for Dominic. I’m not going to get all hung up on niceties. We’re all adults here so I don’t see why you can’t see me as more of a “friend” than teacher.”

As he began an explanation of what his course entailed I couldn’t stop myself from watching the movement of his lips. Softly they parted as he spoke and finally rested into a cheeky half smile. The strangest sense of déjà vu crossed my mind. I felt the familiarity even more as Dominic rummaged through a stack of books that had clearly been set up before the class had started. His dark hair fell delicately across his forehead as he struggled not to topple the stack over. His rebellious strands of hair fell just above dark eyebrows. The man clearly had some sort of European blood. His sharp jaw line and strong bone structure gave him away.

What amused me most was my attention to detail when it came to this man’s features. I didn’t even know him in passing. Yet I felt as if our paths might have crossed before, his face was so familiar and still I had no recollection of the man before today.

My brain struggled trying to place the man.

With an unexpected jab to the rib I was brought back to reality. When I looked to my left a small plump but completely familiar face scowled at me.

“Seriously am I invisible to you now or something!” she hissed quietly.

“Sorry?” I answered. “Were you about to tell me something?” I tried.

I looked at her apologetically. I could hear Dominic in the background as he began his introduction to his lecture. His voice cut through my thoughts as Caoithlinn turned away from me annoyed at my lack of attention to whatever she had said ten minutes before. She crossed her arms to emphasise how pissed off she was. I knew this was her being typically over dramatic.

“Caoithlinn?” I pleaded half heartedly.

She had a habit of getting into fits when she didn’t get her way. The product of being an only child I figured a long time ago. Being the stubborn girl she was she ignored my plea and focused dead ahead. Not in the mood to play childish games I let her have her way. She’d talk when she was ready. I was certain she would. It was just like her. She couldn’t hold anything she thought to herself. I tuned back into the lecture.

He was standing arms crossed nodding as one of the students spoke. Whoever spoke or whatever they were talking about completely went over my head. I was engrossed by the figure that stood to the front of the class. Like a car crash I couldn’t explain why I found it difficult to break my gaze. A weird feeling came over me. There was something about the man that stood in front of me. In my mind I yearned to be noticed by him. For him to acknowledge me. To pick me out of a hundred people in a room. I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks as I realised what I was thinking. I sounded completely mad.

Gently he pushed those rebellious strands of hair off his forehead to the side. It made me smile. I was being unusually pathetic.

“I was going to say our new lecturer is pure fit” a voice whispered to me.

I turned to Caoithlinn. Her scowl vanished. She now smiled like a greedy child who had just found a bar of chocolate.

“I guess for a lecturer. Hadn’t really noticed to be honest.” I lied to her.

I knew better than to say that he was. She was the type of friend that you’d confide in if you wanted the next person to know your problems. Her devilish smile didn’t disappear, instead it remained and she winked at me.

“I’m sure you didn’t babe” she shrugged me off as she pushed up her boobs in an amusing gesture. “Less competition for me I guess.”

She smiled Cheshire cat style. Then being the show off she was she blew a kiss in the direction of the lecturer who clearly didn’t see the gesture. Laughing at herself she looked to me to join in. I didn’t. Nudging me to lighten up she pulled out a book from her bag. I watched her as she did, not quite understanding, until I became aware of the rest of the class doing the same. Embarrassed at my slow awareness of reality, I rummaged for my own copy of the textbook. I was flicking through pages of references when I was distracted by a voice.

“Just read the first two paragraphs now and I’ll try and make things a lot clearer for you”

His words echoed through my ears “clearer for you”. Obviously he didn’t mean me directly.

I laughed nervously to myself but found odd stares from neighbouring students. Awkwardly I turned away from them facing my body towards Caoithlinn who was using the book as a camouflage for texting. I shook my head just as she looked in my direction. She, in a mock gesture furrowed her eyebrows pointed at me, to my book and finally to the front of the class and then returned to answer a text.

As she did I followed the direction she indicated towards the front of the lecture hall. Dominic paced arms behind his back from left to right as students read quietly. Each step he took seemed weightless barely making a sound on the wooden platform. I leaned on one arm and allowed the book to close itself. A student had his hand up. As Dominic listened to whatever the student asked he replied animatedly. His hands and face showed how intent he was in satisfying the question with an answer. His movement made my body numb. The feeling more strange and yet not completely alien to me. I didn’t know what qualified a person to be insane but I figured I was going along the right diagnosis of being it.

He slapped his hand against his thigh.

“Does that clear it up for you?” he asked.

Returning to his original position he looked around.

“Finished?” He paused. “If you haven’t don’t worry you can read over it again tonight.”

Again he pushed the hair that fell across his forehead to the side. The gesture made my heart race unusually fast. I sighed. Something I didn’t mean to do. I covered my mouth consciously. Slowly I looked to my right expecting other students to be looking at me as if I had two heads.

But no. Not one glance. They were all too busy taking down notes. Notes I hadn’t a clue what were about. The silence in the room caught me off-guard. Dominic was no longer speaking. I looked towards the front of the room. My heart began beating ferociously. It drummed in my ears. There he stood arms crossed, eyes dead set in my direction. His face neutral, gave no hint to what he was thinking. Panic stricken I looked around quickly to see if he was watching someone behind me. I quickly turned around to see if there was a bunch of students texting publicly or doing anything that would catch a lecturer’s attention.

Behind me nobody seemed to have noticed the lecturer staring up. Thinking that perhaps I might have imagined the situation I turned around just as fast. Passing the entire situation off as me losing my mind I chanced a glance to the front of the lecture hall.

Expecting a lecturer busying himself at his desk full of papers and books, I was completely stunned as there he stood like a statue in the same position. His eyes still focused in my direction. His green eyes dead set on me still. He made me nervous. The feeling a lot less comfortable than before. I felt almost scared of the man. My throat became dry. My breathing shorter and more panicked. I was frozen with fear. I could hear the pounding of my heart in my ears. Louder than before. His intensity frightened me and yet I couldn’t break the eye contact. Something flickered across his face. I found myself inhale uncontrollably as a smile crept onto his face. I felt oddly invaded and in a trance.

“Saoirse?” a voice interrupted.

As if I had been aggressively shaken awake from a deep sleep I snapped back to reality. People were moving about in the lecture hall. Perplexed I turned to Caoithlinn. Words failed me. Quickly I looked back towards the lecturer. He was gone and I was disappointed. I couldn’t understand it. Time had flowed right over my head like everything else. My fear subsided and was replaced by curiosity. I turned back to Caoithlinn.

“What?” I said a little too dizzily. Caoithlinn looked at me with a strange face. “What’s the matter Caoi?” I tried again.

As she spoke she packed her books away into her oversized handbag. “What did you think of that then?”

As she rose to leave the aisle of seats I followed suit grabbing my book and roughly shoving it into a side sack. I closed in behind her.

“Think of what?” I asked as we passed the lecturers desk.

Staring at an empty stage I walked out of the hall. Caoithlinn stopped abruptly outside the door. Bumping into her I ended up knocking her into passing students.

“Seriously Saoirse what is up with you today” she asked glaring at me, “first you’re all out of this world in class and then you can’t even pay attention walking?”

Apologising to the student she knocked over I pulled an apologetic face. She rolled her eyes. We walked silently before she broke the silence.

“He wasn’t bad looking now was he?” she looked at me waiting for a reply.

“He wasn’t I guess” I replied shortly. “Why’s it such a big deal? I feel like that’s all you’ve been saying to me”

We were walking towards the exit doors of the college.

“I’ve only said it once to you” she stopped walking and leant against the wall. “I’m trying to figure out how you get into the pants of your lecturer” she smiled dangerously at me. “What do you think?”

I knew she was having a laugh. It’s all she ever did. Make men out to be like meat or animals. She laughed out loud at the idea.

“I think” I replied “you’ll get our lecturer sent to jail and have our entire class hate you for ruining their chances of a decent degree”

She sucked her teeth and pushed herself off the wall. Hitching her bag higher onto her shoulder she crossed over towards the door.

“Right Saoirse if you say so” she went for the handle.” I’m done for the day so what do you say meet up for food at five?”

I watched her carefully.

“Meet up for food?” I asked. “I thought it was your night to cook?”

She smiled “Well you’ve pissed me off by not going along with my fantasy”

Not wanting to play her games I raised my hand.

“Fine I’ll see you later and by the way-” I called after her as she walked on. She stopped. Looking back I mimed to her “It will never happen”

In response she stuck up her fingers at me. I waved her off amusingly. It was something I had learnt to do over the past year living with Caoithlinn, any time she got hot headed or bossy I ignored it. Being passive about her was the only way our friendship could remain intact. She had a wealthier background than I did but it was obvious it had ruined her. All her life it seemed she got what she wanted from Mammy and Daddy, so when she finally had to do things for herself and go to college that’s when the tantrums started. When we first met it was through a mutual friend and the rest was pretty straight forward. Both of us were accepted into the same college and didn’t know anybody else. So we decided to live together. That’s when I realised that maybe it was going to take a lot more than mutual friends to form a lasting friendship with Caoithlinn. I learned soon enough that with her as long as there was a compromise things were fine.

I walked silently down the corridor towards a set of stairs which lead to the college library. I needed to get online and get the notes I clearly neglected to take down in the morning lecture. The last thing I wanted was to fall behind. I had no intention of repeating an exam or failing one!

The library was unusually full for a morning. The main tables that were closest to the exit were filled up with robotic readers who made no sound. Scanning around, I searched for an empty seat. Moving further away from the tables I sourced out the back of the library closest to the windows. Clearly not the best place to study from the layer of dust that covered the old table. But they had to do.

Dominic sat in his office. His heart beat frantically in his chest. He didn’t know if he could believe it. But there was no mistaking that familiar feeling. That student was definitely a descendant.

But how?

He had thought the last of the bloodline had died with Aurora all those years back.

Had she had a family and not told him?

No she couldn’t have she knew what had had to be done. She would have never risked it.

And yet with that knowledge, one of the chosen had sat in his lecture.

This was bad, very bad.

He pulled his dark hair out of his eyes. Realisation set in. If he could feel the change then the others would have by now.

He cursed under his breath. There was no way this was going to be kept under the radar now. He needed to do something before the others got to the girl.

He couldn’t allow them to get to her. He had to deal with the problem before it got out of hand. Even if it did cost him his freedom.

He rather be chained to this earth for a thousand more years than let the other three free. Their spite against Heaven and Hell would surely cause more destruction. The same destruction that had gotten them cursed in the first place.

Just thinking about how the others would get their revenge caused him to shiver. Although he’d never let it be known. He despised being part of the Damned. Neither wanted by Heaven or Hell. Even if neither side believed it to be true, he would do everything in his power to keep the other three bound to the curse they all shared. He knew only too well what they were capable of. He would not let that sort of evil be cast upon the world.

Whether he wanted redemption or not.

Quickly he picked up his things. He needed to get back to the others to see if his suspicions were true.

Even now he wasted time. Soon they’d be hot on the descendants trail. It was something they had spent centuries doing. Always searching and failing to find the one that would release them from their eternal torment, always looking for the blood that would unbind them from the chains that bound them to this earth and cut off their true power.

Dominic was not prepared to let that happen. If it came to it he would kill the descendant just as he had her ancestors all those years back.

Too much was at stake.

“Damn you Aurora!” he cursed as he left his office.

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