End day

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A short recount of an abrupt ending....

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



End day

The first sign had been the animals.

We feared the water had been contaminated.

A global cover up of a nuclear disaster perhaps.

All the water supplies had been cut off for months.

That’s when the towns began the distribution of bottled water.

As more animals began to drop off the face of the Earth, another explanation was sought for.

We still didn’t drink the water just in case.

At first it was only wild species. One day they were there, the next dead. But it wasn’t just in a particular area that the animals died. It was everywhere.

When it came to the birds dying, they fell from the sky even while in mid flight.

Across the world it had rained dead birds.

The panic that spread was universal. Suddenly the anticipated world war three was put on hold.

Something larger was happening across the world.

The next sign was the electricity. It began with large corporations.

Their super brain computers crashing.

As if the world wide animal panic wasn’t bad enough.

The people of the world were far more affected by this than any outbreak of war.

First it was Japan. Which caused major wide spread panic.

“The Nuclear power can no longer be controlled. Without the electricity the Uranium cannot be contained.”

Countries whose computers had not yet crashed began “Operation Clear out”

America and Russia finally working together to evacuate an entire country.

Army, Navy, CIA, FBI, or anybody with combat history travelled to the country that was so close to self destruction.

If the waters had not been contaminated. They were definitely going to be.

According to Scientists, the plant had a week before a total melt down. Even with the Armies help, not everyone was expected to live.

Some people lived to far from the various check point set up at the coast.

The world had to brace itself for the possibility that an entire race might be reduced to just a mere thousand.

Still the now united countries worked to evacuate as many people from the country before the first of many wipe outs across the world began.

When it did eventually occur. The scientist warned of the contamination in the air and water.

In advance the governments worldwide sent out “protective gear” to wear when the toxins seeped into the atmosphere.

Many people refused to believe this was going occur.

The population lessened even more.

As countries filled up with camps for refugees, the predicted outcome was civil war.

But no.

All these people had something in common.

They feared dying. So when it came to helping one another the world put aside its troubles for that moment.

When it came to larger continents like Russia and America and their nuclear disasters, they had been ready in advance.

Even with the knowledge of what was going to happen with the nuclear plants, the disaster shook the world.

Like Japan millions had been saved, but thousands had perished.

Each country took on more and more refugees. Meaning food supplies had to be rationed.

But in the midst of this chaos the people maintained their composure. They had rather help one another than suffer alone.

Not even the rationing of food could cause a war amongst these frightened people.

The final sign was the turning of the seas blood red, while the skies darkened an un-heavenly grey.

The whole world held its breath for the upcoming storm.

Or rather the upcoming war.

The skies rained an army of light and the seas washed up an army of darkness.

We humans stood right in the middle of the apocalyptic battle between Heaven and Hell.

That’s when the panic arrived.

It took four weeks for the magnificent and yet terrifying creatures to make it to land.

The air and water that we had to now protect ourselves from did not harm the seven ft creatures.

The Angels of the Divine were the first to touch ground.

Their silver armoured bodies blinded the eyes of anybody who dared look at them.

They stood fierce and ready for battle.

Their faces stern and yet beautiful.

Their leader stood clad in the most whitest silver unknown yet to man.

When he touched the Earth he sent seismic quakes throughout the city of New York.

Like most other cities around the world. The New York that now stood wasn’t even a shadow on its former glory.

Where once stood magnificent buildings now stood crumbles of glass, wood and whatever else these gravity defying structures had been constructed from.

This came as the result of repeated earthquakes throughout the city.

Through a very bad battery powered walkie- talkie, we found out from other nations that the Angels had landed all around the world.

Meaning this battle was a lot larger than we had anticipated.

When the dark army arrived they wore a silver as well. Although not as blinding it still left an image on the brain soon after eyes were closed.

The angels that rose from red water were not demonic in presence as the many new age prophets had predicted over the past eleven months.

Instead they were as striking and as awesome as the Angels of the Divine. But the manner they held themselves conveyed some deeper torment. One they’d surely use in their battle of the End.

Humans everywhere ran to “safety” as the battle began.

Nobody wanted to be in the cross fire between good and evil.

Anybody that had made it through the year of disaster didn’t intend on dying because the Angels had a problem with one another.

Each community had at least half a dozen holy men. All brought together as they waited for the End.

The community in Italy, included the pope, who was close to death.

There would be no one after him to lead the Roman Catholic church. Most of the cardinals had met their death when the Vatican City fell to dust.

Many saw this as a sign that God was dealing his last card.

Regardless of religion every community worldwide prayed together.

We all had the inclination that our days, like the Pope’s were coming to an end.

This was of course the battle of our souls.

Or was it?

Outside destruction continued.

The sound of Divine metal clashing against destructive metal echoed like thunder through the air.

No one dared step outside while the winged giants fought.

The battle went on for days and the people sought for forgiveness all over the world. Praying frantically every second they could.

The bible had told of the horsemen, and that was what the priests and holy men around the world now anticipated.

Religious interpretation aside, every man, woman and child who remained on this planet were waiting for some sort of judgement day.

Every day the thunderous noise of Angelic combat vibrated through the skies.

One man claimed the Angels were too equal in strength. A ying to ones yang, that neither could defeat the other, they were too balanced.

A scientist had the view that like atoms if the two collided they could cause a wide spread explosion that would wipe as all out.

Either way our souls were the prize. Regardless of who won, our destiny would be the result of this supernatural battle.

We no longer held control of our future.

Then when we heard the silence, others came to different conclusions about our destiny.

The battle had ceased and there was no more thunderous metal on metal.

No more quakes that shook us to the ground praying that we lived another day.

Instead it was quiet.

From our primitive contact with other communities set up worldwide, this deafening silence seemed to be universal.

As nobody dared leave the community on their own, we decided upon all of us going out to see our world for the first time in many weeks.

Had the light Angels finally won the battle?

Was it now our judgement day?

With our masks on we entered into the unusually blue sky. It no longer had its heavy grey but instead gave way to a rare blue.

The sea too had changed from its devil red back to a blue that reflected the sky’s beauty.

As we took in the scenery our hearts sank as the city stood guarded by 7th ft stone figures.

Figures that up until now had been real.

Even in stone they still terrified us.

All around the city Angels had frozen mid battle with one another.

Every light Angel fighting a dark Angel.

Had God grown tired of their fighting and cast them to stone?

We walked through the remains of the city where we found more and more lifeless figures frozen in their battle stances.

Their faces so human like, with their raging expressions eternalised.

We were soon to find out the same scenario had happened worldwide.

Angels turned to stone.

Some of the surviving people claimed that God had planned this out. That he had wiped his hands from his creations once and for all.

The battle had never been about our souls.

None of the humans were supposed to have survived through the year of disasters.

This battle was to put an end to another creation.

One that had been divided at the beginning of time by the infamous Lucifer.

God had never needed us.

We were just pawns in a larger plan.

We were the distraction, the reason that would bring every Angel created together.

The bad and the good.

He had finally rounded every one of them up.

He could now destroy the Angels that had betrayed him.

Even if that meant sacrificing the few that had remained loyal to him over so many millennia.

And here we now stand in a Godless world.

Free from angelic intervention.

What was to become of our destinies now?

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