Strange gaurdian

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just a quick story on how one girls night turns for the worst.

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012




The party was well past its third hour and it didn’t look as if it was going to end anytime soon. There were people that Eve couldn’t even name here. One thing she did know was it wasn’t her scene. Sam was going to get caught. Somebody was going to let it slip. And even if nobody said anything the music was bound to wake up the neighbours. It wasn’t hard to predict who else would be crashing the party after that.

Grabbing her jacket from the banister Eve headed for the back door. No way was she going to get caught at a party she didn’t even want to be at. Plus nobody would notice her jumping the gate. Tomorrow if Sam would ask where she went she could make up some story about a headache or something along those lines. Walking through the crowd Eve took in the groups of people falling around the place. She noticed Ciara in the corner holding back one of her friend’s hair as she puked up all the vodka she had stupidly downed inside.

“Serves her right!” Eve thought to herself.

Wrapping her jacket tighter around her as she pushed passed groping couples. She wondered why she kept turning up to these events. She didn’t even drink let alone want to hang with any of the sex and alcohol addicted morons. There was also the fact her dad wouldn’t have wanted her to turn out like the rest in her town. She knew in a way he felt she was different to the people she went to school with. For a starter she had different ideas of what fun was. Her dad had promised her that in her final year of secondary school, they’d move back to his hometown in America. But of course within a year of that promise he un-expectantly died. As she drew nearer to the gate a hand reached out and grabbed her by the elbow.

“Eve!” the drunk boy said merrily. “You having fun?”

Sam was completely wasted. He smiled as his head lolled from side to side. Taking a drag from a lit cigarette he pulled Eve closer to him. With one of his arms around her shoulders.

“You look so sexy, you-know-that?” he slurred his words as Eve pulled away from him. As she did he held onto her wrist.

Sam being drunk was not uncommon. Nearly every time she saw him out he was completely stoned or drunk. He was likely both tonight. It wasn’t the Sam she enjoyed being around.

“Look Sam my mam phoned I’ve to get home. Good party” Eve said as she tried to take back her hand. Sam stared at her as if he didn’t even hear her.

“Look” he threw the cigarette to the ground and took Eve’s other wrist. His face grew serious. “We’ve been friends for years now. And you know I like you. Everyone does. Why won’t you just stay over tonight?”

Sam’s grip tightened around her wrists. She didn’t like where this was going.

“Sam look I’m really sorry but you know I only like you as a friend” she tried softly. Maybe if she restrained from getting angry with him she could just leave without an issue arising. She wasn’t sure what Sam was like drunk and pissed off.

He shook his head almost too immediately after her response. “Lies Eve. I’ve been talking to a few girls and they say you’re making it obvious you like me. They think you lead me on. And I agree with them”

Eve looked at him astonished. She was angry now. How was she leading Sam on? There was no way she had ever given him the idea that she wanted to be more than a friend. She tried pulling away again from him. Talking to him wasn’t working at all. HE was clearly too wasted to listen.

“Stop trying to pull away from me. I’m fed up of you playing with my head. Of you teasing me all the time” As he spoke through clenched teeth he swung Eve around so that she was now pinned against the wall by his body.

“Get off me Sam!” She shouted surprised at how aggressive he had become. “Sam please I have to get home my mam-“

Sam put his hand over her mouth stopping her from finishing her sentence. Eve looked at him scared. Her heart beat frantically in her chest. She could feel her eyes start to moisten with tears. His face drew nearer in the dark. She hated herself now. Why didn’t she just chance using the front door? Being recognised by a neighbour was a lot better than being cornered off in the dark by a drunk.

“No I think you’re lying” he whispered. His hot breath rushed over her cheek. Removing his hand Sam stared at Eve waiting for her to say something. She was frozen with the shock. He still had her pinned to the wall. Just as she was about to ask him to get off he pressed his lips against hers. The force causing her head to hit the wall behind her. Suddenly his hands were removed from her wrists. Instead now they unpermittedly began to trace her waist and stomach. Eve felt sick by the unwanted groping. The whole thing was wrong. Sam pulled away from her mouth. His breath ragged, his eyes dark and unreadable. Just like the kiss his hands stopped moving. For those few seconds the two of them looked at each other. Eve shocked but wanting to leave more than ever. Sam too close for her to feel comfortable.

“Sam” she whispered upset by his behaviour. But again he ignored her and his hands moved further up her top. “Stop it Sam!” she shouted and shoved him off her with her freed hands. Sam stumbled backwards and landed against the hedge. She watched as hurt appeared across his face. She looked towards the gate, she could manage to hop it now and forget about what had happened. As she went towards it she felt bad. Sam stayed still against the bush watching her. She looked at him for a moment. She knew that all that had happened wasn’t Sam but the alcohol. She moved towards him to help him up.

“Sam” she said to him as she held out her hand for him to get up. As he got up he looked at her sadly.

“You don’t love me do you?”

She shook her head and then pointed towards the gate. “I’ve got to go Sam. Go to bed or something and I’ll talk to you Sunday when you properly sober”.

As she turned on her heel she felt a heavy thump to the back of the head. It sent her falling to the ground. Turning in a daze onto her back she groaned as a pang of pain shot through her head. She pushed herself up on her elbows but was harshly shoved back down by something heavy.

“Get off me Sam!” She pleaded louder than she thought she could manage.”Sam, please!”

She began to hit out at the body that was now on top of her. Slapping hard she felt his face against her hand. Aggressively she was punched into the face.

“Sam” she whimpered as hands began to trace the waist of her jeans. In her head she begged he’d stop, that his fingers would break, that something would knock him off her. Sharp pains in her head caused her to scream. Her vision became hazed. She felt ill and not herself. He must have hit her harder into the back of the head than she realised. Again mentally she wished for him to stop. Her jeans had now become undone and she was in a panic for what was to come next.

 “Stop” she said but the words never came out of her mouth.

There was a cracking noise like a branch breaking from a tree. Somebody yelled in pain. Eve lay on the wet grass in a daze. She was no longer pinned to the ground. Sam had stopped. Quickly grasping at a hedge she saw her moment of escape and took it. Pulling herself up, the sharp pains in her head had ceased but she still felt groggy. She felt the back of head where she had been struck. Her hands came away sticky and in a black moist substance. She looked around expecting to see Sam on his knees in realisation of what he was about to do. Instead he lied on the grass eyes closed. Too scared to check if he was alright she got out of the garden before he could get up. Pulling herself over the gate she made her way quickly down the street. Spotting the familiar red Renault around the corner she got in. It wasn’t until she was inside the car that she began to shake uncontrollably. Next she began to cry. How could Sam do that to her? She no longer felt pity for him lying in the garden probably passed out. In her mind she was grateful for that. He could have done a lot worst if he hadn’t. She wrapped her arms tightly around herself and closed her eyes. She could still see his dark emotionless eyes. It scared her still.

“Come on! She told herself “it’s over just forget about it and move on, just forget!” A chill shot up through her spine and she wiped her face drenched in tears with her sleeve. Putting the keys in the ignition she started the car and made her way home.

Entering into the house all the lights were off. Her Mam was probably already asleep. She took out her phone and read  3:23 on it. There was no way she’d be up for work tomorrow. There was no way she was going to work tomorrow. She still felt sick from what had happened nearly half an hour ago. What she needed now was a shower and sleep. The memory already felt like it wasn’t real. That it never happened. She knew that was her denial. She made her way up to her room on tip toes taking her shoes off at the bottom of the stairs. As she approached her room her door was ajar. She had closed it earlier that night. She moved slowly in passing it off as her mam checking up on her earlier. Nothing was out of place in her room which was a good sign. The room was freezing. She moved towards the window where her curtains flittered from the wind. Her mam must have opened it while she was out. She pulled the window tight. Taking in the front yard where her car was carelessly parked a figure caught her eye. She jumped back with a fright.  Moments later she drew back the blinds slowly but the figure was longer there. The whole situation with Sam had her on edge. She hated how nervous she felt in her own house. Forgetting about the shower Eve quickly got into bed wanting to clear her mind with sleep.

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