The devil mark

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Another short story of mine. This one involves one man and his deal with the Devil...

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



The horses galloped against the needle like rain.

Those devils were going to reach the house before they would.

“Move it!” the first man shouted as he ferociously edged closer to the neck of his horse.

“We’ll never make it!” a larger man shouted behind. “Father we’ll never get there in time!”

The man in front paid no attention to his son.

He wasn’t going to allow those creatures to take the rest of his family.

How stupid Eduard had been. Why hadn’t he listened when they had warned him?

He had known the cost of black magic.

Known how much danger he would be putting the rest of them in.

And all because of that woman. That blasted woman!

Eduard had been warned off her. Told of what she was. But did he believe such a beauty to be such a demon? No, instead he ignored the fact that she dabbled in the devil’s work.

“No she’s not one of them!” Eduard had shouted as he left the house earlier that night to find her.

She had asked him to meet her one more time.

What good it did him in the end to go against his family’s wishes.

She had betrayed him. Seduced the man to the point where he would have given her everything.

Even if that had meant his soul.

The man squinted as the dark shadow of his home appeared in the distance. The lighting was out.

He hoped with all his heart that this meant that the rest of his family was just asleep. But he knew he had to prepare himself for the worst.

He had seen to the killing of one of their soul snatchers. That beautiful she-devil of theirs.

Surely the others would be out to claim revenge on him. On his family.

Not only had he had that wretched woman killed but saved his brother from selling his soul to the she-devil.

At least he gave his brother the dignity to die with his own soul intact.

The stupid man! If only he had just listened!

The terrible image of his brother, minutes from death, and pleading for her to keep him alive crossed across his vision.

As if she would have kept him alive. All she needed was his blood and his word that his soul was hers.

In the end there was nothing that could have been done.

The woman had to die and his brother was too near death to be saved.

The younger man followed behind as his Father’s dark silhouette led them towards the house.

Even through the rain the young boy could see his Father’s anguish. Although his Father would never admit it, the boy could see his Father mourned Eduard’s death.

He on the other hand felt nothing towards the dead man.

His uncle had betrayed the family.

Although the young man would never let it be known to his Father, his body trembled.

He now feared the fate of his loved ones.

The woman’s last words haunted through his thoughts.

He had been the one to cut the wretched woman’s throat. Her blood now stained his hands but he didn’t care.

Something else haunted him.

She had smiled. Blood dripping from her soft full lips, she had smiled. Even he had to admit she was a beautiful woman, but she was a collector for the Devil which cancelled out anything he might have thought of her.

“My master has claimed your family’s blood. He will not be denied!” She had hissed as he pulled the knife across her delicate throat.

The memory left acid in his mouth.

Closer they rode to the large mansion.

Getting off the horse the elder man looked back towards his son.

His look was grave. The night had taken its toll on the old man.

The son felt the same fear as his Farther did. Though neither would voice it.

They walked towards the door daggers in hand, son closing in behind Father.

The Father laid his hand on the door, he pushed at it.

The door opened.

This was a bad sign.

The son placed his hand on his Father’s back. Reassuring him that he was not alone.

He too was ready to face what horrors they might have yet to face.

Both men entered into the dark house quietly. The air was cold, almost heavy on their chest.

With a bang the door slammed.

Both men jumped. Heart beating like drums in their chest in the dark cold house.

It was just the wind the younger man tried to convince himself. Just the wind.

Still he hoped that the others were all alright.

Walking up the stairs together, Father in lead and son behind watching his back, they crept towards the rooms of the others. Heart pounding louder with each step until they reached the top.

“Go get the children,” the man ordered his son in a whisper. “I’ll get your Mother…” he trailed off. Not wanting to finish his sentence.

If she was still alive.

The son just nodded his head in understanding. His Father didn’t have to finish, he had already thought the same thing.

Quickly the two men parted.

As the son drew closer to his sibling’s bedroom, his hands began to tremble.

“Stop” he ordered himself. It was not the time or place to lose his composure.

He fumbled to find the door handle in the dark.

The silence was too much. He didn’t like it.

Where was the breathing of sleeping children?

He pushed the door opened. The heavy wooden door creaked as he did.

He cringed at the noise. In the silence it echoed through the house.

The room was dark but he could make out the outlines of the large beds that his younger sisters slept in.

“Sophie? Elsa?” he whispered hoarsely.

He moved closer to the beds.

“No no no no!” he thought as he rummaged through the empty bed where Sophie should have been sleeping. If she was not here, neither was Elsa.

The twins were always together.

Panic setting in he ran out to find his Father.

He stumbled out of the room, blinded by how dark it was.

“Father?” he whispered.

Nobody was out on the landing.

Where was his Father?

He ran quickly to his Mother’s room, where his Father was supposed to be.

His body began to tremor.

A wail of pain caught his attention.

Had he heard that or was it his imagination?

He walked slowly towards the stairs, making sure that he was cloaked in the darkness.

He jumped as the wail echoed through the large house.

It sounded like his Father!

“Oh God they have him!” he thought.

The blood pumped harder in his body.

The collectors were in the house.

Without hesitating he clutched the dagger tighter in his hand and ran down the dark stair case.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” his Father’s voice cried out.

The son clenched his free hand in anger.

They had his mother as well. Or maybe his sisters.

Either way he wasn’t going to allow another one of his family members to die by the hands of the devil tonight.

He slowly etched towards the orange glow that came from the dining hall.

He tried to quiet his breathing as it began to come out heavier.

He had to approach this smartly. He didn’t know how many collectors were in there.

His palms began to sweat as he neared the room. He clasped the dagger tighter in his shaking hands.

A shriek of pain echoed through the house. Causing the hairs to stand up on the back of his neck.

“Sophie!” his Father cried out.

As he heard his Father’s cry, adrenaline set in.

He ran into the brightly lit room heart beating frantically but vengeance running through his veins.

As his eyes adjusted to the light he saw the body of a blonde girl lying eyes open in a pool of blood.

“Sophie!” he thought.

His chest felt heavy. They had murdered a little girl. Slit her throat without consideration.


Two men stood clad in black staring down at the lifeless body.

One of the men wore a mocking smile. He had the dagger in his hand. He had slit the young girl’s throat.

The other stood with a strand of the girl’s hair in his hand, his other hand was covered in red.

Her blood.

His eyes were closed and he was chanting.

“Kill them Sebastian! Kill them before they take her soul!” His Father shouted.

Sebastian didn’t turn to see where the voice came from.

He was clouded by his anger.

He would not be satisfied till he had the blood of those devil worshippers on his hands.

He ran at them letting out a cry of anguish for his sister’s death.

He didn’t care if he died tonight as long as he brought these fowl creatures with him.

Sebastian collided with the first collector with a punch to the face.

The collector smiled as he regained his composure.

He spat the blood that had collected in his mouth to the ground. With his dagger drenched in the blood of Sophie, swung at Sebastian.

Sebastian who was now fueled by rage grabbed the collector by the throat, but not before the dagger swiped past his cheek.

As he tightened his grip around the collector’s throat he could feel the warm blood trickle down his face.

He would not allow his sister’s souls to be taken. The collector struggled under Sebastian’s grip trying to swipe the dagger at him once more. But Sebastian was larger in build than the collector, his grip did not loosen.

The collector in an attempt to free himself raised his dagger and stabbed straight into the huge arm that cut off his breathing.

As Sebastian yelped in pain the collector fell to the floor.

Dagger still in his arm Sebastian pounced onto the devil worshipper. Pain struck up through his injured arm but he did not care.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” was all he could hear in his head.

For the first time the collector looked frightened.

The chanting still continued. If Sebastian didn’t hurry his sister’s souls would be taken.

Following Sebastian’s gaze. The collector beneath him began to laugh.

“You’re too late!” he taunted.

The man’s laughter infuriated Sebastian.

“Lies!” he thought as he pulled out the dagger from his arm.

The pain was excruciating but he didn’t care he needed to kill this man and stop the second from finishing his chant.

Without consideration Sebastian swiftly sliced through the man’s throat.

The collector’s eyes grew wide as he began to splutter blood. Sebastian got up off the man as his body began to spasm.

Not even thinking about his next move he automatically lunged at the second.

The collector’s eyes were clouded as he fell to the floor, Sebastian on top.

Sebastian began to punch the man into the face.

Still the collector kept chanting.

Another punch that caused a crunching noise.

Blood dripped from the collector’s nose but the words never ceased.

Sebastian felt sick, he was about to lose his sister’s soul. He needed to stop the fowl being from finishing his dark magic.

Needed to shut him up.

That was it!

Grabbing onto the fiends throat, Sebastian lifted the collector up.

In his rush he had dropped the knife beside the dead collector. He no longer had a knife to slit this collector’s throat with as he had with the first.

His grip tightened around the throat of the devil worshipper.

“Die!” he shouted. Spit erupted from Sebastian’s lips as he spoke.

The collector’s face began to pale. The words becoming less and less. Whether this man knew it or not, Sebastian was suffocating him.

With all his might he squeezed harder on the man’s throat, pressing his thumbs against the man’s larynx.


The collector’s throat snapped like a branch under the weight of someone’s foot.

No more chanting.

Sebastian let the man crumple to ground.

His body shook terribly as he eyed the lifeless body of his young sister.

He’s thoughts raced to his Father.

He looked up to find a dark figure sitting down.

He clapped, taunting Sebastian.

Sebastian clenched his fist. Another one. He would kill them all if he had to.

Rage and sorrow coursing through his veins he ran at the man with a cry of bloodlust.

“Sit down Sebastian.” The man said easily.

He flicked his wrist and Sebastian was sent flying to the side where he hit his head off the large fireplace.

Sebastian felt dizzy as he tried to collect himself. Again he felt the feeling of liquid run down his face.

He did not try to make sense of what had just happened. Instead head hurting, and arm throbbing in pain he got up to attack the dark clothed figure that sat in his Father’s chair.

This time as Sebastian lunged for the collector the Dark figure shook his head.

“Would you please stop trying to kill me for a moment and stay still?” This time the collector asked.

His calm tone irritated Sebastian even more as he ran to kill the devil worshipper for the second time.

As soon as the words had slipped from the collector’s mouth. Sebastian found himself stopping dead in his track.

His legs had stopped running and abruptly stopped inches from the sitting collector.

“What the?” Sebastian thought.

He tried to move his legs but he no longer seemed to control them.

Black magic. It had to be there was no other explanation.

His blood boiled within him.

“Your magic won’t last for long devil worshipper!” Sebastian spat out.

Although the collector’s were evil, they were still human. Even he knew that they drew their power from the chants they uttered to the devil himself. The downside was that being human none of the magic ever lasted. Its energy could not be maintained by a mere mortal.

It wouldn’t be long before Sebastian would have power over his legs again, and when he did he planned to rip this mocking devil worshipper to shreds.

“My my Sebastian what terrible thoughts you have. To shreds? How gruesome.” The collector said to him each word calm and yet more irritating than the last.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes, so this collector also read his mind.

If the devil worshipper kept up using black magic, he’d weaken himself.

Sebastian found satisfaction in that notion. It meant an easier kill for him when he the magic wore off his legs.

Something budged beside the collector. Sebastian had not notice the figure that stood beside the sitting devil worshipper.

“Father?” Sebastian let the words slip from his lips.

The man he knew as his Father stood beside the worshipper. He looked up to meet his son’s eyes. He looked sick, almost older.

“Father!” Sebastian shouted with more certainty.

He tried to move his legs.

“God damn it!” he cursed inwardly.

His chest rose and sank with every breath he took. He was ready to kill.

“I swear to God I’ll rip your head from your shoulders and your heart from your chest!” Sebastian threatened the dark figure. “You filthy devil worshipper!”

At this the collector stood up. No longer did he hold the calm composure he had before.

“I think your son needs to learn some manners Alexander.” The collector said to Sebastian’s Father, although his eyes never left Sebastian.

“Then come and teach me then collector!” Sebastian taunted.

He spat on the ground barely missing the collector’s feet.

A dark smile crept across his face.

If the collector got close enough he’d grab a hold his worthless throat and break it as he did the other collector.

The man edged closer to Sebastian. His face not giving away anything.

“Yes come closer to me you filthy excuse for a being!” Sebastian thought aggressively.

“No please don’t! You made a deal with me.” A feeble voice cut through Sebastian’s thoughts.

The man who had been closing in on the distance between himself and Sebastian turned towards Alexander.

“That I did. Didn’t I?” he said forgetting Sebastian for a moment.

Turning on his heel he sat back into the seat.

“Come back here you coward!” Sebastian shouted. “Come back here so I can rip that rotten heart of yours out of your chest!”

Amusement crossed the collector’s face.

“Such anger. I don’t know whether to be impressed or insulted by you.”

Sebastian tried his legs. No movement. Why hadn’t the magic worn off yet?

“Neither ! You should fear me devil worshipper because I will have your blood!” Sebastian spat out.

The whole situation was infuriating. He could not move. Could not strike out. All he had were his threats. Threat that were useless without action.

He eyed his father. Why did he stand there like a zombie? Why hadn’t he rose to defend his only son?

As Sebastian ended with his threats the collector’s face sharpened.

“How dare you insult me with your threats! Fear you? Young man it is you who should fear me!” the collector’s voice roared throughout the house.

The air seemed to drop lower in temperature.

Sebastian felt a change within the house. Something was not right.

“You ignorant man! You don’t even know who I am and yet you stand before me with your feeble threats!”

Something flickered across the collector’s eyes.

Was that red Sebastian had just seen?

He shook his head. It didn’t matter who this man thought he was, Sebastian was going to have his head even if it meant breaking his own legs to do so.

“I don’t care who you are devil worshipper-” Sebastian began.

“You insolent creature! I am no devil worshipper.” The man hissed.

The red Sebastian had thought he had seen vibrated through the collector’s eyes. This time not disappearing.

“I should just kill you know, take your soul and be done with you!”

Alexander let out a weak moan.

It caught both Sebastian and the collector’s attention.

“You said if I gave you my final years you’d spare my son’s soul.” His voice was shallow almost not even audible.

Sebastian could not speak. What was his father talking about?

“My soul?” he thought to himself.

“Yes your soul you stupid boy!” the collector eyed him dangerously. “Your Father has offered me his service for the remainder of his life as long as I spare your soul.”

The red eyes borrowed into Sebastian. He found it hard to maintain the eye contact.

Sebastian looked to his Father for some sort of understanding. His Father could not bear to look up at his only son.

The action hurt Sebastian.

“I don’t understand.” He said in a low voice.

“Of course you don’t. You’re pathetic aren’t you? You wouldn’t know the Devil himself even if he sat right in front of you.”

Sebastian tore his eyes from his Father to the man in the chair.

His eyes grew wide

“The devil?” He stuttered.

“At your service.” The Devil mocked.

He smiled as Sebastian seemed lost for words.

“What have you done?” Sebastian eyed his Father. “What have you done!” he demanded more harshly.

The old man that finally met his gaze was unrecognizable to Sebastian.

Alexander said nothing instead he shook uncontrollably as if he was cold.

The devil’s voice cut in.

“Seeing as your Father seems lost for words how about I give you the download on the situation hmm?”

Sebastian couldn’t tear his eyes away from the man that no he longer knew.

“You’re dear Father has made a deal to save you from joining your precious mommy and little sisters in hell. Isn’t that wonderful?”

The Devil clapped his hands in sheer delight. Then his face changed.

“Or should I say little sister. Sophie’s soul wasn’t claimed, thanks to the little stunt daddy pulled.” The Devil gestured to Alexander.

He winced as the Devil’s hand brushed gently across his cheek.

“Oh Sebastian save her soul! Don’t let the big bad men take it! Wah wah wah!” The devil mocked.

Sebastian’s whole body stiffened. Sophie had been saved.

His heart ached for the other sister. Poor Elsa. The twins had never been separated before.

He couldn’t help the tears that stung his eyes from falling.

When had his Father turned into such a coward?

“What do you want?” Sebastian finally demanded.

The Devil looked surprised for a moment as if he hadn’t expected him to ask such a question of him.

The surprised passed.

The devil licked his lips.

“Maybe you are not as pathetic as I thought boy.”

Sebastian waited patiently as the creature rubbed his chin in thought.

“Well I’ve settled my debt. You took one of my collectors, lost me a soul in the process. Now I have your mother’s and sister’s as a sort of payment. I don’t think there’s anything left my boy.” He stopped rubbing his chin and eyed the warrior of a boy greedily. “Unless you have something to offer me.”

His words came out more like a demand than a question.

Sebastian sucked in.

Another deal. Was that wise?

Then again if the Devil left, he’d take his Father with him. Sebastian would have nothing left.

Would have no one left.

What if he could make a bargain with the Devil to release his Father?

His sister Elsa crossed his mind. The small girl who had died at the hands of this creature, all because of a mistake his uncle had made.

He bit down hard on his tongue as he tried to control his hatred. He could taste the blood in his mouth.

He knew what had to be done.

“I want you to release my mother and sister‘s souls from hell.” He demanded.

The Devil squinted.

“Do not order me boy!” he shouted.

Alexander looked up he looked frightened. For his son or for himself, Sebastian could not tell.

“And I want you to release my Father also. You no longer claim to him either.”

The red in the Devil’s eyes blazed.

“And what do I get in return for these acts? Hmmm?” the Devil asked.

“Your life spared” was all Sebastian said.

Alexander searched his son’s face. What was he doing?

Sebastian did not dare break his focus from the Devil.

“My life spared? You insolent child! If you have nothing better to offer me I shall leave.”

The Devil waited patiently for the boy to say something.

Sebastian licked his lips. They felt too dry as he spoke.

“Fine I offer you my soul for the release of my family’s.”

He kept his face stern as he bargained away the very thing his Father had tried to save.

Alexander tried to protest but was silence by a look from the Devil.

Sebastian hated what a coward his Father was.

The Devil laughed.

“I don’t want your soul boy,” the Devil began.

Sebastian was shocked. If he didn’t want his soul why had he made a deal with his Father to not touch it?

Reading his mind the Devil continued.

“After killing my men I no longer find your soul desirable.”

Sebastian felt a pang of disappointment inside him. Not for him but for his sister. He had thought that perhaps he could reunite his sister’s in the next life at least.

Now not even the Devil wanted him.

“I never said I didn’t want you.” The Devil pointed out as again he read Sebastian’s thoughts.

Sebastian couldn’t suppress the feeling of violation the Devil stirred within him.

“You might be undesirable to me in hell, but on earth I could make use of you. If you accept to be marked by me then I shall release the souls of your mother and sister.”

Sebastian couldn’t stop himself from glancing to his Father. Although he hated how weak Alexander seemed, he still had love for him.

“Yes your Father included. But only if you accept to being branded.” The Devil watched him carefully.

Probably reading every conflicting thought in the boys head.

“Well?” the Devil pushed impatiently.

In the end Sebastian nodded.

What other choice did he have?

He hated to think of his family being trapped in eternal torment for the actions of someone else.

The actions of his Uncle.

And was it not him who had murdered those collectors, who had swiftly slit the throat of the she-devil and then went on to kill the two that now lay in the room.

“I accept your offer Devil.” He finally said.

Alexander let out a gasp.

“No Sebastian don’t do this. Don’t.” he pleaded.

Tears rolled down the old man’s face.

The Devil smiled.

“Alexander I no longer hold you in debt to me. Look after that family of yours.”

The Devil clicked his fingers and Alexander dropped to the floor with a thud.

Forgetting that his legs were magically bound Sebastian tempted to run to his Father.

“No!” he cried. “You promised you’d let him go!”

The Devil raised his eyebrow as if misunderstood Sebastian.

“And I kept that promise. Now he is free to be with his family. The family you saved.” The Devil pointed out.

Was that supposed to make him feel better? The Devil had conned him.

What proof did he have that the Devil had not lied to him? That his sister was not still burning in hell along with his mother?

“I do not break my deals!” the Devil bellowed.

The red blazed across his eyes. Clearly he did not like being called a liar.

Sebastian took a breath. Perhaps the Devil had kept his word. His reaction certainly caused him to believe so. At least his family could be together now.

Sophie and Elsa reunited once again.

Yet his whole body ached with loss.

He felt defeated.

“What do I have to do?” he asked the Devil his voice shaking against his will.

He was scared. He hated to admit it but the uncertainty of his future mixed with his sense of loss, perhaps even loneliness had made him this way.

“I need you to accept to be my warrior.” The Devil said curtly. “Then you shall be branded and immortalized to do my biddings.”

“Your warrior?” he asked confused.

Why would the Devil need a warrior? Was he not feared by all?

The Devil stood up and moved closer to Sebastian.

Sebastian could not help himself as fear took him over.

“Foolish!” he thought to himself. Then again the man who did not fear the Devil was all the more foolish than he was.

The Devil stood in front of him. His red eyes stared at him. Perhaps staring into his soul.

“Yes, my warrior. Even I have enemies.”

For a moment the Devil looked almost distant as if the word enemies conjured up a thousand bad memories for him.

He focused himself again.

“Even I have to admit your hunger for blood has impressed me. You’d serve me better as a protector than a useless soul to crowd my realm.”

His protector? Sebastian could hardly believe what he was about to do. The very evil he had grown up intending to destroy, now required his service.

“Yes I understand very ironic.” The Devil said as he passed off Sebastian’s thought.

“How will I know who your enemies are?” Sebastian found himself asking.

The Devil looked worn.

“You’ll just know. When I mark you, you will be connected to me in some sense. Everything I know you’ll know.” The Devil paused as if said something wrong. “No, everything I want you to know, you’ll know.”

Sebastian wondered if the enemies the Devil spoke of were likely to be angels.

The Devil shrugged.

“Angels? Maybe a few here and there. Usually we decide to do our own thing. They save and I damn. No I’m afraid your foes will be less attractive.” He scowled. “Let’s just say the rebellious son got a bit of his own medicine and leave it at that.”

Sebastian eyed this man in front of him. His conversational tone was nauseating.

“Can we just get this over with?” Sebastian asked.

He didn’t know what to expect when he was finally marked. Didn’t know if he’d remember who he was? Remember why he done it? Would he become a monster only doing the Devils bidding?

The thoughts made him feel empty.

“I’m growing tired of your rambling thoughts boy. Why don’t you just ask me instead of me having to pry them out of your mind?”

Sebastian narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t worry you’ll know who you are. You’ll remember everything about your life. You will even have the choice not to kill on my behalf if it comes down to it. But I warn you if you do not act when I tell you to I shall not hold back on my wrath. I swear to you that much.”

Sebastian could feel the wrath from the Devil as he spoke his last words.

Before he could do much more the Devil raised his hand to the boy’s chest. He covered his heart.

Sebastian could feel the hand begin to warm on his chest. Warmer and warmer the hand felt against his heart.

The heat began to intensify. Sebastian sought the Devil’s eyes. The Devil stared at the place where his hand rested.

His eyes intense.

“Aarghhh!” Sebastian cried as the heat began to burn through his clothes into his skin.

Again the heat intensified and burned deeper into his chest.

Sweat rolled down Sebastian’s face as he could no longer contain his pain inside him.

He yelled loudly causing the house to echo his cries back to him.

The Devil removed his hand and carefully watched as Sebastian fell to his knees.

His legs were no longer bound.

Sebastian grabbed at his chest as the burning continued inside of him. The burning moved deeper within him. He ground his teeth as it spread out from his heart into his blood stream. Everywhere his blood flowed burned with an intensity he had never known before.

It left him crippled pleading for the Devil to end his suffering.

The pain had reached its peak and not even his cries could give him the release he needed.

Just as he thought his suffering might never end, the pain dulled. Slowly releasing him from his torture.

He lay on his chest breathing heavy.

“You are now marked.” The Devil mused.

Sebastian pushed himself up to his knees. He felt weak and yet strong at the same time. Both cold and hot.

A strange sensation coursed through his body.

His heart stung causing him to reach up to touch where the Devil had placed his hand.

To the touch it felt the same. But when he stood up and faced the large mirror that hung over the large fireplace he noticed the dark hand print.

He had been marked.

“Go now bury your dead Warrior.” The Devil ordered. “Your debt to me will start straight away.”

He watched as the Devil left the house. His feet not making a noise as he walked away into the darkness.

For the first time Sebastian took in the room.

His sister’s body lay on one side of the room eyes wide open, while his Father lay lifeless on the other side, face down.

It was only now that he realized behind his Father laid two more bodies.

His mother and Elsa’s

So many death’s in one night. So many horrors he’d never forget. Some many things that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

He corrected himself. For eternity.

Was he not immortal now?

Absentmindedly he touched the mark over his heart.

He felt different in a way he couldn’t understand.

He knew by right he should be mourning his dead, but the tears would not come.

Gently he picked up his sister. Her head lolling as he carried her.

“My poor Sophie.” He cooed sadly.

The small thing felt weightless in his arms. If only he could cry.

It wasn’t long before he had buried his family. Each one he marked by crosses made from stones.

Four graves. But four saved souls.

He stood almost in a trance. He had just buried his entire family.

A burst of heat welled up inside him.

Maybe he could still feel emotion.

“Get on your horse boy. She will bring you to me.”

A voice echoed through his brain as if he had just thought it.

But he had not.

The voice belonged to someone else. To someone who he now served.

With a deep sigh that did nothing to end his internal torment he searched for the horse that would lead him to his master.

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